Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Politicians: Marriage made in Hell

Politicians cannot change Nature. Marriage made in Hell.

Are politicians playing God? Will the new Law include a clause about promiscuity too? The laws regarding the traditional family have clauses about promiscuity and state that infidelity is a justification for divorce. I wonder what the new Law will state regarding justifications for divorce.

When overly paid, corrupt, vain and incompetent individuals that make all kinds of deals-under-the table to get themselves elected to continue leaving at the expense of tax-payers, in some cases making false declarations of expenses, paying back money only to get the money back when they think that nobody is watching, decide to suck to some lobby rather than do their duty and defend fundamental principles, Parliament is making itself even more un-representative.

More than 60 percent of the British electorate is walking away from elections because they don’t trust Parliament anymore and they have plenty of justifications not to trust Parliament. When you see decisions like the ones adopted by the House of Commons you understand why Jimmy Savile and company for many decades got away with murder. Even David Cameron, when the word had not even been mentioned when talking about the Jimmy Savile events, couldn’t stop mentioning homosexuals.

Some year ago, a transsexual stated with a certain air of pride and achievement that many of ‘her customers were Members of Parliament’. So you know exactly what we are dealing with. The barrage of policies against the traditional family does not happen just by chance. It is a well planned attempt to destroy the traditional family and replace it with ‘alternative arrangements’.  

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