Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sweetie: They don’t see the link

Sweetie: They don’t see the link

At dinner time, I told my wife how bizarre it is that people who face housing problems still support the very same political parties that promote flood immigration. She replied: “Many people don’t see the link between flood immigration and lack of housing.” In 1997 in the closing speech of the General Election campaign, Tony Blair said ‘Education, Education, Education…’ Well, how much education is necessary to make some people understand that one plus one equals two? You can use the example of three people and three bananas and they still don’t get it.

If you have to distribute bananas and you have three bananas and three people, how many bananas each person gets? If you have six people and you still have the same three bananas, how many bananas each person gets? You can talk about jobs. You can talk about homes. You can talk about hospital beds or school places. It is pure and simple arithmetic but millions of individuals across the country don’t seem mentally capable of getting the message.

They say that six out of ten Londoners stated that ‘there is a housing crisis in their area’. Is there? They complain about the effect lack of housing has affecting families and communities. If they really wanted affordable homes, they would stop supporting those who created the problem in the first place.

The Evening Standard plans ‘the Future of London’s Property Market Debate’, due to take place on March 20th 2013. The panel will include representatives of the very same political parties that have flooded Britain and it will certainly be yet another brainwashing experience in which the panellists will tell the British public that ‘there is no link between population increase caused by flood immigration and the lack of affordable housing units.’ Anybody standing for rationality and common sense will be called racist, Fascist and xenophobe.   

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