Monday, 18 February 2013

BBC in crisis? Again?

BBC in crisis? Again?

Breakfast, Today and Newsnight were pushed off the air today by staff protesting against 2,000 compulsory redundancies. Since 2004 – starting under the Labour administration – 7,000 jobs were cut and now 2,000 more are on the way out.

The National Union of Jerks said members across different regions including BBC in Scotland, BBC South, Newsbeat, Five Live, the World Service, the Asian Network and English regions are at risk of compulsory redundancies.

Well, the NUJ has been campaigning for compulsory redundancies, given the very partial advice that has been giving to its members. The lack of editorial impartiality producing politicized rubbish to brainwash the masses with their own political outlook is what has led to redundancies. For many years, the have worked like turkeys voting for Christmas and now they get what they have been working for.

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