Friday, 1 February 2013

Oxford Union: Strongly disagrees with BNP?

Oxford Union: Strongly disagrees with BNP?

The Oxford Union states that they strongly disagree with the views of the British National Party? Why? Because the British National Party stands for normality, normality being a word that is anathema for the rich classes directly linked to drug consumption, paedophilia, orgies and financial fraud.

If you want to know about who ruined the economies of many European countries including Britain and of the USA, you only have to look for the so called ‘brains’ that are behind every crooked scheme leading to financial disaster, corruption and mismanagement.

Oxford University wants to redefine the traditional family? Well, despite the arts of artificial insemination no babies have been born through the rectum (anal cavity) and therefore the Human Species like many other species in the natural world will continue to depend on the interaction of male and female to procreate and ensure their survival.

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