Monday, 18 February 2013

Australia alerts against non-British ‘British Meat Products’

Australia alerts against non-British ‘British Meat Products’

Are you guessing about the title? Well, it is common knowledge that the European Union allows meat products from all over the world – including products from areas of the world where hygiene and health are not priorities – to be consumed all across the European Union, including Britain.

So, the official advice provided by the Australian government to its citizens is: Don’t eat British meat products’ and asks its citizens to use guaranteed Australian-only sources.

Lovely situation! This is yet another ‘advantage’ of being a member of the European Union. Now, British exports are going to be compromised and, on top of all the problems that we already have, we are going to face another ‘blue tongue, BSE, CJD’ style situation that it is going to hit British farmers. As if all the nonsense regulations imposed by the European Union were not enough, let us remember that the present chaos occurred despite all the red tape and nonsense regulations because regulations that are not enforced are basically meaningless.

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