Saturday, 23 February 2013

Silverback is running out of ammunition?

Silverback is running out of ammunition?

As the British National Party is making inroads and moving forward, the sworn adversaries seem to be running out of ammunition and inside tribal wars are taking the best of their energies.

The Guardian is shrinking and not merely because of the size of its newspaper copies. They are selling assets and this is happening not just because they want to keep their presence at present levels. They are running out of steam and it is becoming harder and harder to convince the general public that they have anything more than the usual backstabbing and defamation tactics to sell.

The National Union of Journalists that I have – with affection – renamed the National Union of Jerks is struggling to keep their infantry alive as the BBC itself continues to throw away staff. There are cuts across the board affecting all BBC regions.  Even the boss that worked to shard to convince BBC staff that it was a good idea to move to Salford is now known to be trying to keep himself in London. Double-standards and double-crossing have created an atmosphere of fear when a high rank boss was downgraded just a few weeks after she was put in a position of authority and not long before the Board of Governors of the BBC had to bend the rules to get rid of a Director General that was threatening the Board of Governors with a legal fight that would have been even more dear in monetary terms.

Recycled banners and recycled placards indicate that all is not well in the ranks of the Marxist Maffia that used to harass British National Party at every available opportunity. Another factor or piece of the puzzle could be the fact that the Husband of the Mole and the man that is very much trying to reach a position of prestige after being accused of being an Anti-Semite for supporting Islamic Extremists have not been in speaking terms. Their Hope is gone and all they have left is Hate.

The Political Scientists that have been very busy trying to convince ordinary citizens that they can win a war without soldiers by merely using their ‘superior brain powers’ have been left isolated and in shame. The bed strategies of the Political Scientists have obviously been an unmitigated disaster.

Silverblack has reappeared as a shadow of his former self, having been forced to keep a low profile after some not very happy exchanges with the Police authorities and somehow represents the entire scenario of frustration and violence of our adversaries. When Labour supporters allow themselves to be filmed chanting death threats against a visiting politician it is self evident that they have lost the plot.  

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