Saturday, 23 February 2013

Martin Shulz wants to kill seals because they eat fish?

Martin Shulz wants to kill seals because they eat fish?

Martin Shulz, President of the European Union, proposes to kill seals because they apparently destroy fish stocks. This very same argument could be used to get rid of Martin Shulz and others who have imposed EU regulations that led to throwing every year tons and tons of edible fish back into the sea.

The very same rules imposed by the European Union are destroying fish stocks. The idea of EU quotas is absolutely nonsensical. When you throw nets into the sea, you catch what you catch. Fishermen have no way of telling beforehand what is going to come out but the European Union bureaucrats, who have little experience about fishing other than eating fish at a restaurant or buying fish at a shop, always think that they know better than those who have devoted their lives to the fishing industry.

British sea resources in areas that belong to the United Kingdom should be controlled by the United Kingdom and exploited only by the United Kingdom. The decision to surrender British resources amounts to giving up British territory and British rights. Such decision has ruined British fisheries and led to over exploitation by foreign countries. 

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