Saturday, 23 February 2013

François Hollande: Backtracking Socialist?

François Hollande: Backtracking Socialist?

Some time ago somebody defined Socialism as the distribution of poverty. Socialism does not create wealth. In fact, Socialism is about extracting money from those who have created wealth. The now infamous 75% tax regime imposed by the new Socialist government of France has been aimed at doing just that.

My father explained to me a long time ago what happens when you try to make an airplane climb too fast. The engine stalls. This is exactly what is happening in France and what President Hollande learned when he tried to extract too much money and implement too many budget cuts. The French President is now saying that he will not implement any more budget cuts and that he will try and learn to live with a budget deficit of more than 3 per cent of GDP.

My father also told me that if you eat the potato seeds you are left with no potato seeds to produce new potatoes. This means that if you spend the money that should be invested in making more money you are left with no money to keep the economy going.

Funnily enough, French Socialists are staunch defenders of the doctrines of Globalisation. Unfortunately, Globalisation is one of the root causes of the French difficulties – and of the difficulties of many other countries including the United Kingdom. No matter how much money, time and effort you spend to get to know how many people live in the country and how much and where resources need to be invested if at the same time you open the gates to flood immigration. But not all the blame must be put on the shoulders of French Socialists. The Conservatives supported Globalisation and Flood Immigration. This is why France ended up having to deal with riots and destruction, doing social fire-fighting and now economic fire-fighting.

Once again the example of bananas and people can be applied. Youth unemployment is crippling France as it is crippling other countries like Spain where unemployment now stands at more than 26%. When in Britain a chain of well known cafeterias have eight job vacancies for 1,500 applicants you know exactly what the future will bring.

This is exactly the kind of chaotic reality the British National Party has been talking about. Even those who call us Nazi, Fascist, racist, et cetera, et cetera, are now losing their jobs because of Flood Immigration policies that they fully support. As they say in English, they are like ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’. Sometimes people need to suffer a lot to be able to learn and see the mistakes they have made.

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