Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Germany will rise and Europe will rise with Germany!

Germany will rise and Europe will rise with Germany!

The news that Greece is in a much worse situation than the one many foresaw means that Germany will be asked to pay trillions of Euros of debt. Germany does not want to pay and is fed up of having been blackmailed for several decades. This will almost certainly be the nail in the coffins of Chancellor Angela Merkel and of other Europeans bureaucrats.

The hope of the Spanish government regarding a bail out is no more than hope and Britain tonight decided to close the hatches with a resounding victory against Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons in which 51 Conservative MPs said “no more money” and got the support of the Opposition.

The unexpected and impossible to forecast triumph of a right-wing party in Ukraine that before the election had only one seat in Parliament and now has 35 seats sets the trend. The fate of the French Socialist government hangs in the balance and this can only be good news for Nationalists across Europe, including those in Germany represented by the Nationaldemocratische Partei Deutschlands and others. The banning of political organisations could be the rock that lands on the head of Angela Merkel.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Some footballers are a mental underclass

Some footballers are a mental underclass

Trying to apply to football the same behavioural standards that we apply to society as whole is a mistake. Some of those involved in football are immorally paid mental zeroes and their behaviour in the pitch is clear evidence of who they are.

The mass media are constantly telling them that they are somebody when in fact they are nobodies that choose football because they wouldn’t be able to do anything else.

This is why we end up with high levels of aggression and constant problems generated by mindless behaviour leading to confrontation that creates more and more cases that end up in British courts.

With sacks of money and little brain, some of them end up living what they see as the ‘high life’ that more often than not feeds the gutter press that makes money out of every scandal.

Problems are now compounded by the fact that we have a mixed baggage made up of people that come from very different national backgrounds and this is leading to friction and cultural misunderstandings.

Football should be about football and nothing else. The constant series of scandals is downgrading the sport. Insults are not football. Physical attacks are not football. The beauty of the game is the display of physical and mental skills that can create a spectacle that all generations can enjoy.  

Monday, 29 October 2012

Kostas Vaxevanis Vs EU Maffia

Kostas Vaxevanis Vs EU Maffia

Kostas Vaxevanis, a Greek investigative journalist, was arrested after publishing a list of names of more than 2,000 Greeks with Swiss bank accounts held by none other than HSBC bank, the same banking institution that the American government found to be involved in money laundering activities carried out by drug-traffickers.

The speedy reaction of the Greek government that accuses Kostas Vaxevanis of 'breach of privacy' unequivocally suggests that it is an official attempt to protect prominent businessmen and politicians at a time when Greece is syphoning billions of pounds as financial aid.

I would suggest that before any more money is given to Greece, all bank accounts belonging to members of the Greek government and its associates should be checked and verified to prove that there are no criminal links.

EU: Europe is reaching boiling temperature

EU: Europe is reaching boiling temperature

When you have Labour MPs that contributed in the writing of the EU Constitution saying that it is time to get out, it is self-evident that we have crossed a red line. Parliament is about to be tested and Parliamentarians across the political divide could join forces to reject the European Project that is on the table.

For those who say that the EU maintains peace the question that comes to mind is ‘Peace at what cost?’ Italy no longer has an elected Prime Minister and Greece has a puppet government that tries to imprison journalists that dare to tell the truth about the level of fraud seemingly supported by the Greek government.

Spain is on the verge of collapse with more than 25 per cent unemployment and public debt practically classified as junk because it could never be paid and Germany – the country that has financed the European Project – is saying ‘No more’, as desperate people flock into Germany running away from disastrous economies and using the title ‘refugees’ as an excuse to get in.

Even Germany is trying to quash dissent by banning political organisations and we know where the path of banning political organisations can end. Putting things under the carpet and pretending that they do not exist is the best recipe to destroy whatever is left of Democracy.

Using an expression widely used by British politicians, promises and arguments in favour of keeping the European Union ‘do not add up’. If the idea is to protect Democracy, the European Union is destroying Democracy and sooner than later is going to lead to confrontation between European nations.

I have written about the parallels between what happened after 1929 and what has been happening since 2006 (the year seen as the start of the present troubles). Nothing happens overnight. The process started in 1929 and led us to 1939. I see 2016 as the year when things will come to a head. In 2014, limitations of movement across the European Union will banish and the stress for nation states could prove to be too much to bear.

I keep asking the question: Wollen sie Politische Parteien, Politische Bewegungen oder Soziale Bewegungen? Do you want Political Parties, Political Movements or Social Movements? I want political parties but leaders like Angela Merkel are unwittingly building a political time-bomb. Many times in the past, governments have banned dissenting organisations only to find themselves facing the guillotine.

After Helmut Kohl came Gerhard Schroeder and after Gerhard Schroeder came Angela Merkel. If Angela Merkel continues to play the wrong cards, she could have to pay the ultimate price. Angela Merkel is desperately trying to delay the adoption of critical measures until after the German Elections and this could tip Germany over the edge. Her fear and her attempts to deceive the German Electorate could lead not only to her demise but also to tragic political instability in Germany.

By constanting talking about Nazism, German Ministers are making Nazism more popular than ever as all attempts to remedy financial disasters fail. As so called mainstream parties devalue themselves, extremism becomes a very popular option even in countries like Greece. 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Eric Gill’s at BBC Broadcasting House: Announcement or Premonition

Eric Gill’s at BBC Broadcasting House: Announcement or Premonition

BBC's depiction of a grown-up man holding a naked child with exposed genitals feels like something taken from a book on premonitions given the scandals involving sexual criminal activities and paedophilia.

The work of Eric Gill stands right at the main entrance of BBC's Broadcasting House.
A journalist remarked that the BBC conspicuously tries to divert public attention from a very graphic image that puzzles many passers-by.

In 1904 he married Ethel Hester Moore (1878–1961), and in 1907 he moved with his family to "Sopers", a house in the village of Ditchling in Sussex, which would later become the centre of an artists' community inspired by Gill.

In 1913 he moved to Hopkin's Crank at Ditchling Common, two miles north of the village. In 1924 he moved to Capel-y-ffin in Wales. Gill soon tired of Capel-y-ffin, coming to feel that it had the wrong atmosphere and was too far from London, where most of his clients were. In 1928 he moved to Pigotts at Speen near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

A deeply religious man, largely following the Roman Catholic faith, his beliefs and practices were by no means orthodox. His personal diaries describe his sexual activity in great detail including the fact that Gill sexually abused his own children, had an incestuous relationship with his sister and performed sexual acts on his dog. This aspect of Gill's life was little known until publication of the 1989 biography by Fiona MacCarthy. The earlier biography by Robert Speaight mentioned none of it.

Gill died of lung cancer in Harefield Hospital, Hillingdon (formerly Middlesex), in 1940. He was buried in Speen churchyard in the Chilterns, near Princes Risborough, the village where his last artistic community had practised. His papers and library are archived at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library at UCLA

Friday, 26 October 2012

Jimmy Savile: BBC Radio pulls out at the last minute

Jimmy Savile: BBC Radio pulls out at the last minute

The following is an account of real events that happened yesterday after the BBC learnt that there was going to be a demonstration right in front of Broadcasting House in Central London.  We were contacted by Claire who identified herself as a BBC radio contact inviting us to talk live on BBC radio about the motives for a demonstration. The interview was going to take at 0810 hours via a landline.

At 0730 hours this morning, I was contacted by Richard also on behalf of BBC radio that told me that the interview had been cancelled to accommodate another bit of news, apparently unrelated to the demonstration that finally took place at 1400 hours as planned.

At no point in time we were approached by any BBC reporter despite the fact that Richard had indicated that a reporter was going to approach us. Having checked the output of the BBC we discovered that the BBC actually carried out yet another news blackout.

Unlike previous opportunities when it was known that there was going to be demonstrations, the BBC did not contact the usual criminals that usually besiege this kind of demonstrations and as it transpires the whole exercise – the cancellation of an interview, the absence of reports and the absence of criminals that work together with the BBC - was a planned mass media blackout.

The explanation was very straightforward. Step 1 - BBC learns about the demonstrations. Step 2 - the BBC expresses interest in getting details about the demonstrations and on a live intervention. Step 3 - the BBC decides that it is too risky to have a live interview and engineers an 'easy way out'.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sky is the limit: Sir Ian Blair shares British National Party views

Speaking on Sky Television, Sir Ian Blair, former Metropolitan Police Chief, agrees with British National Party stance and opposes the elections of Police Commissioners in England and Wales.
On November 15, 2012, voters in England and Wales are going to the polls to elect a Police and crime commissioner for each Police force region.
The new Police commissioners will manage budgets, will establish priorities and will be able to fire and hire chief constables.
John Prescott, former Labour Deputy Prime Minister, has indicated that he wants to be a Police Commissioner. This should be enough of a valid reason to reject the idea of elected Police Commissioners.
Sir Ian Blair is asking people to boycott the elections. The government has been accused of failing to properly publicise the elections in which candidates will not be given a free mail shot to promote their policies.

Cuckooland BBC: From bad to worse

Cuckooland BBC: From bad to worse
I worked for the BBC. In fact, I was a presenter, producer, translator, simultaneous translator, subtitle writer and acting-studio manager as part of an initiative for Satellite Re-Broadcasting. The BBC was the reason why I came to Britain more than 23 years ago. So what I say I don’t say because I hate the BBC. What I hate is what the BBC has become and the reasons why the BBC nowadays is in so much trouble.
I profoundly disagree with those who say that the BBC should be dismantled but I totally understand why there is so much anger directed against the BBC. Marxism, political correctness, so called Multiculturalism and Homosexual Politics have eroded the very foundations of what used to be the Empire Service.
Short-termism and broadcasting myopia have led to very bad decisions that have also ruined the international reputation of the British Broadcasting Corporation and in spite of such lamentable factors the BBC still manages to produce some high quality content.
My experience of broadcasting has not been limited to the BBC – radio and television. It has also included other branches of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – including radio, television and Internet based services. In the last decade the Foreign Office as a whole has also been affected by short-termism and broadcasting myopia to the point that, one by one, services that had an enviable reputation were dismantled.
The very same Kenneth Clarke MP that recently made a mess of the Ministry of Justice was responsible for the demise of the COI as an important content producer. Most programmes were discontinued to save peanuts. Kenneth Clarke was followed by Tony Blair that decided to put an end to London Radio Service and soon afterwards came the end of television and Internet platforms.
As somebody who was an insider from 1989 until 2002, I am very well qualified to tell you the story of what has been happening and about the destructive powers of other individuals whose aim was to chop left, centre and right and who ended up dismantling the BBC World Service – one of the most influential branches of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. What we see today is merely a minimalistic skeleton of what the BBC World Service was and should be today.
Jealousy, personal rivalries, laziness and sheer incompetence prevented different branches of the British and Commonwealth Office from working together. Getting radio, television and Internet services to work together with British Embassies was a sheer struggle. Things that could have been done more efficiently by diplomatic staff working locally had to be done from miles away simply because diplomatic staff were blatantly unaware or treated other branches of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with total disdain.
Infighting within the British Broadcasting Corporation is nothing new. In fact, the BBC is run by tribes that use every opportunity to stab each other in the back. The Savile saga was produced by tribal loyalties. Many people knew about what was going on but their sense of morality was weaker than their misguided sense of loyalty, even when, being intellectually clever individuals, they knew that they were hiding criminal activities. We are talking about white collar criminals with reputable credentials as many of them come from centres of excellence based in places like Cambridge and Oxford, reputable credentials used to justify enormous salaries and bonuses paid with television license money.

The culture of everything goes in terms of money management has long existed. As an ordinary individual working for BBC World Service at the time of the First Gulf War caused by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. I worked for BBC Television in 2003 at the start of the Second Gulf War. I had the most interesting conversation with a BBC producer. I had been working for BBC Satellite Television in the coverage of the conflict and I was about to talk about my professional fees. I naively assumed that there would be standard fees to be paid by the BBC to people like me. When I asked about standard fees, the BBC producer in question replied: "how much do you want?" Being a reasonable person I asked for a certain amount, only to be shocked by the producer's reaction. She tought that I was asking too little. This gives you an idea of how the BBC is actually managed.

Protesting against what? They voted for it.

Protesting against what? They voted for it.

London was the scene for mass demonstrations against austerity measures. Well, who is responsible for austerity measures? Those responsible for budget cuts are the very same people that went out to demonstrate because they voted Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Greens and you have to add those who did not bother to vote. Those who do not vote deserve whatever evil comes their way because they abstain.

In politics, either you stand up for political parties that will really put in place the changes needed or you get the very same old recipes for failure. What did Labour with Lib Dem support do during 13 years in power? They created a public debt of historic proportions and flooded the country with illegal immigrants and pretend refugees, some of which had to be deported because of terrorist links and others who are still living in the United Kingdom under surveillance costing millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

The Conservatives started the whole process by dismantling manufacturing and fisheries and exporting jobs to China and elsewhere and the others maintain the same ruinous policies.

What do the Green support? They Greens support higher taxes that are destroying jobs by the hundreds of thousands and creating the excuses and justifications to squeeze already failing households.

So there you are. Protesting about what? Most of those who went out to demonstrate should be demonstrating against themselves because they keep in power the political parties that have been attacking the British economy in the name of Globalisation and on behalf of a bunch of corrupt unelected Eurocrats.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Second MPs Expenses Scandal

Second MPs Expenses Scandal

MP A buys a property and rents the property to MP B. MP B buys a property and rents it to MP A. In actual fact, nobody is paying for anything but they are still claiming expenses for rented accommodation. What does the Speaker of the House of Commons do? Mr. Berko forbids any new investigation into MPs expenses claims.

This comes on top of accusations regarding MPs that claim 25,000 pound a month as mortgage expenses. If this is the kind of Parliament we have, we could very well do without it.

Via a slip of the tongue, David Cameron said some time ago that on top of a financial recession we have got a moral recession and the Prime Minister that is not Prime Minister because he did not win the General Election was right.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mass media seriously concerned about British National Party

Mass media seriously concerned about British National Party

It is plainly visibly that the so called ‘politically correct classes’ are worried. The Guardian, The Independent, Sky News, BBC, LBC and many others talk about the British National Party as a ‘failing organisation’. Many are now waking up to the fact that the ‘failing’ image they have portrayed is no more.

The Independent talks about ‘a veil of secrecy’ regarding the British National Party Conference due to take place in November 2012. There is nothing secret about a party political conference but it goes without saying that safety and security are always of paramount importance.

Many commentators constantly ask ‘why you don’t do what other political parties do? The answer is plainly obvious: because it is a completely different political party.

During an interview on BBC Radio London, BBC presenter Vanessa Feltz showed surprise when the expression ‘cleansing-process’ was used to define internal changes that have occurred within the British National Party. The expression ‘cleansing process’ very much defines an evolutionary process to streamline the organisation as a whole. From this point of view, the British National Party is no different from other political parties. You could talk about ‘cleansing-process’ or you could say ‘putting the house in order’. The choice of words does not change the fact that political parties are constantly evolving.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Homosexuality: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of the Judicial System

Homosexuality: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of the Judicial System
The death of a transsexual that occurred at a London Underground station and was widely reported by the press should have raised a few eyebrows, especially when the said transsexual who used to offer sexual services at a price was in fact a very successful barrister operating in English courts.
This raises serious questions about how impartial English courts really are when there is public knowledge about lawyers and judges that either offer sexual services or use sexual services provided by transsexual escorts.
Everybody’s sexuality is a very private business but if there is any suspicion concerning sexual inclinations as determining factors of legal disputes I reckon that we would be dealing with criminal cases in which the accused would be members of the legal profession.
This is as serious as or even more serious than cases of Members of Parliament or Police officers taking bribes.  When a judge makes a publicly controversial judgment, the said judge immediately becomes the focus of attention and we need to ensure that no undue or unwanted factors led to the aforementioned controversial decision.
As a publicly acknowledged homosexual, Peter Thatchell has been extremely active promoting homosexuality at all levels. Organised Churches have been under attack, the public education system has been under attack and there is talk of lowering the age of consent so that older homosexuals can pray on under-age and vulnerable individuals without being chased by the arm of the Law.
If the age of consent had been lowered, individuals like Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and other infamous personalities would be automatically off the hook and free to carry on attacking vulnerable children.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

David Cameron rejects honours for British World War Two Veterans

David Cameron rejects honours for British World War Two Veterans
Prime Minister David Cameron refused to allow Russian authorities to thank British servicemen for services rendered during World War Two in what was known as the Artic Convoys that gave Russia vital supplies to fight against Nazi Germany and in the process saved millions of British lives.
It sounds irrational but this is exactly the word we must use to describe a discredited and shameful British government headed by a man that is very willing to destroy the United Kingdom but reluctant to give the British people a voice.
After all, David Cameron is the man ready and willing to starve his own people and destroy British families to keep unelected European bureaucrats happy. David Cameron does a lot of talking and has had a very good and privileged education that has prepared him to be an excellent professional liar as many of his own MPs discovered when they tried to have a Referendum on Europe.
David Cameron talks a lot about having democracy in other countries as a way to justify illegal wars but is allergic to Democracy in the United Kingdom.

Andrew Brons’s Old resentment leads to self-expulsion

Andrew Brons’s Old resentment leads to self-expulsion

I have been reading about the reactions to Andrew Brons’s self-expulsion from the British National Party and seen how the Marxist newspaper The Guardian, close associate of paedophile and rapist organisations and sympathizer of Islamic terrorists with anti-Jewish inclinations, has reacted.

Andrew Brons’s resentment against the British National Party goes a long way from the days of the old National Front. When the National Front went down, victim of internal divisions, Andrew Brons who also left the National Front was rejected by a former leader of the British National Party who read his intentions and decided that Andrew Brons was not the kind of individual he would want in the British National Party.

Having been rejected by the British National Party, Andrew Brons continued his career as a lecturer. Many years later, once again, he tried to join the British National Party under a new leadership and he succeeded and from the very beginning his intention was to take over the British National Party.

Once it became clear that his strategy of dividing and weakening the British National Party would not make him a popular man, Andrew Brons openly supported dissent and went as a far a providing open support for those who cooperated with the political enemies of the British National Party, including the making of a BBC Panorama programme in which his close associates tried to sink the British National Party.

A resentful Andrew Brons is now finally come to the end of the road as a poison chalice to whichever political organisation he could possibly join and once again he allows himself to be used, manipulated and abused by the enemies of British Nationalism.

If Andrew Brons was genuine he would also resign the European Parliament seat that has given him so many financial advantages and notoriety. Unfortunately, Andrew Brons was, is and will seemingly always be the kind of opportunistic individual that has a vein for treason and deceit.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Football, Racism and British Foreign Policy

Football, Racism and British Foreign Policy

Recent events in Serbia that the media cites as related to racism have more to do with British Foreign Policy after Britain played an active role in the destruction of Yugoslavia and in the partition of Serbia by allowing a Muslim takeover of Kosovo.

Serbia has every right to be angry against Britain and reactions on the football pitch are the way Nationalist Serbs channel their anger against Britain. Serbia has always been a very proud nation. It was the assassination of an Austrian Prince carried out by a Nationalist Serb what brought about World War One.

At the end of World War Two, a proud Yugoslavia was fundamentally based on Serbian Nationalism. By interfering in a Civil War in which Britain bombed towns and bridges accelerating the destruction of Yugoslavia with blind ideological determination the Western powers created the conditions for deep rooted hatred and, having played a central role in the crisis, Britain is now harvesting the consequences of such hatred expressed on a football pitch.

The partition of Yugoslavia was a typical case of Cold War Conflict in which the Western powers sought to destroy Russian influence by destroying an entire country. Croatia had actively cooperated with the Nazis and therefore the German government was the first to recognize Croatian independence. Such was the British political myopia that Britain allowed itself to foment and actively engage in the conflict taking sides against Serbia. The now Former Soviet Union had been an ally of Yugoslavia since the days of Marshall Tito. Winston Churchill accepted Tito while being well aware of its ideological closeness to the Soviet Union.

To play football or to be influenced by football you only need an IQ of 40 but it is nonsensical and extremely dangerous to ignore the real causes of certain events.

Enfield: Another illegal scheme kept under wraps?

Enfield: What is discrimination about?

Whenever there is a secret, there is something illegal about it. This is why the London Regional Press Office decided to investigate certain actions in Enfield where the local authority has put in place a system of allocation of school places that is a clear violation of laws involving discrimination and legal use of public funding.

What came to light is that the local authority in Enfield has put in place a system of allocation of school places designed only for children of ethnic single mothers. When we tried to find out about the system, local staff became extremely secretive about it to the point that we were given the impression that applying to benefit from such system is a bit like applying to become a member of Her Majesty’s Secret Services and everything is very much kept under wraps for very good reasons.

To put it mildly: if you are a couple looking for school places for your children don’t bother to apply; if you are not ethnic (presumably not Asian), don’t bother to apply. In fact, the scheme came to our knowledge just by chance because it is some sort of secret of state.

We knew about such scheme only because a group of local residents raised the alert when they were rejected on the grounds that they are not ethnic.

It is blatantly obvious that such a scheme is absolutely irregular and that once again a local authority in a very sensitive area of London has been found red-handed.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Referendum for Scotland but no Referendum for UK

Referendum for Scotland but no Referendum for UK

So David Cameron is very willing to offer Scotland the chance of a Referendum about the partition of the United Kingdom but is reluctant about giving British citizens the opportunity to have a say about the European Union. Is this a contradiction? Of course it is not. David Cameron and close-associate Nick Clegg (disciple of Leon Brittan) want to finish the United Kingdom and it does not make a heck of a difference if they chop the United Kingdom to bits or if they give it away in one go.

Alex Salmond has committed Scotland as part of the deal to get a referendum. Here comes the choice: he is offering to destroy the United Kingdom to make Scotland a colony of the European Union. Those who support this kind of ‘Scottish Independence’ are basically saying that they will willingly surrender Scottish Independence for Scotland to be run by unelected European bureaucrats.

In the past, and this is very much part of Scottish traditions, Scots did not hesitate to commit treason and kill their own kind for the sake of personal advantages both real and presumed. Therefore, this does not come as a surprise. What is surprising is that fact that so many people have been fooled by such an obvious treachery.

As soon as an pseudo Independent Scotland becomes a European Union colony the relative freedoms that they have enjoyed while being subsidized by the United Kingdom will evaporate, its freedoms to determine its own taxation will vanish and it will become a country poorer than Greece with a population of about 5 million people and without natural resources as the oil deposits come to an end and as fishing stocks become ever more rare.

What has not been overlooked is the fact that two of the main banking chains in the United Kingdom that are deeply in debt and had to be rescued by British taxpayers are in fact Scottish banks. So one might say that if there were to be an independent Scotland the debts of the two Scottish banks will be the responsibility of an independent Scotland and what remains of the United Kingdom will be free of any banking debts.

Now, lets look into the future prospects. With a hostile climate, diminished sea resources, reduced mineral resources, billions of pounds in debt and no financial nor industrial backbone, how long will it be before the new Scottish government starts asking for bailouts? How long will it be before stringent budget cuts are announced that will destroy welfare policies that today provide young and old with comparatively higher standards to those that exist in the United Kingdom and in Europe as a whole?

A Macbethan Alex Salmond is pouring poison into the ear of the old King and once the deed is done the old privileges will come to an end only for the forests to come to the castle.

Without words there are only bullets

Without words there are only bullets

If all political parties don’t agree to share a platform and debate, Anders Behring Breivik will be the only alternative.

When Ken Livingstone and Jenny Jones chose not to debate with the British National Party, Ken Livingstone and Jenny Jones supported Anders Behring Breivik.

If Democracy is no longer an alternative, the only option is War. We all know how wars begin but we don’t know how wars will end.

Last year in Liverpool, the British National Party held a party conference at an establishment and soon after the location was known the Leader of the Labour Council issued threats against the owner of the establishment.

This year, a group of Nationalist European political parties held a conference at a hotel and soon after a Labour run authority issued threats against the owners of the hotel.

I have no doubts whatsoever that the repressive ways of the Norwegian Labour Party and the followers of political correctness is what created Anders Behring Breivik and I have no doubts whatsoever that the actions of certain politicians in the United Kingdom are going to create a guerrilla movement as the only rational response to lack of real democratic debate.

The greatest threats to Democracy are lack of real democratic debate and the constant scaremongering used against political parties like the British National Party, the French Front National, the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands and others. They represent segments of public opinion and in democratic societies all segments of public opinion should be represented.

Monday, 15 October 2012

BBC masters try to defuse the scandal talking about mass hysteria

BBC masters try to defuse the scandal talking about mass hysteria
Decades of sexual abuses covered up by the BBC and massive tax fraud can hardly be described as mass hysteria.
For decades BBC producers and presenters have been paid immoral salaries that couldn’t possibly be justified and people have been forced to pull down their pants and knickers and accept it because it was done by Queen BBC while old ladies were arrested and sent to jail because they could not afford to pay the TV license.
It happens in the BBC and it happens in Parliament where an MP claimed more than 25,000 pound a month in mortgage expenses to the point that it would have been cheaper to give him a room in Buckingham Palace.
The spectacle of Police officers selling themselves like prostitutes passing privileged information to equally corrupt journalists is not edifying.
They try and try to judge us according to their standards and they cannot understand that we are different and that if we say that head will roll head will roll. Rather than trying to dispel the myths and lies spread against us we are going to use them against them.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Jimmy Savile: Every coin has two sides

Jimmy Savile: Every coin has two sides
After the debacle caused by the revelations about his alter ego, after the dust has settled, there must be a time for reflexion about the other side of Jimmy Savile, the Jim Will Fix It Persona. Hearing what some people say about his charity work being a smoke screen, I beg to disagree. I think that the environment in which he worked allowed his dark side to get out of control but I reckon that as producer, presenter, organiser and charity campaigner he was no different from any other producer, presenter, organiser and charity campaigner and got involved in television and charity work because he actually enjoyed his profession and also enjoyed meeting people for the right reasons.

I don’t think that for those who were close acquaintances Jimmy Savile’s eccentricity and dubious behaviour were a secret. The issue is that they knew him but they chose to look the other way and pretended that if few people knew about what was going on everything would be fine. The culture of secrecy was fertile ground for the dark side of Jimmy Savile and for the dark side of many others.

I take a list of names – Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. People loved them, loved their music and loved their public images. As artists they were talented and successful but as people they were vulnerable, if not more vulnerable than many of us are. Amy battled against her addiction to drugs and alcohol, Michael battled against his social inadequacy having evolved from prodigy child to reach international stardom. In public, the extremely conflicted and isolated individual came to life. Whitney’s tragedy is that she couldn’t possibly fit in in the environment in which she grew up and till the end she struggled tortured by her lesbian tendencies.  Even at the height of her career she was using drugs in big amounts. This was her way of coping with her personal struggle and it was also what killed her. So, bright side and dark side come in the same package as two sides of a coin.

Many years ago, a prominent Conservative politician rumoured to be a potential Prime Minister was found dead. He had suffocated when using a plastic bag to deprive himself of air as a way to increase sexual pleasure. Learning about his untimely death, the first reaction was shock followed by utter disbelief. Somebody who was respected and admired in political circles was suddenly seen as the vulnerable man that he was.

Sometime ago, a transvestite was thrown onto underground train tracks and killed by a passing underground train. We were later told that the said transvestite was an extremely successful and very clever barrister that used to dress as a woman and offer sexual services. Once again, the two sides of the coin.

I reckon that if we spend enough time and did the necessary research we could find that the ‘two sides of the coin’ situation is more common than many people think or want to accept that it is.

Savile: Scared BBC is trying to run away

Savile: Scared BBC is trying to run away

Nothing could be more graphic than the removal of Jimmy Savile’s headstone that was taken away at 1am, in the cover of darkness, by Savile’s family ‘out of respect for public opinion’. The headstone is to be smashed and sent in a skip to a landfill.
One wonders what needs to be removed from the BBC ‘out of respect for public decency’. Yesterday, Police officers accused Savile of carrying out four decades of sickening offences on a ‘national scale'. Reports indicate that Scotland Yard received a vast amount of information and that at least 30 victims have already been identified.
Celebrities to be questioned by Police include convicted paedophiles Gary Glitter and Jonathan King.
One by one BBC myths are falling apart, one lie after another, and there might be many present and former BBC staff looking for ways to disappear and never be found.

One wonders if the BBC did not want to talk about convicted Muslim abusers for fear of attracting too much attention.

Monday, 8 October 2012

John Cruddas's taxing problems

John Cruddas’s taxing problems

We know it must be difficult for a Labour MP like John Cruddas so involved in fighting the nasty British National Party to keep track of his personal business. Undoubtedly, being prosecuted for tax evasion is not nice. Perhaps he should create a reminder on his mobile phone to remind him to pay taxes linked to his private vehicle. Perhaps he cannot afford to pay his taxes given the small amount of money he earns.

Should he seek the advice provided by the BBC aka Labour Party? Probably, this wouldn’t be a good idea, judging by present BBC predicaments. Should he ask Ken Livingstone? Mmm… maybe not.
Should he ask the Steel Lady for support? Ask the Steel Lady? I am not talking about Margaret Thatcher because Margaret Thatcher is known as the Iron Lady. With a bit of coal you get the Steel Lady aka Margaret Oppenheimer aka Margaret Hodge. Given the tone of her remarks about the BBC’s taxing misdemeanours, I am sure Margaret Hodge could offer Johnny Cruddas very sound advice.

We usually say that the Sun comes up every day but this is no consolation for Johnny Cruddas because he could get sunburn.  

Unemployment made worse by immigration

Unemployment made worse by immigration

David Cameron has finally recognized that unemployment is directly linked to immigration and is talking about limiting freedom of movement inside the European Union. What he does not tell you is that he is just pretending because he knows very well that unless Britain gets out of the European Union Britain will not be able to control its borders.

Like 80 per cent of news jobs end up in non-British hands, almost all new homes also end up in non-British hands as a part of a colonisation process with the aim of erasing British identity. We live in fear of terrorism and without jobs because Labour opened the floodgates that allowed terrorists to enter the country and create polygamous families fed by British taxpayers. So Abu Hamza is finally in American hands but not before spending millions of taxpayers’ money feeding his family and paying for a very expensive legal process.

During World War Two, Britain and America built internment camps for potential enemies and prisoners of war. Rather than spending money feeding the families of our enemies, we should do the same with a view to throw them out for good.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Spaniards flee to Argentina and Germany plans to leave Euro

Spaniards are fleeing to Argentina and Germany is planning to leave the Euro?

The waves of Latin Americans flocking to get a job in Spain are now turning into flocks of Spaniards fleeing to Argentina in total desperation, given the prospect of not been able to find a job in Spain where one in four is out of work. I suppose that we will still see on British television screens a bunch of pseudo experts using all kinds of theories trying to prove that “Multiculturalism and flood immigration are the best things that could happen to Britain”.

Germany has been printing Deutsch Marks in Switzerland but is still hesitating about getting rid of the Euro and this is happening after Angela Merkel wasted vast amounts of German resources trying to maintain an illusion. Everything begins to unravel like in a catastrophe movie and bureaucrats run around like headless chicken searching for excuses and announcing impossible schemes.

With all the evidence on the table, David Cameron is now talking about controlling migration of European Union citizens inside the European Union. What is it? A Fool’s Day Announcement? On top of the Schengen Treaty that guarantees freedom of movement within the European Union, as soon as Britain tries to stop European Union citizens from coming to Britain, Britain will be in the dock accused of violating the rules of the European Union.

Friday, 5 October 2012

BBC Panorama: Fraudsters and Paedophile Protectors?

BBC Panorama: Fraudsters and Paedophile Protectors?

I must say that I am enjoying every second while writing this article. After the British Broadcaster Corporation produced a BBC Panorama edition directed by an IRA sympathizer accusing the British National Party of mismanagement, I am delighted to say that the same BBC now stands accused of tax evasion in sidereal proportions and of protecting paedophiles and rapists.

As it has been denounced by the Public Accounts Committee, apart from failing to present proper accounts, the BBC is also liable for tax avoidance equivalent to fraud and mismanagement of public finances.

The BBC issued 25,000 contracts and has no idea whatsoever if taxes were properly paid, but there is more. The BBC advised people working for the BBC to defraud the Inland Revenue by paying staff via ghost private companies created to the sole effect of avoiding taxes. The BBC has admitted that it paid 4,500 contributors, including 1,500 on screen presenters, contributors, actors, musicians and commentators who, rather than paying income tax of up to 50 per cent, used the accounts to pay corporation tax of 21 per cent.

Jeremy Paxman indicated that he was threatened by the BBC that told him than unless he accepted to commit fraud by creating a ghost private company he would lose his job as presenter of Newsnight.

So there you are. The whiter than white BBC, defender of practices leading to the destruction of British National Identity and reportedly producer of cover-ups for paedophiles and rapists has also engaged in practices involving tax avoidance.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wir sind das Volk

Am Tag der deutschen Eihheit sollte jeder in sich gehen und sich bewuβt machen, was 40 Jahre staatliche Teilung von Volk und Vaterland bedeuteten. Wir sind das Volk und Wir bleiben es... trotz Multikulti und Europa-Wahn! On the day of German unity, everybody should go and become aware of what 40 years of division of the people and of the Fatherland meant. We are the People and we are there to stay… In spite of Multiculturalism and Europe's madness. Au jour de l'unité Allemande, chacun devrait aller et se rendre compte de la signification de 40 années de division du peuple et de la Patrie. Nous sommes le Peuple et nous sommes-là pour toujours.... Malgré Multiculturalism et la folie de l'Europe. En el día de la unidad alemana, todos deberían ir y darse cuenta del significado de 40 años de división del Pueblo y de la Patria. Nosotros somos el Pueblo y estamos allí para quedarnos... A pesar del Multiculturalismo y la locura de Europa.

1492: Year of Liberation

Since history works on the basis of precedents and Britain is a country whose legal system is based on precedent, let’s remember 1492 that was a significant year in the history of the Western World. By 1492, two Spanish kingdoms, the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon were united by the marriage of Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castile. It was a momentous event that led to the expulsion of the Moors (Muslims) from Continental Europe.
I constantly remind readers about the words of the Spanish thinker José Antonio Primo de Rivera who said “By the Force of Reason or by the Reason of Force”. Freedom that cannot be peacefully achieved must be achieved by the Force of the Spear.
The stories about the Campeador or el Cid (name given to him by the Muslim invaders), one of the Spanish noblemen that led the wars to throw Islam out of Spain,  are legendary and Rodrigo Díaz de Bivar was celebrated even by Hollywood with Charlton Heston being one of the most remarkable actors that played the role of the Cid.
1492 was also the year in which a man born in Genoa, the land of my ancestors and one the states that make up today’s Italy, got the support of the Spanish Crown to carry out the exploration that led to the discovery of the so called New World. Cristoforo Colombo – Cristobal Colón in the Spanish version of the name – led the way and what we know as America was named after Americo Vespucci, another Italian born in Firenze (Florence) who, like Cristoforo Colombo, went to Spain and was then known as Américo Vespucio.
Free Man and Strength of the Spear – it was no coincidence that my parents of Italian and Spanish descent named me Carlos Gerardo (Karl Gerhardt – Karl meaning Free Man and Gerhardt meaning  Strength of the Spear), both names of Germanic origin that combined with Italian and Spanish inheritance sum up the traditions of the Crusaders.
The so called greatness of Islamic Culture was none of the sort. In actual fact, it was created by Greek and Indian heritage without which there would not have been any so called ‘greatness of Islamic Culture’. Once Greek and Indian elements were taken out of the equation, so called Islamic Civilization collapsed producing the backwards countries of today. The few exceptions to the rule are not exceptions are all because they have been produced with Western technology, Western money and Western Ideas.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Keith Vaz MP's £26,500 a month mortgage claims

Keith Vaz MP is said to have claimed more than £26,500 a month as mortgage payment expenses which is more than seven times higher than his income as a back-bench MP, according to a secret police report into the former minister’s finances.
Keith Vaz MP is the chap that criticizes bankers and chastises journalists. I have a feeling that he is no more than another white collar crook that joined the Labour Party to make money at the expense of those members of the British working class that are dumb enough to continue supporting the Labour Party.
For a Labour MP to make mortgage payments claims of £26,500 a month is a bit extreme. Well, it would be a bit extreme for most of us. I would like to know what kind of property he was trying to buy and why British taxpayers had to pay for it.
I have a feeling that, rather than being in the chambers of the House of Commons heading special committees, Mr Vaz should be in another kind of chamber in a prison in Brixton. Mr Vaz is also the man that was demoted when he was a member of the Cabinet under a Labour government because of some business involving foreign investors. I seem to recall that it was something involving illegal passports sold at a price.
The expenses scandal has by no means finished. It is an on-going disaster that Parliament has strived to put under the carpet in spite of the fact that putting Parliamentary corruption under a carpet would require an extremely big carpet.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Let's not beat around the bush: Christians are killed and Churches burnt

Let’s not beat around the bush: Christians are being killed and Churches burnt
For the all talk about the religion of peace, facts on the ground prove that most criticisms regarding Islam are absolutely justified. In the Islamic World, Christians are being persecuted, tortured and murdered, Churches are burnt and no new Churches are allowed.
Looking at decisions taken in countries like Switzerland and France, and now also in Germany, time is long overdue to adopt a reciprocal approach when it comes to Islamic temples and Islamic rights in the Western World.
Those who are persecuted and tortured in the Islamic World have no European Courts of Human Rights to protect them, unlike what happens in the case of known terrorists who are protected at the expense of European taxpayers.
Islamic intolerance must not be allowed to prosper and to destroy the freedoms of the Western World. Islamic organisations have no moral grounds to claim rights that they blatantly deny to followers of other religions.