Monday, 8 October 2012

John Cruddas's taxing problems

John Cruddas’s taxing problems

We know it must be difficult for a Labour MP like John Cruddas so involved in fighting the nasty British National Party to keep track of his personal business. Undoubtedly, being prosecuted for tax evasion is not nice. Perhaps he should create a reminder on his mobile phone to remind him to pay taxes linked to his private vehicle. Perhaps he cannot afford to pay his taxes given the small amount of money he earns.

Should he seek the advice provided by the BBC aka Labour Party? Probably, this wouldn’t be a good idea, judging by present BBC predicaments. Should he ask Ken Livingstone? Mmm… maybe not.
Should he ask the Steel Lady for support? Ask the Steel Lady? I am not talking about Margaret Thatcher because Margaret Thatcher is known as the Iron Lady. With a bit of coal you get the Steel Lady aka Margaret Oppenheimer aka Margaret Hodge. Given the tone of her remarks about the BBC’s taxing misdemeanours, I am sure Margaret Hodge could offer Johnny Cruddas very sound advice.

We usually say that the Sun comes up every day but this is no consolation for Johnny Cruddas because he could get sunburn.  

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