Friday, 5 October 2012

BBC Panorama: Fraudsters and Paedophile Protectors?

BBC Panorama: Fraudsters and Paedophile Protectors?

I must say that I am enjoying every second while writing this article. After the British Broadcaster Corporation produced a BBC Panorama edition directed by an IRA sympathizer accusing the British National Party of mismanagement, I am delighted to say that the same BBC now stands accused of tax evasion in sidereal proportions and of protecting paedophiles and rapists.

As it has been denounced by the Public Accounts Committee, apart from failing to present proper accounts, the BBC is also liable for tax avoidance equivalent to fraud and mismanagement of public finances.

The BBC issued 25,000 contracts and has no idea whatsoever if taxes were properly paid, but there is more. The BBC advised people working for the BBC to defraud the Inland Revenue by paying staff via ghost private companies created to the sole effect of avoiding taxes. The BBC has admitted that it paid 4,500 contributors, including 1,500 on screen presenters, contributors, actors, musicians and commentators who, rather than paying income tax of up to 50 per cent, used the accounts to pay corporation tax of 21 per cent.

Jeremy Paxman indicated that he was threatened by the BBC that told him than unless he accepted to commit fraud by creating a ghost private company he would lose his job as presenter of Newsnight.

So there you are. The whiter than white BBC, defender of practices leading to the destruction of British National Identity and reportedly producer of cover-ups for paedophiles and rapists has also engaged in practices involving tax avoidance.

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