Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Enfield: Another illegal scheme kept under wraps?

Enfield: What is discrimination about?

Whenever there is a secret, there is something illegal about it. This is why the London Regional Press Office decided to investigate certain actions in Enfield where the local authority has put in place a system of allocation of school places that is a clear violation of laws involving discrimination and legal use of public funding.

What came to light is that the local authority in Enfield has put in place a system of allocation of school places designed only for children of ethnic single mothers. When we tried to find out about the system, local staff became extremely secretive about it to the point that we were given the impression that applying to benefit from such system is a bit like applying to become a member of Her Majesty’s Secret Services and everything is very much kept under wraps for very good reasons.

To put it mildly: if you are a couple looking for school places for your children don’t bother to apply; if you are not ethnic (presumably not Asian), don’t bother to apply. In fact, the scheme came to our knowledge just by chance because it is some sort of secret of state.

We knew about such scheme only because a group of local residents raised the alert when they were rejected on the grounds that they are not ethnic.

It is blatantly obvious that such a scheme is absolutely irregular and that once again a local authority in a very sensitive area of London has been found red-handed.

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