Monday, 29 October 2012

EU: Europe is reaching boiling temperature

EU: Europe is reaching boiling temperature

When you have Labour MPs that contributed in the writing of the EU Constitution saying that it is time to get out, it is self-evident that we have crossed a red line. Parliament is about to be tested and Parliamentarians across the political divide could join forces to reject the European Project that is on the table.

For those who say that the EU maintains peace the question that comes to mind is ‘Peace at what cost?’ Italy no longer has an elected Prime Minister and Greece has a puppet government that tries to imprison journalists that dare to tell the truth about the level of fraud seemingly supported by the Greek government.

Spain is on the verge of collapse with more than 25 per cent unemployment and public debt practically classified as junk because it could never be paid and Germany – the country that has financed the European Project – is saying ‘No more’, as desperate people flock into Germany running away from disastrous economies and using the title ‘refugees’ as an excuse to get in.

Even Germany is trying to quash dissent by banning political organisations and we know where the path of banning political organisations can end. Putting things under the carpet and pretending that they do not exist is the best recipe to destroy whatever is left of Democracy.

Using an expression widely used by British politicians, promises and arguments in favour of keeping the European Union ‘do not add up’. If the idea is to protect Democracy, the European Union is destroying Democracy and sooner than later is going to lead to confrontation between European nations.

I have written about the parallels between what happened after 1929 and what has been happening since 2006 (the year seen as the start of the present troubles). Nothing happens overnight. The process started in 1929 and led us to 1939. I see 2016 as the year when things will come to a head. In 2014, limitations of movement across the European Union will banish and the stress for nation states could prove to be too much to bear.

I keep asking the question: Wollen sie Politische Parteien, Politische Bewegungen oder Soziale Bewegungen? Do you want Political Parties, Political Movements or Social Movements? I want political parties but leaders like Angela Merkel are unwittingly building a political time-bomb. Many times in the past, governments have banned dissenting organisations only to find themselves facing the guillotine.

After Helmut Kohl came Gerhard Schroeder and after Gerhard Schroeder came Angela Merkel. If Angela Merkel continues to play the wrong cards, she could have to pay the ultimate price. Angela Merkel is desperately trying to delay the adoption of critical measures until after the German Elections and this could tip Germany over the edge. Her fear and her attempts to deceive the German Electorate could lead not only to her demise but also to tragic political instability in Germany.

By constanting talking about Nazism, German Ministers are making Nazism more popular than ever as all attempts to remedy financial disasters fail. As so called mainstream parties devalue themselves, extremism becomes a very popular option even in countries like Greece. 

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