Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Referendum for Scotland but no Referendum for UK

Referendum for Scotland but no Referendum for UK

So David Cameron is very willing to offer Scotland the chance of a Referendum about the partition of the United Kingdom but is reluctant about giving British citizens the opportunity to have a say about the European Union. Is this a contradiction? Of course it is not. David Cameron and close-associate Nick Clegg (disciple of Leon Brittan) want to finish the United Kingdom and it does not make a heck of a difference if they chop the United Kingdom to bits or if they give it away in one go.

Alex Salmond has committed Scotland as part of the deal to get a referendum. Here comes the choice: he is offering to destroy the United Kingdom to make Scotland a colony of the European Union. Those who support this kind of ‘Scottish Independence’ are basically saying that they will willingly surrender Scottish Independence for Scotland to be run by unelected European bureaucrats.

In the past, and this is very much part of Scottish traditions, Scots did not hesitate to commit treason and kill their own kind for the sake of personal advantages both real and presumed. Therefore, this does not come as a surprise. What is surprising is that fact that so many people have been fooled by such an obvious treachery.

As soon as an pseudo Independent Scotland becomes a European Union colony the relative freedoms that they have enjoyed while being subsidized by the United Kingdom will evaporate, its freedoms to determine its own taxation will vanish and it will become a country poorer than Greece with a population of about 5 million people and without natural resources as the oil deposits come to an end and as fishing stocks become ever more rare.

What has not been overlooked is the fact that two of the main banking chains in the United Kingdom that are deeply in debt and had to be rescued by British taxpayers are in fact Scottish banks. So one might say that if there were to be an independent Scotland the debts of the two Scottish banks will be the responsibility of an independent Scotland and what remains of the United Kingdom will be free of any banking debts.

Now, lets look into the future prospects. With a hostile climate, diminished sea resources, reduced mineral resources, billions of pounds in debt and no financial nor industrial backbone, how long will it be before the new Scottish government starts asking for bailouts? How long will it be before stringent budget cuts are announced that will destroy welfare policies that today provide young and old with comparatively higher standards to those that exist in the United Kingdom and in Europe as a whole?

A Macbethan Alex Salmond is pouring poison into the ear of the old King and once the deed is done the old privileges will come to an end only for the forests to come to the castle.

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