Monday, 22 October 2012

Sky is the limit: Sir Ian Blair shares British National Party views

Speaking on Sky Television, Sir Ian Blair, former Metropolitan Police Chief, agrees with British National Party stance and opposes the elections of Police Commissioners in England and Wales.
On November 15, 2012, voters in England and Wales are going to the polls to elect a Police and crime commissioner for each Police force region.
The new Police commissioners will manage budgets, will establish priorities and will be able to fire and hire chief constables.
John Prescott, former Labour Deputy Prime Minister, has indicated that he wants to be a Police Commissioner. This should be enough of a valid reason to reject the idea of elected Police Commissioners.
Sir Ian Blair is asking people to boycott the elections. The government has been accused of failing to properly publicise the elections in which candidates will not be given a free mail shot to promote their policies.

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  1. another state unsponsered (this time) first past the post rigged outcome!