Monday, 1 October 2012

Let's not beat around the bush: Christians are killed and Churches burnt

Let’s not beat around the bush: Christians are being killed and Churches burnt
For the all talk about the religion of peace, facts on the ground prove that most criticisms regarding Islam are absolutely justified. In the Islamic World, Christians are being persecuted, tortured and murdered, Churches are burnt and no new Churches are allowed.
Looking at decisions taken in countries like Switzerland and France, and now also in Germany, time is long overdue to adopt a reciprocal approach when it comes to Islamic temples and Islamic rights in the Western World.
Those who are persecuted and tortured in the Islamic World have no European Courts of Human Rights to protect them, unlike what happens in the case of known terrorists who are protected at the expense of European taxpayers.
Islamic intolerance must not be allowed to prosper and to destroy the freedoms of the Western World. Islamic organisations have no moral grounds to claim rights that they blatantly deny to followers of other religions.

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