Sunday, 21 October 2012

Protesting against what? They voted for it.

Protesting against what? They voted for it.

London was the scene for mass demonstrations against austerity measures. Well, who is responsible for austerity measures? Those responsible for budget cuts are the very same people that went out to demonstrate because they voted Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Greens and you have to add those who did not bother to vote. Those who do not vote deserve whatever evil comes their way because they abstain.

In politics, either you stand up for political parties that will really put in place the changes needed or you get the very same old recipes for failure. What did Labour with Lib Dem support do during 13 years in power? They created a public debt of historic proportions and flooded the country with illegal immigrants and pretend refugees, some of which had to be deported because of terrorist links and others who are still living in the United Kingdom under surveillance costing millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

The Conservatives started the whole process by dismantling manufacturing and fisheries and exporting jobs to China and elsewhere and the others maintain the same ruinous policies.

What do the Green support? They Greens support higher taxes that are destroying jobs by the hundreds of thousands and creating the excuses and justifications to squeeze already failing households.

So there you are. Protesting about what? Most of those who went out to demonstrate should be demonstrating against themselves because they keep in power the political parties that have been attacking the British economy in the name of Globalisation and on behalf of a bunch of corrupt unelected Eurocrats.

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