Thursday, 31 January 2013

Attacks perpetrated by Muslim gangs spread across Europe

Attacks perpetrated by Muslim gangs spread across Europe

The political ideology called Islam is now causing serious concerns across Europe and what the mass media reports is just the tip of the iceberg. Awareness in different countries varies. In Germany, the vast majority of the German people are very much awake. Not so their rulers who continue to behave as if nothing was happening, although Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly stated that so called Multiculturalism – one of the fundamental causes of violence - is dead.

The so called Muslim patrols are now spreading as the aliens are taking over entire areas and trying to impose their stupidity by force, in the very same manner they did in Afghanistan, Mali, Algeria and other countries. I don’t suppose the British government is ready for the prospect of having to bomb London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and other British cities. This is what the Labour madness is coming to. Colonisation can only be stopped by force. I don’t suppose Conservatives, Lib Dems, Labour and others would allow Argentinean troops to enter the Falkland Islands but they allow Muslim terrorists to colonise the British mainland.   

Monday, 28 January 2013

Violence is violence regardless of race of attackers and victims

Violence is violence regardless of race of attackers and victims

As the British National Party has repeatedly stated, we are against all kinds of crime regardless of the racial identity of the attackers and of the victims. The Jimmy Savile of this world are white and the gangsters that prey on children in northern cities are Asian and we are against both the Jimmy Savile types and the Asian individuals that engage in crime.

The headline of the Evening Standard today is terrifying: “Sword Mob in Horror Killing of Boy, 16”. A group of around 15 teenagers carried out what could be fairly described as premeditated and planned persecution followed by an execution with swords. The assassination took place in Pimlico in Lupus Street at 6:50pm. This kind of crime should be punished with capital punishment regardless of the age of the attackers.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cameron: They keep falling for it

Cameron: They keep falling for it

Opinion surveys indicate that David Cameron’s plan worked. The gullible have once again fallen for the same trick and they will keep falling for the same trick. David Cameron’s Conservatives saw a rise in popularity of about 4 points – still short of the 39% that support the Labour Party - and UKIP lost 4 points (that predictably went to the Conservatives because UKIP is a branch of the Conservative Party).

Nigel Farage’s assertion that UKIP would benefit from disenchanted Labour voters was unjustified and all became merely an exchange of popularity support between Conservatives and UKIP. Nigel Farage keeps saying that UKIP is not a one-issue political party and he might try to distance himself from Conservative policies but facts on the ground prove that UKIP votes are Conservative votes.

Much has been said about a Conservative/UKIP alliance and Nigel Farage said publicly that there wouldn’t be an alliance while David Cameron was at the helm of the Conservative Party. Jungle Woman Nadine Dorries MP saw her opportunity of taking revenge against David Cameron by initiating a leadership campaign – or so it seems – against David Cameron saying that there are four potential challengers (if David Cameron loses the next General Election).

Divisions in the Conservative Party in 1997 cost them the election of 1997 and Labour won a historic majority – the biggest majority ever obtained. Nadine Vanessa Dorries seems to be working for the defeat of the Conservative Party. Should the Conservatives lose the next General Election, Nadine Dorries and others would be facing another kind of creepy crawlies but not in Australia.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

David Cameron: Democratic Blackmail?

David Cameron: Democratic Blackmail?

The honest and straightforward option regarding Britain’s position in or out of the European Union would be an immediate Referendum to ask the British people if they want the United Kingdom to remain as member of the European Union.

Instead, both those who want an independent Britain and those who want to remain in the European Union have to deal with strong suspicions that indicate that they are being taken for a ride.

From the point of view of those who want Britain out of the European Union, David Cameron is playing for time and applying delaying tactics to then turn around and create a fait accompli.

UKIP’s recent electoral successes, some say, forced David Cameron to promise a Referendum even when in his heart of hearts he has no intention of delivering a Referendum.

If the renegotiation of the British position in the European Union fails and the Conservatives fail to win the next General Election, Labour would take over putting an end to any hopes of having a Referendum.

If the renegotiation efforts are successful, this would be used by the Conservative Party in the campaign towards a General Election to try and get ammunition for a Yes Vote and to actually win the next General Election.

From the point of view of those who want Britain to remain as a member of the European Union, David Cameron is gambling British membership to try and keep the Conservative Party together. Why? If the renegotiation fails, then some argue that this would ensure a NO Vote.

Rather than gambling Britain’s future, one way or another, we should have a Referendum now. Some Labour MPs indicate that having a Referendum now before any kind of renegotiation would be their favoured option. However, I suspect they only say it because they feel that the Conservatives are in trouble when facing UKIP.

What does UKIP say? Nigel Farage stated that David Cameron’s promise of having a Referendum on Europe if the Conservative’s win the election puts pressure on Labour since the official Labour Party’s position is against any Referendum on Europe. According to UKIP’s leader, UKIP would benefit by attracting disaffected Labour voters, regardless of the fact that in terms of economic policies UKIP is closer to Right Wing Conservatives.

The gamble is that facing the risk of losing Britain, Angela Merkel and others - including France - would surrender and accept a new deal put forward by Britain. Those who support this sort of Democratic Blackmail say that both Germany and France have a lot to lose if Britain leaves the European Union.

Germany and Britain have been the financial pillars of the European Union for many years and in the present circumstances Germany would not want to be forced to subsidize the entire European Union. There would soon be Elections in Germany and Angela Merkel could lose those elections if the German electorate is threatened with yet more bad financial news. Unlike the French, the German government was quick to react in a conciliatory manner after David Cameron's statement on the subject of a Referendum. 

David Cameron lies again

David Cameron lies again

"I will give you a Referendum if I win…", says David Cameron. Vote BNP and Britain leaves the European Union. Full Stop. The Conservatives use the same lies again and again and the people keep supporting them when we all know that he is just telling lies. David Cameron does not have the least intention of having a Referendum on Europe. If David Cameron really wanted a Referendum on Europe, David Cameron, because he is the Prime Minister, would give us a Referendum in three weeks time.

Let’s not beat around the bush. When you ask for a yes or no answer, there are only two possibilities. Telling people that he would give us a Referendum if the Conservatives will the next General Election is an elegant way of not giving us a Referendum because there is every chance that the Conservatives will not win the next election and in the meantime we will have to continue enduring and paying for nothing and giving more and more time  and money to unelected bureaucrats to continue plotting and taking away British rights, British freedoms and British money and flooding the United Kingdom with undesirables and rejects from all over the European Union and beyond that will keep coming to milk the Welfare System.

Britain: Adding insult to injury

Firstly, the British people suffered the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs because Big Capital decided to invest abroad employing cheap labour. When the economy went pear shaped and the financial sector collapsed, the British people are now told that after being deprived of their jobs they now have to pay to rescue the very same people who destroyed the economy by sending jobs abroad.

The so called mainstream political parties created false prosperity with massive amounts of borrowing with which they tried to replace the economy that they had destroyed. When the time to pay back comes, the British people are seeing what the prosperity created by Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour really means.

We live in fear having to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to protect ourselves in Britain. Why? Flood Immigration has promoted the settlement in Britain of people who are declared enemies of Britain. They don’t care about Britain. They only care about how much they can squeeze out of Britain. When British soldiers come back from the battlefields they are attacked by the very same undesirables that Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour allowed in, the ones who are milking the Welfare State making the Welfare State the biggest expenditure in the national budget.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Britain: A Pile of Sand

Britain: A Pile of Sand

Like grains in a pile of sand, we are all interconnected and interdependent. When the Chancellor of the Exchequer cuts down the budget he is not merely cutting expenses because he is in fact cutting down jobs.

The news that Rolls Royce is about to lose about 400 workers is not the main news. The main news is that trying to protect billionaires that don’t need any additional money we have had a series of governments that have been destroying jobs by the hundreds of thousands.

The destruction of fisheries, coal mines, the erosion of farming and manufacturing by exporting jobs and flood immigration are the true causes of the closure of Rolls Royce installations and the loss of 400 jobs plus all the other jobs linked directly or indirectly to Rolls Royce jobs.

The same Trade Unions that show alarm at the loss of 400 jobs at Rolls Royce are very much responsible for job losses because they have supported Globalisation and Flood Immigration.

For ages the British National Party has been saying that we cannot go on like this and that we have to put a stop to jobs migration and flood immigration. Every time we speak against Globalisation and Flood Immigration they call us racists, Nazis, Fascists and the like.

If you want jobs in Britain there is only one way of creating those jobs. We must combat Globalisation and Flood Immigration. This is the message for the Trade Unions that are campaigning against British workers.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Police re-opens fraud investigation on Dennis MacShane

Police re-opens fraud investigation on Dennis MacShane

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said that an investigation into Dennis MacShane’s affairs has been re-launched after a parliamentary report indicated that the former Labour MP for Rotherham created false receipts to claim more than £7,000 of parliamentary expenses.

The Crown Prosecution Service is now involved liaising with the Metropolitan Police.

For many years Dennis MacShane was a declared enemy of the British National Party and now we know why. The British National Party have been particularly active denouncing corrupt MPs, some of whom have ended up in jail.

MacShane himself confessed that he lost his parliamentary seat because of the British National Party anti-corruption campaign.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Action and Reaction: the Laws of Physics

Action and Reaction: the Laws of Physics

Britain is facing mortal danger. Either we stand together and face combat together or we are going to be slaughtered one by one. Events in Egypt and in other countries tell you the whole story of what is going to happen if we fail. The insidious colonisation of Britain continues apace. I wonder if both those who promote colonisation and those who live in denial think that their rights are going to survive once they are reduced to a minority.

People in many communities where the British people are already living as a minority already know full well what to expect. They are being taken back to the Dark Ages and complaisant and compliant politicians no longer stand for the local population, knowing that in order to keep their seats they have to give priority to outsiders who are now the new majorities.

When Britons are forced to request European assistance to wear the Cross, you know what the end game actually is. They call Integration what is in fact pure and simple replacement (ethnic cleansing) of British populations.

A Turkish Politician was very candid when he compared Mosques and religious temples to Fortresses. Well, you only build fortresses when you go to war. There is a war taking place right now on the British homeland. Never mind the efforts to stop Islamic intolerance in Mali and elsewhere in Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor when we are facing death traps in Britain.

However, when there is action there is reaction. Sooner than later the pleasant lands of Britain will be the new Mali.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

This is how Britain was built…

This is how Britain was built…

From time to time, the British Broadcasting Corporation gets out of its politically correct multicultural approach and produces an honest and realistic view of how Britain was built. One of such programmes refers to the creation and the development of the railways as part of the Industrial Revolution.

In their graves, thousands upon thousands of British workers must be turning in anger because it was their blood, sweat, tears and toil that built Britain and much of the so called modern civilization. Since Britain is a country of business, let me talk to you in business language. The British people are the main shareholders of a company called United Kingdom and therefore the British people are the ones who should be enjoying most of the fruits of all the good things Britain has created. No word of race or religion. But when you look at the ethnicity and beliefs of those who built the British railways, for example, you know exactly the kind of people that we are talking about.

According to our politically correct masters, foreign newcomers that landed in Britain to take over what others built have more rights than those that for hundred of years, generation after generation, made the United Kingdom.  

The Saints are marching in…

The Saints are marching in…
Political parties fight for Council Seats and later fight for Westminster seats. If there is a progression, any advances are welcomed. After coming third in Rotherham – by-election that took place because a crooked Labour MP was forced to give up his seat – the British National Party came third after UKIP.
Now, in a Council ward election in Spennymoor, the British National Party came second. The world did not come to an end. In fact, there wasn’t even the usual kind of talk about the ‘dangerous BNP’. Why not? The BNP is not only a democratic party. It is a recognized name and more and more people have opened their eyes wide enough and are immune to brainwashing.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Woolworths, Comet, Jessops

Woolworths, Comet, Jessops

The closure of a company with immediate job losses and the so called adjustments leading to job losses are tragedies in more than one way but they are the natural conclusion of a process started by sheer greed leading to an even bigger gap between haves and have-nots.

From a medical point of view, job losses in times of recession increase already dangerous stress levels in society and this can lead to traumatic situations that will affect not only the individuals who have lost their jobs but also their immediate families and society as a whole.

Some are strong enough to get by and find other opportunities. Others become so disillusioned that they start thinking about extraordinary ways to make a living. The ‘disillusion syndrome’ affects youngsters in particular since they are the most vulnerable and the less experienced. Youngsters start talking about alternative ways and constantly complain about ‘how useless ordinary routines like going to school, studying and learning really are.’ ‘I could make a lot more money in one day by selling drugs without having to get up early in the morning and go to school’.

We constantly hear about indiscipline in the classroom and violence in schools. There is obviously a link between what happens in schools with students failing and what goes on in the rest of society because schools are very much part of society.

The X-Factor mentality and gambling attitudes are very much an expression of what goes on in society when more and more people feel frustrated and very much doubt that there is something worth working for.

The Encyclical Rerum Novarum of Pope Leo XIII on Capital and Labour indicates that those who see employment merely from a pecuniary point of view are very much mistaken. Employment plays a fundamental social role that many in power completely underestimate.

We define ourselves according to what we do for a living. It is not mere coincidence that in the past many surnames indicated profession and occupation. We value ourselves and we are valued and recognized by others because of what we do for a living.

Our occupation is very much linked to our sense of identity and the struggle to have a job is very much a struggle for our own identity. So next time you watch the news and listen to reports about 1800 losing their jobs there and 1300 losing their over there you can look at it from a different perspective.  

Friday, 11 January 2013

Politically Correct BBC failed to protect victims of abuse

Politically Correct BBC failed to protect victims of abuse

As it becomes evidently clear, the BBC failed in its duty of care and attacked the BNP because the BNP stands for the victims of crime. This is the conclusion regarding the abuse committed by Asian gangs, the Jimmy Savile Case and others.

For more than a decade the British National Party has been denouncing crimes and being accused of racism for denouncing crimes. What did the BBC produce? Meaningless excuses and fake apologies to cover up the fact that many in the BBC knew about crime and decided to become accomplices of crime rather than making an effort to protect people who were being abused.

Mark Thomson, former Director General of the BBC, denies having any knowledge. Well, there are those who say that they send a series of communications to Mark Thompson telling him about what was going on. Will Mark Thompson be brought to justice? I doubt it. Mark Thompson is well protected by the same cronies that help to perpetuate a culture of cover ups and abuse in the use of public monies.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Robotic Revolution that kills Human Beings?

Robotic Revolution that kills Human Beings?

The Daily Telegraph reports with great fanfares about ‘Our robotic revolution is only beginning to gather steam’ and says that ‘robots offer the potential for unlimited economic growth’. Economic growth based on unemployment? The USA has ten percent unemployment rates and more than 3 million people in jail.  

Rather than making robots to replace human beings, we should be replacing robots with human beings. The sheer stupidity of the ‘robotic revolution’ could lead to another World War and has certainly created high levels of crime and alcohol and drugs dependency.

Boris will cut the Police budget by ten per cent

Boris will cut the Police budget by ten per cent
I knew Boris and others were lying when during the GLA elections they were talking about increasing the number of front line Police officers. I knew they were lying but the mass media prostitutes – namely BBC, Sky and ITV and others – massaged the electoral process and did not allow us to take part in debates.
The budget as proposed by Lib Lab Con and company was unsustainable and couldn’t possibly deliver the promises they made. So now they tell us that Boris Johnson plans a 10 per cent Police Budget Cut. Oh surprise! Any mentally retarded journalist would have known that by reading the GLA Budget.
Before the GLA election they were already transferring funds from the Fire Services to maintain some sort of normality of the Police Services by getting rid of real police officers and replacing them with volunteers elegantly called Community Police Officers as if by rebranding they could make a scandalous policy acceptable.

Families are suffering while low-life individuals prosper

Families are suffering while low-life individuals prosper
The news that middle-income families spend 51 per cent of their earnings in childcare does not come as a surprise in a country in which the Welfare State is feeding criminals. One of every three pound is spend in Social Security.
Iain Duncan Smith tells us that Labour’s tax credits are used by criminals and attract unwanted people that come to Britain to milk the system. Instead of sanitizing the system, Parliament increased the amount spent in Social Security. My advice would be to abolish tax credits all together, but I know it is not going to happen because Labour and others need to spend in Welfare to buy votes to keep themselves in power.
They also tell us that 4,000 foreign murderers and rapists cannot be thrown out of Britain. My advice would be that if we cannot throw them out we should get rid of them for good and save everybody the trouble of having to cope with scum.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Poverty: What is it?

Poverty: What is it?

They usually tell us that in order to be able solve a problem we need to define it. Poverty has long existed in many different ways. The main obstacle in terms of finding solutions stems from our inability to define what we mean by poverty. There is not a fit-all kind of solution and poverty can exist surrounded by abundance. Poverty is very often linked to our inability to exist in a certain kind of environment.

If we are trying to live in an environment in which only high-achievers will survive and we don’t have the physical and intellectual skills to succeed we are doomed to fail. This is the archetypical tragedy of Developed Economies. People from Developing Countries are constantly flocking into Developed Economies in search of opportunities not realizing that what they see as lack of opportunities in their countries of origin is their lack of physical and intellectual skills to succeed.

Slums are full of people who believe that they can succeed without making the necessary effort to succeed. They usually end up at the bottom of the pile, living in hell and dreaming about an impossible paradise. Poverty is not only the reality of not having enough to have decent living standards. Poverty is a state of mind. If you have to depend on Social Security to survive, you are in real trouble and getting up in the morning, rather than being the pleasure of enjoying another day, will feel like some kind of torture to be endured. Transitory solutions have become permanent realities. Welfare Dependency can destroy the most opulent economies.