Tuesday, 15 January 2013

This is how Britain was built…

This is how Britain was built…

From time to time, the British Broadcasting Corporation gets out of its politically correct multicultural approach and produces an honest and realistic view of how Britain was built. One of such programmes refers to the creation and the development of the railways as part of the Industrial Revolution.

In their graves, thousands upon thousands of British workers must be turning in anger because it was their blood, sweat, tears and toil that built Britain and much of the so called modern civilization. Since Britain is a country of business, let me talk to you in business language. The British people are the main shareholders of a company called United Kingdom and therefore the British people are the ones who should be enjoying most of the fruits of all the good things Britain has created. No word of race or religion. But when you look at the ethnicity and beliefs of those who built the British railways, for example, you know exactly the kind of people that we are talking about.

According to our politically correct masters, foreign newcomers that landed in Britain to take over what others built have more rights than those that for hundred of years, generation after generation, made the United Kingdom.  

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