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UK Anti-Terror Legislation is being used for Political Persecution

Anthony Mole - Head of North West Counter Terrorism Unit
UK Anti-Terror Legislation is used for Political Persecution

When Anti-Terror Legislation was passed in the House of Commons after being put forward by then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, there were voices of concern talking about the possibility that Anti-Terror Legislation could be used for purposes that had nothing to do with fighting against Terrorism and what was feared has become reality. A para-political organisation called National Action was banned after being wrongly classified as a Terrorist Organisation, innocent people were arrested and are now being taken to court to be jailed because of their political ideas. But there are other aspects of this tragedy that are unfolding when children are taken away from their families and innocent people take their own lives. This was the case of Paul Hickman who was arrested because he was in possession of stickers used for political purposes. Paul Hickman couldn't bear the thought of being put on trial to be crucified on trumped up charges and of having to spend time in jail as yet another victim of political persecution.

Paul Hickman

I wrote to Anthony Mole as Head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit; I wrote to Amber Rudd MP as Home Secretary; I wrote to Helen Hayes MP whom I approached several times to deal with political issues; I wrote to Jo Swimson MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. I write to you as ordinary members of the public and ask you to spread the word because this is a very serious matter. 

I lived under a military dictatorship and I can recognise the signs of a dictatorial regime being imposed on the British people. It happens gradually, so gradually that most people fail to stop such signs. Firstly, basic rights of assembly are taken away. People are not allowed to demonstrate in certain public areas. The justification is 'we are concerned about public safety'. Secondly, measures that are nothing more than political discrimination are implemented. "Sorry, you cannot have the job that you want 'because you are a member or have been a member of certain political parties'." "Sorry, you cannot be invited to a debate because you are a member or have been a member of certain political parties or because we don't like what you say". This goes so far as not just banning ordinary people but also US Presidents like President Donald Trump. No official visits to the United Kingdom and no speaking at the House of Commons. 

Now, families are persecuted, children are taken away from their families, organisations that have committed no crime are banned and individuals are persecuted and imprisoned. Britain is becoming a de-facto dictatorial regime.

When the masses support dictatorial behaviour all that is left to say is what Jesus said on the cross: Forgive them father, for they don't know what they are doing. Millions of people across Britain are voluntarily and willingly walking towards a repressive regime. 

Dear Jo Swinsom MP,

This is the original email I sent to Amber Rudd, to Helen Hayes and to the Head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit. It is a very important matter and in the last 24 hours became a case of life and death leading a 37 year old to take his own life. You can contact me directly. I do include a mobile number and I am ready and willing to meet you at the House of Commons to talk about a very important issue.

Anti-Terror Legislation was introduced under a Labour government. Since then, it has been used for purposes that were not originally intended.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 09 November 2017 14:38
To: '' <>
Cc: 'Helen Hayes' <>; '' <>
Subject: Something very wrong

Dear Amber Rudd,

There is something absolutely wrong concerning the strategy adopted against para-political organizations (not Terrorist organizations). National Action is not a Terrorist organization despite the fact that it has been wrongly classified as a Terrorist organization.

I personally knew Paul Hickman and distributing adhesive campaign propaganda materials is not a terrorist activity. Somebody like Paul Hickman was never involved in any kind of violent activity whatsoever and neither was Jack Renshaw due to appear in court on January 2nd  2018.

When anti-Terror Laws are used for purely political purposes there is the certain danger of a backlash that could lead to others getting involved in activities that otherwise they would not get involved into and this because of the anger that injustices generate.

I know what happened in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile – among other countries - in the 1970s and 1980s. I was a member of the military in those days and of the mass media/intelligence services that led to the arrest, torture and in some cases execution of political detainees and I worry that Britain is walking along a very dangerous path when Anti-Terror Laws are used for purely political purposes.

The present approach can certainly create a danger that didn’t exist before. I sense the resentment and anger that such approach has created, approach that could turn political activists into murderers.

Your approach will not prevent attacks against Members of Parliament. Helen Hayes, that I know personally, is aware of the fact that I do know the subject matter that I am writing about because of my background and my political links.

Common sense and rationality must prevail. The actions in which the North West Counter Terrorism Unit has been involved are not related to Terrorism. They are actions of a political nature and they are totally unjustified.

I hope for Britain’s sake that there is a change of course of action. Anti-Terror Laws should only be used for the purpose they were intended to be used. I hope that Britain stops using Anti-Terror Laws for purely political purposes.

And I take this opportunity to issue a word of caution. It is common knowledge that members of the British Armed Forces have joined or are joining para-political groups. Nothing happens in the military without the knowledge of the higher ranks of the British Armed Forces. It is not the kind of thing that can be kept a secret. If you were to touch a raw nerve, the present approach could be even more catastrophic.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen

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