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Jack Renshaw: Justice system gone mad

Jack Renshaw: Justice system gone mad

Jack Renshaw used to be a member of the youth branch of the British National Party and made speeches at the age of 15 at party meeting including a National Conference.

Now, he is in detention in Manchester because some time ago during a speech made at the age of 22, years after he left the BNP youth movement, he allegedly made derogatory comments about Jews.

Jack Renshaw was arrested by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole.

Jack Renshaw a target of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit? Jack Renshaw seen as terror threat? It is obviously a joke and a joke that is costing thousands of Pounds of taxpayers money. I wrote to the head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit and also to the Jewish Group because this is utter nonsense that show how inadequate the services that are supposed to protect from terrorism actually are. If they had done real a real background search on Jack Renshaw they would have discovered who Jack Renshaw actually. If we went to send to Court every single person who has something native to say about Jews, half of the country would have to be sent to Court and ultimately jailed.

Mass hysteria is spreading like wildfire. Look at the headlines regarding the Labour Party, for example. Reading such rising amount of rubbish one would be led to believe that suddenly all Labour Party supporters would suddenly become storm troopers of Das Dritte Reich. Some people like Jews and other people don't like Jews. Get on with it. When a crook like Bernard Madoff goes around ripping off both Jews and non Jews and ends up in jail or a movie mogul like Harvey Weinstein stand accused of molestation, harassment and rape, both Jews and non Jews are angry.

Criticism is not a crime. It is a democratic right to criticise what we do not like without being taken to court for exercising our democratic rights. The legal system is crossing red lines and compromising our democratic freedoms.

North West Counter Terrorism Unit - Manchester

Dear Anthony George Mole,

I met Jack Renshaw, the 22 year-old that stands accused of making derogatory comments about Jews. The fact that he is being portrayed as a dangerous individual beggars belief and shows very little understanding about who Jack Renshaw actually is.

When I met him he would be about 15 years of age posing as a British Patriot and making emotive speeches about Britain, with very little life experience and very little or no political experience whatsoever. He was the typical young boy seeking attention and trying to be the centre of attention for the sake of self-importance.

There are many thousands like him that are much more of a danger to themselves than they could possibly be a danger to anybody else. You should also be aware of the mentality of the people you are dealing with. By sending an immature individual to jail, you are going to be making a very serious mistake. You are going to turn him into a hero.

Jewish publications are talking about him. The UAF is talking about him. Suddenly, from being totally anonymous, you are going to turn him into a celebrity, into somebody who was persecuted “for the cause”. This is the worst way of dealing with individuals like Jack Renshaw. You will be promoting his narrative and the narrative of thousands like him. From University drop-out, to “fighter for the cause”. As I refer to the Jewish Group, he is going to be surrounded by people who are the real danger and that will most probably nurture him as British prisons become centres for political indoctrination and terrorism training hotspots.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 06 November 2017 23:38
To: '' <>; '' <>
Subject: Jack Renshaw
Importance: High

Dear Sir/Madam,

Who is Jack Renshaw? An immature 22-year-old looking for attention and saying silly things that ultimately got him into trouble. I met him about 5 years ago. By then he was presented as an enthusiastic and old-fired up British Nationalist with no political experience whatsoever. He read high-school style speeches full of patriotic fervour but with very little substance and waited for the applause of the audience, not understanding that many of those who made up the audience were people of little consequence, limited education and limited brainpower. He went on to join National Action – a group of very disturbed and disturbing individuals, also of little consequence, of limited education and limited brainpower who he defined as a more radical group because he wanted to be ‘a man of action’. Being a man of action meant for him to talk rubbish, the kind of rubbish he couldn’t possibly talk about as a member of a political party – any political party. Jack Renshaw is not a dangerous individual. If anything, he is merely a danger to himself.

He is already in detention and there is the probability that on January 2nd, 2018 he will be sent to jail for a very long time. What would be achieved? There are many Jack Renshaw, teenagers that at one point or another lose their bearings and go around seeking attention, getting involved with the wrong kind of people. Because he will be judged for having made Anti-Jewish comments and he is going to be surrounded by Muslim Extremists who are also Anti-Jewish, he is going to spend time with people who are truly dangerous and have the means to commit atrocities. He is going to be trained, nurtured to become a real extremist, because British Prisons are training centres for Islamic Fundamentalists.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

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