Sunday, 27 November 2016

Independent publishes funny article about post WWII Germany

The Independent's Caroline Mortimer's article about National Socialist influence on German's post war government to be investigated is hilarious.

Of course, National Socialist rebuilt Germany. They were the brains that made the German Miracle possible.

Americans and Russians were not stupid. Personal records were erased and/or rewritten. Wernher von Braun, the man that killed ten of thousands of Britons and much of London and other cities was employed by the US to develop the US Space Project. Many politicians and many military men, including members of the Gestapo and of the SS were employed by both the US and the Soviet Union.

For example, how many former SS, Gestapo and military officers were actually caught in Latin America? This is a very pertinent question that if it was raised it would embarrass quite a few people that actively protected them while writing and talking against National Socialist Germany.

Much of the military developments in Latin America before, during and after World War Two were possibly thanks to German support.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

1941 Barbarossa

What do Russians remember when they see massing of NATO forces along its borders? Unternehmen Barbarossa - June 22nd 1941.

Now, the Western media - as usual - are quite oblivious to the deep feelings and strong reactions the military buildup elicits in Russia.

Now, it is becoming a tit for tat build up. The more NATO forces are gathered along the Russian borders the stronger the negative feelings it will generate.

Some years ago, Sergei Ivanov said that any conflict in Europe would be fought with conventional forces. This does not seem to be the case anymore. Forced to choose between the nightmare of 1941 and the nuclear power of 2016, Russia will use Nuclear Bombs as a way to ensure that all NATO forces in Europe are wiped out and I fully support this option. The time to put an end to the build up of so called defences that are no more than naked threat against Russia is long overdue.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Democrat supporter defecating on the streets?

This is the kind of 'protester' that opposes President Trump and they are supported by BBC, CNN, Newsweek and others.

We are getting to the point when the so called mainstream mass media promote acts of gross indecency and violence.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Donald Trump - a vote for World Peace

President Donald Trump is a vote for World Peace and Common Sense.

For decades, US has been exporting jobs and living on pure speculation. Social disintegration has been very much the consequence of the Globalist policies that have downgraded the US economy as they have downgraded the economies of the Developing World.

Nobel Prize winner Barak Obama has helped to spread conflicts and instability across entire regions of the world leading to waves of refugees that are now destabilising the Developed World.

The so called mainstream politicians keep talking about Middle Ground which in fact means chaos and depravity. Increasingly, more and more people around the world are against the so called Middle Ground. They want real and well defined policies to solve real problems and avoid confusion and instability.

Multiculturalism is nothing more than Ethnic Cleansing in the name of Political Correctness. German Chancellor Angela Merkel despite being guilty for the immigration mess Germany and Europe are suffering was very open when she declared Mulikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead).

The enemies of National Identity must be countered. The needs of the local peoples come first and meeting such needs is the number one priority. What does the Multicultural Lobby promote? Sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, drug addition, the destruction of family values and the destruction of National Identity and they are usually associated with Marxism.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Crown Prosecution Service: What does 'wearing a political uniform' actually mean?

After reading the news and learning that Prosecutor Kirsty Allman had accused the Deputy Leader of a political party of "wearing a political uniform", I contacted the Crown Prosecution Service directly to know that Kirsty Allman actually meant when she made the accusation.

Unfortunately, nobody at the Crown Prosecution Service was actually able of explaining what the crime of 'wearing a political uniform' means.

Later, this evening, I read an article of The Independent that says that the said Deputy Leader was convicted of the crime of 'wearing a political uniform'. When I asked The Independent to explain what 'wearing a political uniform' means, nobody was at hand to explain and all they said was that they didn't have a clue themselves and that they just published what Police authorities said.

When you hears the words 'wearing a political uniform' one is reminded of the SS and of the SA thinking about political uniforms. What in the legal system is 'wearing a political uniform'? The Crown Prosecution Service doesn't seem to be able to explain. The Independent that published the article doesn't have a clue and I am sure that most if not all the readers of British newspapers know what the crime of 'wearing a political uniform' actually is.

I gave my name, my email address and my telephone number to the Crown Prosecution Service and hopefully somebody will come back to me to explain what 'wearing a political uniform' means.

Thank you for contacting Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Enquiries

The CPS is responsible for prosecuting most criminal cases in England and Wales, following a police investigation.

If you are contacting CPS Enquiries in relation to a case which is presently before the courts, or in relation to a case which the CPS is advising the police on charges, you should contact the relevant CPS area directly.  Contact details for the 13 CPS regional offices can be found at the following link:

Your query may be forwarded to the relevant CPS regional office in the best position to respond to any issues that you have raised.  If your email is forwarded, a response will be provided to you by the relevant CPS regional office within 20 working days.

Please note that if you have previously been advised that the CPS cannot provide assistance to you and your query does not raise any new issues we will not be able to provide any further response.  If your enquiry does not relate to the CPS we will be unable to provide a response, but may be able to provide contact details for the relevant agency or organisation.

If we are talking about a crime, I assume that officers of the Law should be able to define it straightaway, instead of telling me that I have to wait to find out. Are they making laws as they move along? Are people being convicted on the basis of laws that do not actually exist?

What about the role of the mass media? Are the mass media supposed to print whatever they are told without even asking about what they are actually printing? The Independent does not have a clue and I reckon most if not all the other mass media haven't got a clue about what they crime actually was.