Sunday, 27 November 2016

Independent publishes funny article about post WWII Germany

The Independent's Caroline Mortimer's article about National Socialist influence on German's post war government to be investigated is hilarious.

Of course, National Socialist rebuilt Germany. They were the brains that made the German Miracle possible.

Americans and Russians were not stupid. Personal records were erased and/or rewritten. Wernher von Braun, the man that killed ten of thousands of Britons and much of London and other cities was employed by the US to develop the US Space Project. Many politicians and many military men, including members of the Gestapo and of the SS were employed by both the US and the Soviet Union.

For example, how many former SS, Gestapo and military officers were actually caught in Latin America? This is a very pertinent question that if it was raised it would embarrass quite a few people that actively protected them while writing and talking against National Socialist Germany.

Much of the military developments in Latin America before, during and after World War Two were possibly thanks to German support.

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