Tuesday, 30 April 2013

In Electoral Campaigns scandals the big losers are the voters

In Electoral Campaigns scandals the big losers are the voters

When some people might think that the big losers due to scandals that occur during political campaigns are the political parties taking part in the electoral campaign, the big losers are always the voters.

In 2012, the big theme was ‘Has Ken Livingstone paid tax?’ The mass media transformed the election into a circus and the big questions and big answers that people wanted to hear about were never mentioned. All we got was the usual set of lies and demagogy.

In 2013, the big theme are the political scandals involving Nazi salutes, Jewish candidates left out, homophobic websites and people who joined UKIP after they ceased to be members of other political parties or political movements. Once again, the mass media have not paid enough attention to the big questions and the big answers that voters want to hear about have not been mentioned.

If we go on and on like this, less and less people are going to vote because this confirms the fact that politicians have not been listening, are not listening and, more likely than not, will never listen. If Democracy is repeatedly devalued, there will be a day when Democracy will no longer be around.

In 2012, after a constant barrage of lies, smears and persecution, 60 per cent of those entitled to vote did not bother to vote and 60 per cent was the average of abstention both in London and outside London. The Elections of Police Commissioners were even worse in terms of percentages of abstention.

2013 could have been the year when all of us could pay attention to the big issues. Instead, the mass media and the mainstream political parties have created a circus that degrades Democracy. 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Nazi Labour Party’s political Krystal Nacht in race row

Nazi Labour Party’s political Krystal Nacht in race row

Elaine Cohen
Jewish candidate was told that she was too white and too Jewish to be a Labour Party Candidate. Elaine Cohen has presented a formal complaint against Labour anti-Semitic stance and is further evidence of Labour’s ghetto politics. Labour has been busy building Warsaw Ghettos across Britain and one Warsaw Ghetto is the city of Birmingham.

The rising influence of extreme left-wing operators in the Labour Party might put an end to the political careers of other influential Jews like Ed Miliband, Jack Straw and Margaret Oppenheimer. So, if you are Jewish, beware. A political Krystal Nacht is taking place right now. The growing influence of Muslim operators inside the Labour Party and Ken Livingstone and George Galloway’s public support for terrorist anti-Jewish organisations must also be taken into account.

Mrs Elaine Cohen made an official complaint regarding reported remarks made by Labour Councillor Mahmood Hussain indicating that ‘my Muslim members don’t want you because you are Jewish’. Elaine Cohen said: ‘I am shocked and upset that a member of the Labour Party in this day and age could even think something like that, let alone say it. People should not be allowed to make racist comments like that. If someone in the party feels I cannot represent them because of my colour or religion, that’s ridiculous’.

So there you are. Yet another fact that confirms that the Labour Party is anti-Semite and that is now allowing Labour Party members to implement racist anti-Jewish policies in Britain. I am sure that Heinrich Himmler head of the Schutzstaffel SS would be very proud of the Labour Party. After all, Muslim fighters helped Adolf Hitler to carry out the genocide against the Jewish peoples of Europe.

UKIP: Political persecution, racism and homophobia

UKIP: Political persecution, racism and homophobia

As soon as UKIP tries to define itself looking at a wide range of issues concerning values, national policies and foreign policies cracks start to appear. While it was seen as one issue party, UKIP was safe because it did not have to face debates regarding a whole array of different political issues.

UKIP is now having to face the same problems Conservatives, Lib Dems, Labour, British National Party, Green Party and others have to face when dealing with a whole new set of issues, having to deal with many views that prove to be divisive, views about which there is no general consensus within UKIP.

Are there cases of racism within UKIP? Of course, there are. Are there cases of homophobia within UKIP? Of course, there are. Are there cases of Anti-Semitism within UKIP? Of course, there are. Every political party has to contend with private views that individuals choose to keep under wraps because they feel that they are not politically correct or socially acceptable.

The tragedy for UKIP, as it is a tragedy for any political organisation, is that UKIP is now forced to deal with very sensitive issues and this is the price to pay in order to play a role in national politics in the big league. UKIP strategists are now discovering that the road to Success can also be the road to Hell. As members of the Conservative Party, they will have to deal with the same kind of scandals the official Conservative Party has had to deal with.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

London Regional Initiatives - a plan for London by Londoners

London Regional Initiatives

Greater London has an estimated population of 8 million people, more than ten percent of the total population of the United Kingdom. When it comes to political campaigning this is a fundamental fact that is very often ignored.

As centre of one of the key regions of the United Kingdom, London has an extraordinary complex set of realities that even those living and working in London are not forcefully aware of.

The need arises to have mass media infrastructure based in London to talk about issues pertaining to London, rather than focusing on general political aspects at national level that not necessarily reflect what is happening across thirty-three boroughs.

Publications like Voice of Freedom, Identity and others and media like RWB could only aspire to talk about national politics and very global issues but couldn’t possibly offer a true picture of the London Region as a whole.

There is a plan being developed to offer Londoners news and commentary about what is happening in London rather than going about national politics and generalities.

The new initiatives will be developed within the London Region and will be financed by the London Region with complete editorial and managerial independence.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

EU Budget increased and NHS budget dismantled

EU Budget increased and NHS budget dismantled

The ‘ring-fenced’ NHS budget is no more. Money is being taken out of the NHS budget, at the same time that EU contributions to the EU budget are going up. While this is happening we learn that more than 300,000 people in the United Kingdom – including 125,000 children – depend on soup kitchens to eat.

While this is happening, the mass media are busy talking about scandals and British people are literally starving. Talking about what is happening or said to be happening in other countries is an easy way to avoid talking about what is happening in Britain.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Former BNP member thrown out by UKIP and not able to stand for election

There are very interesting developments in British politics. Former BNP members will not be allowed to vote for UKIP. Seriously? Who are the real extremists?

Susan Bowen, from Boscastle in Cornwall, had been due to stand in next month’s county council elections.

Now, the news is that 'a CANDIDATE for the Cornwall Council elections next week has been disowned by her party after they found out she was once a member of the British National Party.'

'The United Kingdom Independence Party made the move on Monday after being told that Sue Bowen from Boscastle, who is standing for the Tintagel ward, was, for a short time, a member of the right-wing party', reports a local newspapers.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The cult of Allah promoted by extremists dehumanises and alienates

The cult of Allah promoted by extremists dehumanises and alienates

There are different versions of Islam. The version promoted by extremists dehumanises and alienates, creating an alternative reality. From my point of view, if somebody is Sunni or Shia or whatever else under the umbrella of Islam, the said person is Muslim.

If somebody is Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox or from whichever Christian denomination, the said person is Christian and the same is valid if we are talking about Judaism or any other religion.

For a Muslim to kill Muslims of other denominations within Islam is an abomination as it is an abomination for Christians to kill Christians and for Jews to kill Jews and people of any other religion because I assume that mentally normal individuals value human life and the sacredness of life should be shared by all those who have religious values and by those who do not have religious values because respect for human life should be shared by all.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

London 1965 – London 2013

London 1965 – London 2013

I was sitting and watching a movie made in 1965 with scenes showing how London used to be and how Paris used to be and I reckon that if we were to go around Europe things would look a lot different compared to how things used to be. Many of the goods things are gone, turned to dust and replaced with Third World realities.

If you wanted to see Third World slums you had to pay for your own transportation and go to remote places to see social degradation. Today, you have social degradation a plenty all around you, together with a cloud of corrupt and incompetent politicians telling you that social, moral and economic degradation is fine and a positive sign of cultural enrichment.

Suddenly the usual idiots that live in picturesque rural England, the ones that called us racists, Fascists, Nazis and who knows what else, will have to face the consequences of cultural enrichment. I do remember the words of some members of the public when the British National Party went out to support the Countryside Alliance. They told us: ‘you love them but they don’t love you.’

I do remember the expressions of disdain of some upper-nose Conservatives. If it helps to wake them up, I hope that their countryside properties and their luxury surroundings are invaded by Third-World housing states so that they understand what the British National Party has been saying all along.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Luckily for Britain and America there are thousands of Russian agents protecting both Britain and America

Russian Federal Security Services
In the 1940s, a foreign agent told Edgar Hoover, then head of the FBI, that the Japanese military were ready to attack Pearl Harbour. In the 2000s, Russia has alerted the American government and the British authorities regarding threats posed by people passing as refugees and openly calling themselves ‘enemies of Russia’ to pretend that they were friends of Britain and friends of America.

The British authorities did nothing. The American authorities did nothing. The direct consequence for Britain was July 7th 2005 and the death of more than 50 people in London. The direct consequence was a series of attacks in the USA including the bombings during the Boston Marathon.

For the record - before attacks that killed many innocent people, officers of the British and American ‘lack of Intelligence Services’ had the murderers in their hands and let them go to commit murder.

Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации (Russian Federal Security Services of the Russian Federation)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

British National Party – Forty Years in British Politics

British National Party – Forty Years in British Politics

In 1982, the British National Party was born out of what was then the National Front. After 40 years in British politics, at the peak of its popularity it managed to win two seats in the European Parliament, one seat in the London Assembly, twelve seats in the local authority of Barking and Dagenham, and several Councillor seats spread across the country but never managed to win control over any local or regional authority and has never had not even one Member of Parliament.

There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons and more than 30,000 Councillors, including local, regional and parish Councillors.

This goes to show how demagogic and how theatrical the British mass media have been. They created the image of a gigantic force ready to take over British politics. Such a force has existed only in the minds of feeble minded individuals and of those ready and willing to take advantage of peoples’ fears, fed with lies and stereotypes.

Despite its lack of representation, the British National Party has expressed the concerns that many, across political boundaries, have about Britain’s present and Britain’s future. The British National Party forced so called mainstream political parties to talk about flood immigration. Both Conservatives and Labour were forced to include expressions like ‘British jobs for British workers’, borrowing British National Party campaigning slogans.

The British National Party set the ball rolling concerning the investigation of abuses committed by Members of Parliament in what is known as the ‘expenses scandal’. The British National Party also made the first political moves that led to a widespread investigation and the conviction of Muslim perverts involved in the systematic exploitation and sexual abuses committed against women and children.

Despite being vilified and persecuted, the British National Party has met its moral and civil obligations, has expressed the concerns of ordinary folks and has set the tone of the political discourse.

Mahatma Ghandhi: Lessons that Nationalists should learn

Mahatma Ghandhi
"Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you.

Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.

If you are right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth." Mahatma Ghandhi

Mahatma Ghandhi led the resistance against British rule in the Indian Subcontinent but there are lessons to be learnt from a man that succeeded as a minority of one. 

When your friends respect you, you expect it because they are your friends. When your enemies respect you, you have achieved greatness.

London Regional Organiser Steve Squire keeping London alive

London Regional Organiser Steve Squire
Undoubtedly, in the last three years, the organisation has sailed through choppy seas and when many thought that everything would be lost, a select few stood up and were counted to keep the London Region moving forward with London Regional Organiser Steve Squire at the helm.

On Wednesday, I happened to meet  a team of Swedish journalists that came to London to learn about the works of the organisation and of course they asked the usual questions about how the organisation manages to survive without financial aide provided by Trade Unions or big capitalist donors.

The answer is plain and simply. Apart from periods of elections like last year's GLA election, Central Office does not provide any kind of funding for activities in London. Funding in London comes from London members and people like Steve Squire that has indefatigably invested not only in the London Region but also provided financial assistance to the organisation as a whole.

There are basically four working branches in the London Region - Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Bexley and Croydon and efforts are being made to develop a branch in Lewisham. Nothing is easy but some London activists still find the necessary energy to go out of London and support other regions that are now facing local elections in May.


Friday, 19 April 2013

President Putin is a hero in the fight against the enemies of America

President Vladimir Putin
President Vladimir Putin is a hero in the fight against the enemies of America. The Russian Federation has been at war with Muslim extremists for quite a long time while the British Establishment and the USA gave sucker to people like Boris Berezovsky, a loyal friend of Muslim terrorists in Chechnya.

Now, America is paying a very high price for having supported Muslim extremists that are trying to destroy Russia. Despite Yales and Harvards and the like, the sheer stupidity of one American administration after another is what has led to one disaster after another, including the human catastrophe we witnessed in Boston, USA.

Forget the stupidity of the Cold War and start cooperating with Russia to defeat Muslim terrorists.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Did you think that carrying an offensive weapon with intent to harm was a crime?

Look at the picture. Individuals that due to their attire could be classified as Muslims hold stick with obvious intent to cause harm. Police officers around them seem oblivious to their presence while the armed individuals proceed to carry out an act of agression.

What is more, Police officers seem more interested in controlling the people who are under attack. Strange, isn't it?

Labour created mass unemployment by promoting flood immigration

Unemployment goes up by 70,000?

The Labour Party that promoted unemployment by supporting flood immigration complains about unemployment that they themselves contributed to create. 10 million people flocked into Britain thanks to Labour policies and we have 2.58 million unemployed.

Make a simple calculation. Take away 10 million and we would have 7.42 million vacant jobs, there would more demand for workers and salaries would be higher. Job Centres would be redundant and the Welfare State would be much smaller because we wouldn’t have to cope with millions of people out of work.

On top of that, there would be no housing problems because there would be more than enough properties to accommodate families in decent housing, instead of having to cope with low quality overpriced accommodation.

You wouldn’t have to queue up at your local GP surgeries and you would have healthcare when you need it rather than having to wait for weeks and months while your health condition gets worse. You wouldn’t have to worry to get decent education for your children. You would have plenty of school places instead of having to struggle to get your children into a local school.

Whenever you read about boys and girls being drugged and raped, thank the Labour Party for it. Whenever you see a family struggling to get a job, healthcare and education, thank the Labour Party for it. Whenever you are forced to face misery trying to feed your family, thank the Labour Party for it.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What is Back to Basics?

What is Back to Basics?

I saw and I heard people talking about Back to Basics but very soon I discovered that those talking about Back to Basics cannot agree with each other about what Back to Basics really means. ‘Back to Basics’ sounds very nice as a slogan but slogans mean very little without the substance to support them.
We don’t need empty slogans that can be manipulated and used in many different ways. We need specific proposals and I suspect that many political leaders run away from specific proposals because they are afraid of alienating many followers. Political leaders choose to keep political platforms as vague as possible to gather as much support as possible.
We need a well defined political programme and a well defined political programme will divide Nationalism because for what I hear I can see that Nationalists themselves live in total confusion supporting conflicting policies.
Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour, Greens and many others, including ourselves, have taken advantage of vague definitions and contradictions to harvest votes and soonafter voters have become disillusioned because they realize that they don't know what they are voting for.
We need clarity and clarity might mean losing thousands of votes but clarity is essential to have honest politics.

Terrorism: A moment of reflexion

Terrorism:  A moment of reflexion

Terrorism has many shapes and there are many forms of terrorism but deeply rooted inside me there is a sense of purpose and I ask myself what purpose can there be in the actions of anonymous individuals that without a claim of responsibility carry out the atrocities that we have witnessed.

This has been my reflexion having seen the atrocities that took place in Boston, USA and many other atrocities, including atrocities committed by enforcing the will of the Organisation of the United Nations. When I saw the pictures of an eight-year-old murdered in the USA, I had in my memory the images of an Iraqi child without arms and without legs who had lost his family during bombing operations in Iraq.

Claiming responsibility for what I do is very much part of what I do and when I write I write my name so that everybody, friends and foes, supporters and non supporters know who is writing and who is claiming responsibility for what is written. Without claim of responsibility, there is no real sense of purpose.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Material authors of Bomb attack in Boston still unknown

Several people dead including a 8-year-old child and more than 170 injured, some of them critically injured, is the outcome of a bomb attack in Boston, USA. Several explosives were detonated and several others failed to explode but the investigation continues to determine who was responsible.

After the reaction or the over reaction of 2001, this is a time to think, to ponder and to wait until we have confirmed and irrefutable information about who was behind the attacks.

After thinking, pondering and waiting, action must come but action will depend on the outcome of the investigation.

We have read many of the contributions made via Facebook, some of them quite inflammatory. Instead of reacting to provocation, we stick to our beliefs.

Romanticism or Historical Realism

Romanticism or Historical Realism

Romantic history is an art perfected by many who very much try to give us a distorted account of what really happened. Talking about British traditions and British culture we have to be extremely careful not to fall ourselves into the trap of wanting to believe that the world we come from was perfect and ideal. In three words: It was not.

The concept of what was foreign and of what wasn’t foreign also changed and I tend to believe that people - I include myself - are blatantly unaware of what came before them and of their real roots.

For somebody like me, coming to London was the most natural thing to do since Rome created London about 50AD and the name of the city derives from a Celtic word: Londinios. Londinios actually meant ‘the place of the bold one’. On my father’s side, I am a Roman and on my mother’s side I am a Celt and I had to be really bold to join the British National Party. So you could say that all remains in the family, but who knows what else exists undetected. I traced my family roots and I find traces all the way from Sicily, Naples, Genoa, Corsica (birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte), France and Germany.

The Romans built a bridge across the Thames and having decided that it was a good place to build a protected port, they then decided to build a town near the bridge. Despite Queen Boudicca’s rebellion in 61AD, Rome had some kind of control over London even after the Roman legions left Britain in 407AD. Roman London flourished and at one point was the most populous town in what we call today United Kingdom.

Being able to stand as London Mayoral Candidate was unexpected and was made possible by fortituous circumstances but there I was: a Roman standing for Mayor of London in 2012, a city created by the Roman Empire.

Is it the role of the state to subsidize badly paid jobs and reward unscrupulous landlords?

Is it the role of the state to subsidize badly paid jobs and reward unscrupulous landlords?

In Britain, as it happens in the USA, state money aka taxpayers’ money is used to subsidize badly paid jobs. Tax monies are paid to support those whose employers are not paying them enough. The matter is that people will keep those jobs, bad employers will pocket the revenues produced by subsidized workers and live happily ever after while the rest of society picks up the bill.

The same happens with housing subsidies. Landlords have been extorting public money and pushing up renting costs. The natural consequence is that those at work that get paid decent wages by their employers can no longer afford to rent decent accommodation. Who is the winner in this affair? Unscrupulous landlords that in many cases are not even registered as landlords.

It would make sense to stop providing housing subsidies, to start using tax monies to reshape the housing market by making better use of space, to implement mandatory registration for all those acting as landlords and to stop subsidizing bad employers.

Converting family homes into flats has nothing to do with solving the housing crisis. The Soviet style fragmentation of old housing stock is a human tragedy. Old properties have been partitioned with chalk walls and then sold as if they were brand new properties.
We need less subsidies and higher incomes in a market in which prices are not inflated by state subsidies.

Income is taxed but benefits that exceed non taxable income are not

As new regulations regarding welfare payments are implemented, new irregularities become visible. The tax allowance affecting all incomes in this country is set below £10,000. This means that whatever you earn that over the tax allowance is taxed.
The anomaly is that welfare payments that far exceed tax allowances will not be taxed. When Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne created the new so called 'benefit cap', did he take this fundamental issue into account? Were none of his advisers aware of the anomaly?
A reader suggests that 'the benefit cap is a good idea but just one problem with it I cam see... I'm no accountant but this doesn't add up. If it's capped at the same amount as the average wage of £26,000 what hasn't been taken into account wages are taxed and benefits are not, so the cap needs to be a lot lower in my view'.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Luton: Muslim extremists plotting to blow up Territorial Army Headquarters

Luton: Muslim extremists plotting to blow up Territorial Army Headquarters

Going back to the issue of identity, they might be born in Britain but they will never be British. The joke about ‘a dog born in a stable that will never be a horse’ sounds like revealed truth. It is extremely sad but alarm bells ringing everywhere.

Talking about Multiculturalism is one thing but when Multiculturalism means absolute rejection of the indigenous culture to the point of being used as justification to carry out acts of terrorism with intent to kill.
If the cultural identity of the said individuals is totally incompatible with British identity, they must be treated as dangerous aliens and dealt with accordingly. Imprisonment for the duration of the jail sentence must be followed by expulsion, withdrawal of British citizenship and ban so that they never again set foot on British soil.

A fundamental principle is that British laws must protect those are innocent and punish those who are guilty. There are many thousands of Muslims that live their lives peacefully and honourably but something in the way Muslim communities exist in the United Kingdom creates somehow a ghetto mentality and the said ghetto mentality is fertile territory for indoctrination and extremism.
The attempts to impose Sharia Law are absolutely irrational. How does Sharia Law treat those seen as terrorists? I am sure that under Sharia Law those Muslim Extremists that now stand convicted would be immediately executed without any questions asked. Those Muslims extremists are not only irrational. They are absolutely stupid because they try to destroy a country that has offered them opportunities that many of those who live in Islamic countries will never have and will only be able to dream about.

Big Supermarket chains have ruined Britain

Big Supermarket chains have ruined Britain

When you watched supermarket chains’ adverts they all talk about convenience and low prices with detrimental comments about their competitors. Reality is quite different and those of us who have the opportunity to travel abroad know that the Tescoes, Sainsburys, Morrisons and the like are some of the worst service providers in the entire world.

Lack of variety and prices are frankly appalling. To give just a few examples, let’s look at potatoes. How many varieties of potatoes there are in the United Kingdom? How many you find on supermarket shelves? How many varieties of cheese and sausages there are in the United Kingdom? How many you find on supermarket shelves? Supermarket chains have destroyed farming and have destroyed British jobs by the hundreds of thousands producing one of the most boring and the poorest range of offers that one could possibly imagine.

Supermarket chains are extorting money from their customers and delivering a level of services that some Third World countries would consider to be substandard and this is happening in the United Kingdom of all places.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Glenda Jackson: Poisonously honest when promoting a spent ideology

Glenda Jackson - Old Labour MP
Glenda Jackson: Poisonously honest when promoting a spent ideology

Looking at the House of Commons debating chamber it was easy to see that most of the Labour benches were empty. Among Labour MPs that were in attendance, there were polite Labour MPs that said their pieces recognizing the statesmanship of Margaret Thatcher and others merely spilt their poison as if Margaret Thatcher was still there. Among Old Labour MPs was Glenda Jackson who proceeded to put on the table the battle cries of the Labour Party in Opposition from 1979 until 1997.

What most Left-wing Labour MPs seem to forget is that Margaret Thatcher’s success was partly due to the trade unions themselves because the trade unions were completely out of control and threatening to paralyse the country under the Labour Administration of James Callaghan. James Callaghan imposed pay caps in a desperate effort to control inflation during what was called the Winter of Discontent. The trade unions themselves brought down the Labour government.

Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979 and her first priority was obvious. The only way to avoid financial suicide was to curb the powers of the trade unions. To do so, she confronted belligerent miners led by Arthur Scargill and proceeded to implement a process of privatisation of public companies including transport and utilities.

The country went through hell from 1978 until 1979 and the TUC conveniently forgets what the TUC did to the Labour government that started with Harold Wilson and ended with James Callaghan. Ed Miliband, present Labour leader, if he has any incline to become Prime Minister, should remember what the trade unions did to a previous Labour government. Even if Margaret Thatcher had not had the intention of privatising public companies, privatisation was the only way to stop the TUC from doing what they had done to James Callaghan.

When we look at what is happening in Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy and other European countries, we must re-learn the lessons about living within our means. This is why Tony Blair launched such a direct attack against Ed Miliband and against the temptations a weak leader might have of giving way to belligerent trade unions.

Glenda Jackson represents a disastrous era in British politics and economics. Naturally, she had to rise to try and demolish the memory of the one woman who was able to do what two Labour Prime Ministers couldn’t do.

I do believe in public companies, provided we have the means to stop public companies from being used by corrupt trade union leaders who want to use them as political tools for ends that having nothing to do with the common good.

Of course the country needs energy and coal is a fundamental element in the energy equation of any country. Australia’s prosperity and China’s economic development are partly sustained by the use of vast coal resources. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

A political party that ignores the mass media is destined to fail

A political party that ignores the mass media is destined to fail

Election after election the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have used mass media campaigns to raise the profile of their candidates and promote their political messages. The idea that you can win elections merely by spreading a few thousands of leaflets here and there without any mass media exposure is simply nonsensical.

UKIP successes are very much based on a country-wide mass media campaign. The moment you start to be seen as a successful organisation, you actually become successful. The British National Party has been in politics for more than 30 years and during all those years has had up and downs like any other political party but the one fundamental thing the British National Party has not had is a real appreciation of the importance of mass media and therefore, in times of political and financial prosperity, failed to invest in the development of a proper mass media apparatus.

There have been embryonic attempts to create a real media department but what has been done has had a limited external impact and has been mostly for internal purposes.

For the first time in its history, the British National Party had an opening and this happened during the 2012 GLA Elections campaign. There was a golden opportunity to take the first steps towards the creation of a real mass media presence but, unfortunately, such golden opportunity was missed and since then the British National Party went back to old campaigning practices. A huge financial effort was made to finance the electoral campaign and register candidates, but there was no real coherent strategy and no logistical operation to support the candidates. We focused our efforts delivering leaflets and manifesto copies but the London team had the distinct feeling that they were acting merely as individuals.

The catalogue of negativity combined with smears was too much of a hurdle and the mood was very subdued to the point that on the very same day when the outcome of the election was going to be made public most of the candidates standing in the election and the vast majority of those who had campaigned did not bother to turn up. This increased even more the feeling of isolation and lack of solidarity.

We went to the London Assembly building having no illusions. In several occasions we had spoken about the need to ensure the survival of the organisation putting ourselves on the line of fire and we did out duty. Perhaps Horatio Nelson’s signal at the start of the Battle of Trafalgar ‘England expects that every man will do his duty’ would have been most appropriate in this occasion since we were going into battle knowing that winning was practically impossible.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that in many occasions other political parties have not defeated the British National Party. In actual fact, the British National Party has defeated itself. When the British National Party fought in Barking and Dagenham and managed to win 12 seats and become the official Opposition, the British National Party had no idea of how successful it was going to be and was completely unprepared. Of the 12 candidates elected, a small minority had real political experience and, therefore, one of the most fantastic opportunities the British National Party had had since its creation in 1982 was completely wasted.

Something very similar happened in 2008 when the British National Party, against all expectations, managed to win a seat in the London Assembly. The seat was won but the lack of a working team for London and the lack of understanding in terms of mass media developments transformed success into yet another defeat and we were in the news for the wrong reasons.

The defeats in Barking - the loss of all representation in the local authority and the defeat of 2010 in the fight for a seat in Westminster - and the squabbles of two consecutive leadership elections were the backdrop of the 2012 London Assembly Elections.

We have managed to pick up the pieces. The finances of the British National Party are now in order and people are out campaigning but we still lack enough understanding in terms of mass media and this is undoubtedly our greatest weakness.

Robert Haye: A man of Christian Principles

Robert Haye - Christian Hero 
Robert Haye, 43 years of age, a teacher that used to teach at Deptford Green School in Lewisham is a Christian hero and he lost his job because he stood firm for his Christian beliefs.

Robert Haye has now been banned from teaching in the United Kingdom. Mr. Haye and his family belong to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The British legal system in Britain has been corrupted to the point that whoever dares to challenge a distorted version of normality is persecuted.

Robert Haye said: 'Christians are now being persecuted in this country for believing in the Bible. That cannot be. We have a right to believe and express what we believe, but people are now afraid of being punished for not being politically correct. This country is a free and democratic society, but is it? Is it really?'

I am not a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I am a Catholic. The reputation of the Catholic Church has been brought down by scandals involving homosexuality and paedophilia. Men and women who have no concept of what it means to be real men and women are constantly preaching to us about family and about how to raise children.

We talk about tolerance and we say that everybody regardless of sexual orientation should be treated with respect but we must always stand up and be counted to defend our principles.

What Margaret Thatcher didn't do

Communists and Socialists that are against fossil fuels supported coal mines

Communists and Socialists that are against fossil fuels supported coal mines

The strongest criticism coming from Communists and Socialists against Margaret Thatcher is related to the closure of coal mines. Incidentally, Communists and Socialists keep pestering everybody talking against fossil fuels and dreaming about more taxes to cut the use of fossil fuels. Now, coal is a fossil fuel. Unfortunately, mentally retarded individuals cannot see the link between coal mines and fossil fuel consumption.

Neil Kinnock, Ken Livingstone, Jenny Jones and many others keep talking about the environment and about saving the planet but then they turn around and attack Margaret Thatcher because she reduced coal production. The left gets itself into all kinds of contradictions. I remember a politician that used to say that one side of the road should go upwards and the other side of the road should go downwards so that people could save fuel. I don’t remember the name of the politician but the name could have been Neil Kinnock, Ken Livingstone or Jenny Jones.

With David out, will Ed be in until General Election?

With David out, will Ed be in until General Election?

Tony Blair turns against Ed Miliband and spearheads an attack supported by Labour grandees or so says The Independent newspaper. Well, the fight has just begun. Labour’s performance in recent by-elections has not been encouraging despite the misfortunes of the ruling Coalition. The Lib Dems managed to hold on to a Parliamentary seat and UKIP has outvoted not just Labour but also the Conservatives in every single by-election.

Given recent events in the European Union, people are not so keen to support pro-EU political parties and are very much against a Welfare State that promotes fraud and flood immigration so two of the pillars of the Labour Party can be discarded as potential vote winners.

Tony Blair in a recent statement talking about Margaret Thatcher said that he recognizes the achievements of Margaret Thatcher and that he merely built up on what she had achieved and set in motion. George Osborne is known to have been very fond of Tony Blair – something unusual for somebody who was going to become a Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer.

A recent Newsnight programme was about the fall of the Far Right and it was extremely misguiding. Jeremy Paxman showed himself as a primary school bully and very much failed to appreciate recent changes in British politics. So called mainstream political parties have been talking about and seriously considering the implementation of British National Party policies simply because they are panicking.

All the talk by Labour party supporters against the closure of coal mines across the country contradicts Green Party policies presumably promoted also by the Labour Party. You cannot talk against fossil fuels and greenhouse effect and then go out and support fossil fuels and greenhouse effect.

Coal is a fossil fuel and fossil fuels supposedly produce the greenhouse effect. This gives you a clear idea of the IQ of those who still support the Green Party and the Labour Party. Given Ken Livingstone and Jenny Jones Green agenda, we should ask them what they think about the closure of the coal mines. They cannot say that they are against fossil fuels and then say that they are in favour of burning coal.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Food problem is much worse than shortage of baby milk

Food problem is much worse than shortage of baby milk
A rising number of families are now on the very edge of financial survival and cutting down on food intake.  No, we are not talking about Zimbabwe. We are talking about the United Kingdom.
We are constantly bombarded with news about food contamination and fraud regarding food supplies but that is only the surface of what is happening right now across the UK. The big chains replaced many corner shops with pricing strategies that put pressure on producers as a way of getting rid of the competition and taking over bigger and bigger chunks of the market.
Now we have reached a stage in which big chains are putting up prices on a weekly basis and consumers that became hostages of the big chains have practically nowhere else to go to. Prices are rising in spite of the fact that the big chains are delivering less content. I presume that the fact that the value of the Pound has been falling in relative terms also has a lot to do with price rises at the shops.
We have known for a long time that this was going to happen and we cannot merely blame the financial crisis for it.  It has been created by monopolies, disastrous immigration policies and complete disregard for the economic pyramid that has been virtually inverted.  Successive governments have forgotten about primary and secondary sectors and placed all their bets in tertiary sectors (financial sector, retail operations and services).
A few years ago, Britain was importing up to 40% of what Britain eats and a small percentage of the energy Britain used. Now, we depend more and more on foreign food sources, we buy abroad much of the energy that we need and the retail sector is very much based on imported manufactured goods.
With annual salary increases that are below inflation and sudden weekly price increases of basic goods and services the situation is absolutely unsustainable. 

Fascist Salutes, German National Socialist salutes or Imperial Roman Salutes?

Fascist Salutes, German National Socialist salutes or Roman Salutes?

Fasces - Roman Imperial Symbol
So called Fascist salutes and German National Socialist salutes are actually Imperial Roman Salutes. In Ancient Rome, under the Roman Empire, Roman Emperors were greeted with the words Ave Caesar and a rising extended right arm.

Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant or Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant, meaning Hail Emperor (Caesar being the word for Emperor) those who are about to die salute you.

So both the Italian Fascist movement and the National Socialist German Worker’s Party adopted the Imperial Roman custom to salute their leaders. A translation of Sieg Heil would be Heil Victory. Both were seen and saw themselves as the continuation of the Holy Roman Empire that, by the way, was the inspiration for the creation of the European Union that fondly remembers Emperor Charlemagne. The first contemporary version of the present European Union was Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.

Fascism is ideologically a direct descendent of Imperial Rome. The original symbol of fascism was the fasces. This is an ancient Roman symbol of power and it consists of a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death. From fasces came the word Fascio (leagues) as a symbol of strength through unity. From Fascio came the world Fascist.

In the era of mass communications, the levels of ignorance of political commentators and politicians are absolutely appalling.

When we study the Roman Civilization, there isn't much concern about peace treaties, human rights or violations of International Law. Julius Caesar said Veni, Vidi, Vincet (I came, I saw, I conquered) and nobody gave a damn about Julius Caesar's right or lack of right to conquer part of today's Britain and of much of Europe. The Romans conquered Europe because they could. Full stop.

150000 UK assembled cars recalled by Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda

150000 UK assembled cars recalled by Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda

We are coming to the point when the image of the United Kingdom is being tarnished by foreign companies that merely assemble cars in the United Kingdom; a far cry from the times when cars were made in the United Kingdom by British companies.

About 3 million vehicles are being recalled because of defects – I this case air bags that could potentially be a risk for human life.

Britain has become a mere assembly factory and a bridge for foreign companies to enter the European market.

As metal merchants tell me, we are surrounded by piles of metal ready to be exported to China and other markets while there is very little done in Britain.

The ‘Made in China’ mentality has transformed Britain into a nation of beggars and this includes politicians travelling around the world begging foreign investors to come to the UK and creating visa systems that are as useless as they are discriminatory.

Islamic Divorce and its advantages

Islamic Divorce and its advantages

When certain politically correct operators defend certain practices, they fall into the trap of their own contradictions. How can you possibly say that you defend women’s rights and equality when you justify inequality?

Some years ago, a black woman was arrested when travelling on a bus in the United States. She was arrested because she refused to seat on a seat reserved for coloured people. She is remembered as a hero of the Civil Right Movement in the USA.

When Islam treats women like objects and discriminates against them even blaming them and punishing them for crimes they have not committed, what does the politically correct society say about it?

We see again and again cases of Muslim women who were victims of rape that are punished because they were raped while the ones who raped them walk away with murder. We see Muslim women treated as cows by pseudo husbands who use them and their children to collect welfare payments. What do we do about it?

So there is a divorce and not merely a divorce between man and woman. There is a divorce between what politically correct operators say and what politically correct operators do.

Personality and Politics

British National Party: Personality and Politics

Personality traits are not in themselves political issues but can have political consequences. One of the fundamental problems the British National Party faced during the time when it was represented in the London Assembly was the difficult interaction between Richard Barnbrook as Assembly Member and members of his team including Chris Roberts, Tess Culnane and others.

When you have people with strong political convictions and strong personalities working together that not very often see eye to eye, you are bound to face all sorts of problems on top of the expected problems of having to defend and promote the policies of the British National Party.

Despite the fact that every political organisation faces the same kind of internal difficulties, the lack of proper communications infrastructure and discipline made what could have been a wonderful and vital opportunity to transform the entire London Region into an absolute disaster that affected the entire organisation at national level.

When we ran the 2012 GLA campaign, the obvious question we were going to face was ‘why should we vote for you after what happened with your representation in the London Assembly?’ Such question would be raised before we could even try to talk about future policies. This is the sort of thing we should keep in mind when running any other electoral campaign and we have plenty of elections in the horizon including local elections in 2013 and European elections in 2014.

The London Region is as important as any other region of the United Kingdom but the London Region is even more important because it is highly visible and very often used as an example of what is happening in other parts of the United Kingdom. So it comes as no surprise that what happened in the GLA and what happened in Barking will be forever used as examples at every available opportunity.

Fatherhood and Politics run along similar lines

Fatherhood and Politics run along similar lines and my experience of being a father is that too much control can be as damaging as having too little control and that you always have to struggle to strike the right balance.

Fear of persecution can become so engrained in the minds of political operators that suddenly the organisation itself starts behaving like a secretive organisation forever perpetuating stereotypes created by the mass media.

A 2012 BBC Panorama programme purposefully exploits stereotypes that have been created about the British National Party showing a BBC presenter conducting himself like some sort of secret agent, making faces for the television cameras, to reinforce public perception telling the audience 'here I am trying to report about the very secretive and dangerous British National Party.

I am very much in favour of carrying out a political campaign like somebody standing on a soap box in the middle of High Park in Central London, shouting the message of the British National Party openly, without speculating about electoral strategies and simply being there where people needs us to be.

We cannot expect our children to grow up and become independent, strong and sensible adults if we don't allow them to develop their own personality, their self-confidence and their sense of personal identity.

The British National Party reached the pinnacle of its popularity a few years ago when the British National Party was able to have many councillors, a seat in the London Assembly and two seats in the European Parliament. This was achieved because people were motivated to act and do their bid for the British National Party.

Too little control leads to anarchy and too much control leads to lack of motivation and lack of individual initiative because people come to expect that everything will be done from the centre and believe that wrongs cannot be put right. I strongly believe that the British National Party is the kind of organisation that could go a long way but I also believe that the British National Party could go a long way if and only if we manage to strike a balance betwen control and operational freedom.

The size of Britain means that delegation of power is unavoidable. The complexity of the task in hand and  geographical factors mean that the British National Party cannot be run by a small group of people sitting in an office faraway and detached from the real action.

Those of us who have worked in the London Region know that London is a gigantic and extremely complex region. In demographic terms, London is several times bigger than many countries in the world. Therefore, in terms of logistics, of human resources, we do need an independent infra-structure for the London Region.

Very often, fear of losing control and fear of defeat is what leads to loss of control and defeat.



Tommy Robinson arrested after being targetted by Muslim Extremists

In the early hours of Tuesday, April 9th, 2013, Tommy Robinson reported via Twitter that he had just been released from police custody after they had tried to remand him.

Early in the morning of 9th April, a group of Muslims gathered in front of Tommy Robinson’s families house, shouting abuse and making threats against Tommy, his family and other innocent bystanders in the vicinity:

The police arrived, and arrested … Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson was held in custody for 30 hours and his house was searched under the powers granted by Section 32 PACE (search without warrant upon arrest). These powers allow the police to enter and search your home  if the police officer  “reasonably suspects that he will find on those premises items relating to the offence for which the suspect was arrested.”

This is a lesson for Tommy Robinson and for EDL members telling them that without ever campaigning as a political party they are going to be used and abused to destroy Nationalism and to promote Muslim terrorists.

This is also a lesson for our American readers. British Police are attacking those who are targetted by Muslim extremists and protecting Muslim extremists. Ordinary Police officers merely follow orders so let's check the names of those in command to disclose their political agenda.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Romany Blythe: Soviet Labour Party

Romany Blythe: Soviet Labour Party
Romany Blythe, a 45-year-old drama teacher living in Brighton and member of the Soviet Labour Party, is one of the organisers of what have come to be known as 'death parties' to desecrate the memory of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Romany Blythe walks around waving a red flag with hammer and sickle pretending to be British, perhaps a reminder of the days when Labour Prime Minister James Harold Wilson was on the payroll of the former KGB.

Pastor Terry Jones to lead burning of 2,998 copies of the Quran

In the end, burning the Quran is not much different from burning national flags and we are now accustomed to seeing British flags and American flags burnt all over the world.

Looking at the scenes of celebration in Gaza, the West Bank and elsewhere in the Muslim world when the attacks in America occurred on September 11th, 2001, I would say that burning books is a lot less serious than burning human beings by crushing airplanes.

While books can be reprinted and new flags can be made, those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 cannot be brought back to life.

It is better when people when people express their anger by burning books or flags rather that attacking and killing fellow human beings. 

Jones' organisation announced that on the 12th Anniversaty of September 11, 2001 attacks in the USA, members of the organisation will proceed to burn 2,998 copies of the Quran, with 2,998 representing the number of human biengs that were killed in the attacks.

I must also say that we opposed the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

In Afghanistan, we could see the scenes of devastation caused by the carpet bombing strategy. We saw tons of bombs thrown from high altitude, killing anybody regardless of guilt or innocence. About twelve years later, the war goes on.

In Iraq, what replaced Saddam Hussein - if the idea was from the beginning to replace Saddam Hussein - is a human disaster of huge proportions with hundreds of thousands forced into exile or living in inhumane conditions. Since the official end of the war, we really don't know how many more died or will die because violence continues.

When we think about those who lost their lives both in Afghanistan and in Iraq, burning 2,998 copies of the Quran is not such a big thing.   

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

UK Supermarkets ration baby milk due to rising demand in China

'Supermarkets in the UK are rationing infant formula due to rising demand in China for foreign-made baby milk'

The headline is most unusual. Danone, a producer of baby milk, indicated that retailers in the United Kingdom have adopted a limit of two packs per transaction as a precaution to stop some individuals from buying great quantities of baby milk formula for commercial purposes.

A statement produced by Danone indicates that "We understand that the increased demand is being fuelled by unofficial exports to China to satisfy the needs of parents who want Western brands."

Asda, Sainsbury, Tesco and Morrisons are among the chains that limit acquisition of baby milk to two units per customer per day.

China's imports of baby milk rose after the Chinese government reported that almost 30,000 children had been poisoned by adulterated milk products produced by Chinese companies and that since since 2008 six children had died.

Curious but encouraging reports indicating that British is best. Hopefully, many other things produced abroad could be produced, once again, in the United Kingdom.

History of America: Strength rather than simplistic ideology

History of America: Strength rather than simplistic ideology

When a group of pilgrims sailed from Plymouth on the Mayflower towards the so called New World, the discussion was not about rights but about wills. When they arrived, they didn’t walk around asking the locals if they wanted them to stay. Later on, the Thirteen Colonies were founded and the historical process continued to build what is now the USA.

The recipe for survival was and is strength and will. If Britain had had the strength and the determination to keep what we know as the British Empire, the British Empire would still exist.

When a nation does not have the strength and the will to exist, a nation simply vanishes. If the British people want to keep a British Britain, they must have the strength and the determination to do so, and failure to do so will mean certain extermination.

Oversimplification is the domain of simple-minded individuals

Oversimplification is the domain of simple-minded individuals

Simply by analysing the history of what we call Britain, we realize that oversimplification is the domain of simple-minded individuals and leads to all kinds of distortions and fallacies. Reading about Roman and Anglo Saxon Britain, I got the inspiration to start writing about real Britain and about real politics.

Ethnocentricity, seen as an ideal by many, is just one of a range of oversimplifications that many have adopted as the revealed truth. In the days when Blacks and Asians, Muslims and Jews were practically non-existing in Britain, Europeans were constantly competing with each other and fighting each other and periods of relative peace were much more of an exception than the norm.

Even if Britain were the most homogeneous of all countries, the myriad of problems and contradictions that affected Britain for many hundreds of years will still have to be confronted. Before the Industrial Revolution, during the Industrial Revolution and after the Industrial Revolution, long before the arrival en mass of non Europeans, Britain was not Heaven on Earth. As political individuals we need to tell apart political reality from political mythology.

Undoubtedly, the sudden arrival de huge contingents of newcomers has forever changed Britain and somehow exacerbated existing situations of injustice and social stress and this is more visible when we face social and financial uncertainties but when we talk about the ruling classes, about those who are really and truly pulling the strings, we see that they are mostly of European stock.

The tragedy for Britain is that rulers of European stock, oblivious to the dangers of massive demographic changes, have led a campaign of ethnic cleansing. 

Rather than idealising a past that never existed, we need to focus our energies building a present and a future that we really want and this is exactly what politics should be about.

When we look at present political processes, oversimplication is plainly visible. One such political processes is the campaign for Scottish Independence. Let us remember that Scotland during most of its history was not part of what we called today United Kingdom and that during much of its history Scotland was at war with England, very often siding with continental powers against England and that England itself is the outcome of centuries of infighting and conquest.

So lets not look for political justifications based on a very distant past. Let's look at Britain today and lets work together to improve what we have today. We remember the past to know where we come from but the future is right in front of us.      

Argentina mourning passing of Margaret Thatcher

Argentina mourning passing of Margaret Thatcher

Argentina de duelo por muerte de Margaret Thatcher

President Cristina Fernández Wilhelm de Kirchner cries when learning about the death of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and orders thirty years of national mourning with Argentinean flags at half-mast.

Cristina Fernández Wilhelm de Kircher llora cuando se entera de la muerte de la Primer Ministro Margaret Thatcher y ordena treinta años de duelo nacional con banderas argentinas a media asta.

The Argentinean President stated: Without the actions taken by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, I would not be President of Argentina today because Argentina would still be run by a Military Junta and more than 30,000 political prisoners would have been tortured and killed in places like Automotoras Orletti and other detention centres across the country.

La Presidente de Argentina declaró: Sin las acciones tomadas por la Primer Ministro Margaret Thatcher, yo no sería Presidente de Argentina hoy porque Argentina todavía estaría gobernada por una Junta Militar y más de 30,000 prisioneros políticos hubieran sido torturados y asesinados en sitios como Automotoras Orletti y otros centros de detención en el país.

The Movement of the Madres of the Plaza de Mayo also thanked Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher because those who took the lives of their children were no longer in power.

El Movimiento de Madres de la Plaza de Mayo también agradeció a la Primer Ministro Margaret Thatcher porque aquellos que tomaron las vidas de sus hijos ya no están en el poder.

Cristina Fernández Wilhelm de Kircher reaffirmed Argentina’s commitment as a Democracy to respect the rights of other countries and the will of the people democratically expressed as the essence of the right to self-determination, indicating that the people of the Falkland Islands have every right to decide their own future.

Cristina Fernández Wilhelm de Kirchner reafirmó el compromiso de Argentina como Democracia a respetar los derechos de otros países y la voluntad del pueblo expresada democráticamente como la esencia del derecho de auto-determinación, indicando que el pueblo de las Islas Falkland tiene el derecho de decidir sobre su propio futuro.