Tuesday, 23 April 2013

London 1965 – London 2013

London 1965 – London 2013

I was sitting and watching a movie made in 1965 with scenes showing how London used to be and how Paris used to be and I reckon that if we were to go around Europe things would look a lot different compared to how things used to be. Many of the goods things are gone, turned to dust and replaced with Third World realities.

If you wanted to see Third World slums you had to pay for your own transportation and go to remote places to see social degradation. Today, you have social degradation a plenty all around you, together with a cloud of corrupt and incompetent politicians telling you that social, moral and economic degradation is fine and a positive sign of cultural enrichment.

Suddenly the usual idiots that live in picturesque rural England, the ones that called us racists, Fascists, Nazis and who knows what else, will have to face the consequences of cultural enrichment. I do remember the words of some members of the public when the British National Party went out to support the Countryside Alliance. They told us: ‘you love them but they don’t love you.’

I do remember the expressions of disdain of some upper-nose Conservatives. If it helps to wake them up, I hope that their countryside properties and their luxury surroundings are invaded by Third-World housing states so that they understand what the British National Party has been saying all along.

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