Thursday, 4 April 2013

London matters

London matters

London is still the capital city of the United Kingdom and any attempt to reclaim British sovereignty that does not include London as a focal point is bound to fail. Recent electoral results can hardly represent the real face of London because for too long Nationalists organisations embroiled in factional infighting have failed to deliver what more and more Londoners want: a credible set of policies and a consistent and inclusive approach for all areas of London supported by rational thinking and rational actions instead of the usual set of slogans, negative criticism and myths.

A Nationalist movement merely based on slogans and plagued by ignorance will never succeed. Many people are desperate for alternatives and some are walking away from the democratic process altogether. Rather than supporting organisations perceived as a bunch of incompetent individuals driven by hatred, they prefer to support the so called mainstream political parties, even when they know that the so called mainstream political parties are corrupt and more often than not don’t have a clue about what they are doing or are merely a collection of private agendas for self-enrichment.

Facebook is an open book into the way certain so-called Nationalists think. Some of them are driven by common sense and have a genuine interest in supporting a cause that can deliver a better country for all. Others are still immersed in the old nonsensical rhetoric based on pseudo conspiracies and hatred-driven expressions that deters honest people from joining the Nationalist cause.

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