Thursday, 18 April 2013

Labour created mass unemployment by promoting flood immigration

Unemployment goes up by 70,000?

The Labour Party that promoted unemployment by supporting flood immigration complains about unemployment that they themselves contributed to create. 10 million people flocked into Britain thanks to Labour policies and we have 2.58 million unemployed.

Make a simple calculation. Take away 10 million and we would have 7.42 million vacant jobs, there would more demand for workers and salaries would be higher. Job Centres would be redundant and the Welfare State would be much smaller because we wouldn’t have to cope with millions of people out of work.

On top of that, there would be no housing problems because there would be more than enough properties to accommodate families in decent housing, instead of having to cope with low quality overpriced accommodation.

You wouldn’t have to queue up at your local GP surgeries and you would have healthcare when you need it rather than having to wait for weeks and months while your health condition gets worse. You wouldn’t have to worry to get decent education for your children. You would have plenty of school places instead of having to struggle to get your children into a local school.

Whenever you read about boys and girls being drugged and raped, thank the Labour Party for it. Whenever you see a family struggling to get a job, healthcare and education, thank the Labour Party for it. Whenever you are forced to face misery trying to feed your family, thank the Labour Party for it.

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