Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Guardian - Hugh Muir's Pluralism

The Guardian - Hugh Muir's Pluralism

Hugh Muir
My understanding of pluralism is a society in which all ideas can be debated openly and freely but this is not the approach of Hugh Muir. As soon as he became aware of the fact that the Jewish Chronicle had allowed me to publish a blog, Hugh Muir attacked Stephen Pollard - editor of the Jewish Chronicle - accusing Stephen Pollard of 'opening spaces to the far-right'.

In the end, under duress, the Jewish Chronicle was forced to withdraw my blog and that was the end of the story but the story was just one of many examples of left-wing contempt for freedom of speech.

During the 2012 London Mayoral Campaign both Ken Livingstone (Labour) and Jenny Jones (Green Party) refused to debate with the British National Party Mayoral Candidate.

Threatening campaigns carried out by left-wing operators against political opponents are the norm rather than the exception in terms of their way of behaving in politics. We seem to believe that Stalin's tactics are a thing of the past when in fact they are very much in use in the United Kingdom today.

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