Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Terrorism: A moment of reflexion

Terrorism:  A moment of reflexion

Terrorism has many shapes and there are many forms of terrorism but deeply rooted inside me there is a sense of purpose and I ask myself what purpose can there be in the actions of anonymous individuals that without a claim of responsibility carry out the atrocities that we have witnessed.

This has been my reflexion having seen the atrocities that took place in Boston, USA and many other atrocities, including atrocities committed by enforcing the will of the Organisation of the United Nations. When I saw the pictures of an eight-year-old murdered in the USA, I had in my memory the images of an Iraqi child without arms and without legs who had lost his family during bombing operations in Iraq.

Claiming responsibility for what I do is very much part of what I do and when I write I write my name so that everybody, friends and foes, supporters and non supporters know who is writing and who is claiming responsibility for what is written. Without claim of responsibility, there is no real sense of purpose.

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