Friday, 12 April 2013

With David out, will Ed be in until General Election?

With David out, will Ed be in until General Election?

Tony Blair turns against Ed Miliband and spearheads an attack supported by Labour grandees or so says The Independent newspaper. Well, the fight has just begun. Labour’s performance in recent by-elections has not been encouraging despite the misfortunes of the ruling Coalition. The Lib Dems managed to hold on to a Parliamentary seat and UKIP has outvoted not just Labour but also the Conservatives in every single by-election.

Given recent events in the European Union, people are not so keen to support pro-EU political parties and are very much against a Welfare State that promotes fraud and flood immigration so two of the pillars of the Labour Party can be discarded as potential vote winners.

Tony Blair in a recent statement talking about Margaret Thatcher said that he recognizes the achievements of Margaret Thatcher and that he merely built up on what she had achieved and set in motion. George Osborne is known to have been very fond of Tony Blair – something unusual for somebody who was going to become a Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer.

A recent Newsnight programme was about the fall of the Far Right and it was extremely misguiding. Jeremy Paxman showed himself as a primary school bully and very much failed to appreciate recent changes in British politics. So called mainstream political parties have been talking about and seriously considering the implementation of British National Party policies simply because they are panicking.

All the talk by Labour party supporters against the closure of coal mines across the country contradicts Green Party policies presumably promoted also by the Labour Party. You cannot talk against fossil fuels and greenhouse effect and then go out and support fossil fuels and greenhouse effect.

Coal is a fossil fuel and fossil fuels supposedly produce the greenhouse effect. This gives you a clear idea of the IQ of those who still support the Green Party and the Labour Party. Given Ken Livingstone and Jenny Jones Green agenda, we should ask them what they think about the closure of the coal mines. They cannot say that they are against fossil fuels and then say that they are in favour of burning coal.

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