Saturday, 6 April 2013

Apartheid and Ethno Nationalism

Apartheid and Ethno Nationalism

Nelson Mandela
The fundamental argument of the Anti-Apartheid movement headed by Nelson Mandela was that in Africa an African majority was being oppressed by a white European minority. Left-wing thinkers and politicians were the first-ones to support what Nelson Mandela intended to do in South Africa and they created a cult around the public persona of Nelson Mandela.

Paradoxically, when white Britons in the United Kingdom express the same feelings that motivated Nelson Mandela and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, they are persecuted, vilified and attacked.

In more than one way, the British National Party represents genuine concerns about what many perceive as an Apartheid regime in Britain in which white Britons are discriminated against and told that they have to give to somebody else their country and everything generation after generation fought for and died for. Positive Discrimination is Apartheid, it is the concept that the rights of the British majority don’t count or are inferior to the rights of those coming from somewhere else.

So called mainstream political parties promote a process of reverse colonisation and ethnic cleansing and completely disregard genuine concerns of those who want Britain to remain British.

The paradox is that the movement started by Nelson Mandela in South Africa has led to discrimination against white South Africans and to the killing the white South African farmers and of black labourers that remained loyal to their employers. A poverty and crime stricken South Africa, run by a black Nomenklatura, is riddled with corruption and political persecution to the point that new black political parties have appeared to challenge the African National Congress.

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