Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Crossroads of History: Arbeit Macht Frei

The Crossroads of History: Arbeit Macht Frei

For many the expression Arbeit Macht Frei (Work sets you free) is a reminder of the years of the Dritte Reich with all the usual connotations but increasingly Arbeit Macht Frei is also a reminder of the ways world economies have been developed.

We have been told that speculation is a way of creating wealth only to be confronted with one of the worst financial crisis in human history. In the past, financial crisis led to war and the present crisis shouldn’t be any different.

Hard working people are being told that they must finance, pay for, the ruinous ways of others. While the ones who created the crisis continue to enjoy undeserved wealth and prosperity, millions of people of today are suffering and the lives of those who have not even been born are being destroyed to pay for corruption.

When the Western mass media celebrated the Arab Spring revolutions, I said ‘wait for the Western Spring revolutions and you might have little to celebrate’. Reading a local newspaper, I saw a headline saying ‘politics is much more popular than ever before but political parties are in decline’. If you think carefully about the headline you will immediately see where we are heading. When peaceful ways are exhausted as means to solve the problems we are confronting, other ways will soon follow. This is not a threat. This is merely a reflection based on historical facts. The American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917, the rise of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), including the dramatic fall of the Ceaucescu’s regime in Romania, are all direct consequences of social, political and economic realities that could not be channelled via peaceful means.

The British people have consistently, persistently, been denied the right to have a say in their own affairs and sooner than later, as a mass reaction or as the reaction of a few illustrated individuals, there are going to be catastrophic events.

Listening to the news, you clearly see how unrealistic and how much devoid of real understanding, so-called mainstream political parties are and how they continue using the same propagandistic and demagogic announcements to try and get people to support them. Tony Blair promised 30,000 new homes every year, only to be surpassed by Boris Johnson who promised 50,000 thousand new homes. Now, Ed Milliband and Ed Balls could even promise one million new homes instead of one hundred thousand. Why not 30 billion new homes? After all thirty billion would be more impressive. They use meaningless announcements and they have the audacity of asking for trust.

When you look at the figures, the figures tell you than 80 per cent of all new jobs created in more than a decade were given to foreigners brought in via flood immigration and homes are needed to continue and to intensify the process of colonisation of the British Isles. Places like Barking and Dagenham are being flooded and the same is happening to communities across the United Kingdom with cities that can no longer be seen as British. The seeds of violent and bloody conflicts of the future are being planted today.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Social Responsibility put under the carpet of political correctness

Social Responsibility put under the carpet of political correctness

The events happening in the United Kingdom concerning sexual grooming of children by organized Muslim gangs have reached the international arena and now the World is talking about something that until now had been a very local series of incidents.

A Muslim website comments that some Islamic leaders are saying that the whole series of events are part of an international plot to denigrate Islam. There are some parallels between the attitudes of denial of the Catholic Church regarding the actions of Catholic priests involved in sexual activities with vulnerable children they should have protected and the attitudes of Muslim elders. Muslim elders are in denial and because Muslim elders are in denial entire Muslim communities across the world are going to suffer.

What Muslim leaders in the United Kingdom should be doing is facing their responsibilities in tackling the culprits of sexual activities that degrade entire communities. Muslim leaders should be policing their own communities and ensuring that the grooming of young boys and girls stops and never happens again. If they choose to put their problems under the carpet, they themselves are going to strengthen anti-Muslim sentiments that are raging across the Western World.

Muslims are constantly blaming the so-called Far Right for crimes Muslims have committed. Well, the Far Right does not go around in gangs raping boys and girls because they are not Muslim. Rather than blaming those who denounce the crimes, the Muslim elders should be chasing the Muslim gangs that engage in criminal activities.

As a wider community, regardless of religion or political views, we all have shared responsibilities. It has been on the news the case of a 30-year-old married man who fled the country with one of his pupils, a 15-year-old girl. We react as a society, regardless of religion or political views.

I say it and I say it again. I said it when talking to representatives of the Muslim Community on television: crime is crime, regardless of religion, race, gender or any social condition or background. I said many times that unless every one of us is safe  nobody is safe.    

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Being in Dock: procrastination leading to violence

Being in the Dock: Postponing the answers that ultimately will have to be produced
Tolerance has sometimes an unwanted by-product: a complaisant attitude leading to procrastination that ultimately leads to a major crisis. Enoch Powell was not a racist. Enoch Powell was a realist. In spite of being a champion of the British Empire, he perfectly understood the needs for consistency and that lack of consistency leads to confrontation.
When British control over the Subcontinent came to an end, the British withdrawal was followed by partition and partition was as inevitable as bloody. The birth of India and Pakistan as independent countries is the key to understand the dangers that we face today in Britain. When you see militant Muslims trying to take control on the British mainland, such attempts are no more than what happened in a previous century with tragic consequences.
In more than one way, there is no need to talk about the Quran. Let’s look at the history records. Without going so far in time, the Balkans civil war is yet another example. Today, we have the former Yugoslavia transformed into fragments of fragments of its former self. It wasn’t enough with the creation of several independent countries like Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia. Kosovo, occupied my Muslim Albanians, is now becoming yet another independent country.
This kind of ethnic politics is already taking place in Britain where Bradford and Tower Hamlets have become Muslim republics and Birmingham and Manchester, amongst other towns and regions, are on the way. This is not fantasy. This is political reality. This is not about freedom of speech; this is not about integration; this is about pure and simple occupation in the name of Islam.
When it became known that the official Labour Party had suspicions about Ruftur Rahman’s involvement with Muslim extremists, Ruftur Rahman was expelled by the Labour Party but it was to no avail and now Tower Hamlets is to all intents and purposes a political platform to promote interests that are not British interests. It does not surprise that those who came out to support Ruftur Rahman were Ken Livingstone and George Galloway (one a political maverick of the left and the other a former Labour Party MP, but both supporters of Muslim extremists). When George Galloway needed to run a campaign to re-enter Parliament he went straight to Bradford because he needed to run a campaign based on ethnic politics.
I am sure that the Islamic issue is a fundamental issue of debate within the Conservative Party, despite the public pandering to Muslims carried out by Prime Minister David Cameron. Baroness Warsi, now former Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, was an attempt to show an example of inclusiveness that to all effects became a political embarrassment.
Simon Hughes MP, Deputy Lib Dem leader, has also gone out of his way to try and engage Muslim communities, regardless of his self-confessed homosexuality that puts him at odds with many of the precepts of those he tries to engage with. Not long ago, Muslim activists deployed signs in Tower Hamlets declaring Tower Hamlets a gay-free-area.
In religious terms, we have reached a scandalous dimension by having the BBC appointing a Muslim as Head of Religious Programming and an Archbishop of Canterbury talking about the acceptability of Sharia Law in the United Kingdom.
Despite all the official and unofficial subservient attempts to please Muslim Communities, you have media like Press TV openly accusing Britain of being anti-Muslim and racist and Muslim activists roaming the streets of Britain attacking the British Armed Forces.
People like Abu Hamsa, that just a few months ago was plotting against our freedoms, is now about to be sent to the United States of America, but this didn’t happen before more than 4 million pound were spent in legal cases plus all added extras for the sake of human rights that he blatantly denounced as depravity of the Western World.
Britain as a country has been extremely tolerant and accepting to the point of accepting what is utterly unacceptable and it is still dragging its feet, avoiding what should have been done a long time ago. You either support the laws of Britain or you support the laws of Islam. The Fatwa is one of the clearest examples to show that Islam is not compatible with our religious and political freedoms. The Fatwa is nothing more than a murder contract. If you are Christian, if you are Jewish or a follower of other religions, nobody is going to issue a murder contract against you because you criticize your own faith.
As a Christian I am absolutely free to criticize Christianity without being persecuted. The ones rallying in Manchester who claimed that they were acting to protect freedom of speech were doing nothing of the sort. Fatwa, stoning, rape and other forms of violence linked to religious intolerance have nothing to do with freedom of speech and they are merely abusing the freedoms we have in order to promote their Islamic intolerance.

Captain Hook: Auld Lang Syne

Bye, bye, Captain Hook?
Abu Hamza could be soon leaving the United Kingdom in good company of other fellow travellers, heading westwards, having been cordially invited to visit the United States of America.
Captain Hook, as he is affectionately known, used to delight us with his public speeches made outside Mosques when he was not allowed to preach inside Mosques because he promoted Jihadism, a form of violent militant Islam.
The European Court of Human Rights has given its final approval for the extradition of five major terrorism suspects from the UK to the US and this includes our dear friend Abu Hamza.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lynne Featherstone: Nudity on papers fuel violence. Oh yeah!

Lynne Featherstone: Nudity on papers fuel violence. Oh yeah!

For a prominent Lib Dem to become moralistic is a bit rich, especially when Lib Dems are expert promoters of ‘alternative ways’ and in fielding porno-producers as Prospective Members of Parliament.

I have many reasons to criticize The Sun newspaper but Page Tree Girls are not one of them. If we were to follow Lynne Featherstone, the statue of David would be wearing pants and all the nude paintings in museums would be covered with black paint and that would not make the slightest difference in the way people treat each other.

Lynne Featherstone talks about role models. Is she serious? Does she really think that the pictures of naked girls published by The Sun newspaper are really taken as role models? So what about Lib Dem policies concerning sexual relationships and marriage? Do they promote role models?

I wouldn’t say that Lynne Featherstone could be accused of being a “sour face”, unless “sour face” is the way to describe an idiot that hypocritically misrepresents the views of her own political party on sexuality. Public toilet tours, anybody? No. Perhaps you should stay home and, rather than watching Page Three Girls, you should watch movies done by a Lib Dem female porno producer.     

Press TV supports Islamophobia

Press TV supports Islamophobia

Under the headline “Fact: Britain’s dark legacy of Islamophobia”, Press TV enumerates what they see as evidence of Islamophobia, showing that Islam supports murder for religious reasons.

They start by talking about the Fatwa against Salma Rushdie who was sentenced to death by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Iman Khomeini for what they call insults to Islam in Salman Rushdie’s fourth novel “The Satanic Verses” that is a considered to be a literary jewel. So, it is fine for what they call the Glorious Faith to support a murder attempt ordered by a foreign religious leader and the ritual of the stoning of women about which there widespread graphic evidence. Want to talk about Human Rights?

We don’t need to rely on what Press TV calls inaccurate claims and imaginative lies about the “true divine religion of Islam”. No, we have got the evidence. Last night, a Cabinet Minister of Pakistan offered a reward to anybody who would kill the producers of a movie. This is yet another example that shows that “the divine religion of Islam supports murder for religious reasons”. What is more, the Pakistani Minister asked for the cooperation of what he calls his Islamic brothers - Taliban and alQaeda - that have a "glorius record" in the defense of human rights of men, women and children that they have gloriously tortured, raped and murdered in the name of Islam. 

Press TV also refers to Nicholas John Griffin, British National Party leader, who has been fighting against Muslim paedophile gangs that have been sent to prison for sexually abusing boys and girls after loading them with drugs and alcohol. I do assume that Press TV would also like to talk about it.

Press TV also refers to the burning of the Quran as a capital offense and an example of racism and Islmophobia. Islam not only burns books. Islam burns people alive. Let’s remember the 2001 events in the United States of America, the July 2005 events in the United Kingdom, the bombing of the railways in Spain, the blowing up of embassies across the world and the countless assassinations done in the name of Islam across the world.

The funny thing is that they use a website to write an enumeration under the headline “human rights” that rather than defining Islam as the “divine and true faith” describes Islam as a murderous ideology.

They make accusations against the British government accusing the British government of being behind “racist and anti-Islam propaganda” when racist and anti-Islam propaganda is spread by the irrational actions of Islamic leaders that are very much public knowledge.  

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Pakistan: Can we trust them?

The news is that a Pakistani government minister offered 100,000 US dollars inviting people to kill those involved in the production of a film mocking Islam and invited "Taliban and alQaeda brother" to be partners is what he calls a noble deed.

Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour made the statement in Peshawar, in Northwest Pakistan, and it comes as further evidence of that fact that Pakistan should not be trusted and even less helped with Western funds.

If there was to be a conflict involving Pakistan, can we trust Pakistanis living in Britain? This raises important issues in terms of allegiance.

Muslims: Absurd childish reaction will give America the excuse for war

Muslims: Absurd childish reaction will give America the excuse for war
Having seen the famous or infamous movie about Prophet Mohammed that is leading to widespread demonstrations across the Muslim World and beyond , I have concluded that hundreds of millions of Muslims across the world have either being taken for a ride or are intellectually challenged or both.
The act of blaming an entire country for something involving a small group of people in the USA is nothing more than the behaviour of those who are mentally retarded or don’t have the intellectual skills and therefore allow themselves to fall prey of a very simplistic and extremely obvious act of provocation.
It is inconceivable that so many Muslims, who might not even have seen the so called movie, could allow themselves to be used as clowns to degrade themselves. I sincerely hope that at one point, reason will prevail in the Muslim World and that those who have the power to stop such nonsensical reactions will proceed to do so.
In a world that is facing yet another possible confrontation in Asia Minor as tensions rise in the Persian Gulf, I have no doubts whatsoever that irrational behaviour in the Muslim World will be used to justify an attack against  Syria and Iran. Hundreds of millions of Muslims are allowing themselves to be manipulated for the sake of yet another American military adventure.
The killing of an American Ambassador and three other American citizens and the burning of American flags will undoubtedly be used to justify the case for war. Are hundreds of millions of Muslims across the world absolutely blind? Violence in the Muslim World is giving warmongers in the USA the justification they need to attack more Muslim countries.

Friday, 21 September 2012

UKIP giving away its main political aim?

The UKIP Independence Party could enter an electoral pact with the Conservatives at the next general election, the party’s deputy leader revealed today. UKIP’s Paul Nuttall suggested that his party could agree not to field candidates against Tories if they could agree on policies towards the EU.
The news article is astonishing. I would like to ask Nigel Farage what he things about the statements made by UKIP’s Deputy-Leader – I mean the Nigel Farage that just a few months ago headed a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament to support a Referendum on Europe that David Cameron, Conservative Party Leader, is very much against. Let us remember that David Cameron threatened his own Members of Parliament using a three-line-whip to try and force them to toe the official Conservative Party line.

A politician of the expertise of Nigel Farage knows very well that David Cameron cannot be trusted because David Cameron goes with the wind and changes direction like a rudderless ship (or should I say a rudderless airplane) and this goes something like ‘if your Ministerial Cabinet does not support a certain policy and you want to support a certain policy, you change the Ministerial Cabinet.’ In Latin America this is known as a Coup d’Etat, although rather than dissolve Parliament, which is what most dictators do, David Cameron dissolved his own Ministerial Cabinet.  The Conservatives behave a bit like a contemporary Emperor Nero or a contemporary Adolf Hitler and driven by their self-importance and greed they try to reshape the capital city by erasing entire communities.
A democrat like David Cameron who believes that peoples’ opinions are not necessary and that a Referendum is undemocratic is hardly the person you could make an alliance with. When it came to reforms of the National Health Service, doctors and nurses were not consulted. When it comes to Europe, the British people are not consulted. Under David Cameron’s leadership, foreign countries are threatened going against the very foundations of International Law. If Nigel Farage were to make the kind of deal Paul Nuttal is talking about, it would be welcomed news for the British National Party because people know exactly where the British National Party stands on Europe and also know that the position of the British National Party on Europe is non-negotiable.

Betrug, Diebstahl, Verarmung - Fraud Theft Poverty

ESM = Betrug, Diebstahl, Verarmung! Schluss mit der EU-Diktatur - wir machen Politik aus dem Volk für das Volk!  ESM = fraud, theft, poverty! We must put a stop to EU dictatorship.  We make people’s politics for the people.

Quantitative Easing is nothing more than a very dangerous process of creating artificial wealth that will destroy any chances of economic recovery and lead to widespread violence. German economists have indicated that the real way of restoring some resemblance of financial stability is to restore national currencies to balance national budgets without bankrupting countries and without imposing savage cuts that could even destroy democracies across Europe.
Rather than creating an Enron-style false stability by cooking the books and pretending that debts are real assets, we should focus on making European economies competitive. Bureaucrats are taking power away from democratically elected governments and replacing them with political puppets.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Statement on the Banning of Dr Terry Jones from Germany

Statement on the Banning of Dr Terry Jones from Germany
Terry Jones has been banned from Germany. We feel this is absolutely preposterous. We have now been banned from England and from Germany. This is the beginning of the end of our Western society as we continue to ban, to limit, freedom of speech.

We are very thankful for the invitation from the groups Pro Deutschland and Political Incorrect ( for Dr Terry Jones to come and speak in Germany.  Despite the ban, we will continue to support the work of these groups and the showing of the movie "Innocence of Muslims."

Freedom of speech is one of the very foundational stones to a free society. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, is an aspect of our society that we must protect at all costs. We must not punish people who exercise their freedom of speech, but we must send a very clear message to people who threaten freedom of speech. They threaten freedom of speech with violence.

The governments of the Western world must send a message to these people that any type of violent activity will simply not be tolerated. The reason we have the problems we have right now is that we have continued to appease groups like Islam. We have continued to appease them, we have continued to back down. That is very clear in the Obama Administration, and as we do that, we are only inviting trouble. Now again Islam has shown its hand, that it is a violent religion, that it does not tolerate criticism of Mohammad, of the Koran or of Sharia.

So now it is time for us, in the West, to unite together to protect our values. One of them, and perhaps one of the most important of them is our right to freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Let us stand together, let us unite, and let us send Islam and other terrorist, totalitarian groups a very clear message that we will not be bullied, we will not be intimidated, we will not be pushed around.

Thank you

Dr Terry Jones

Stand Up America Now

Monday, 17 September 2012

National Health: An issue of life or death

National Health: An issue of life or death

During a speech I delivered yesterday in East London, I tried to convey the message that what we see as isolated issues are very much part of the same reality and should be treated as an integral part of the problems we are trying to tackle. At no point during the delivery was there anything that could so associated with racism, xenophobia or homophobia.

When we talk about immigration, the economy, social and cultural matters, the legal system and the political realities of the country, we are talking about different aspects of what constitutes a country.

Artful politicians, for ideological purposes, have presented flood immigration as beneficial but I reckon the dying passengers of the Titanic could show modern politicians what it means to be facing impending death with a shortage of lifeboats. Such is the scale of the disaster facing Britain in the first half of the Twenty-First Century.

As a modern Babel Tower, the country is facing serious consequences but whatever has happened until now is pale by comparison with what will happen when certain intolerant minorities grow in numbers and strength. The all-accepting and endlessly patient local populations are facing very stark choices.

I do believe in cause and effect and the political scene is going to become extremely polarized. Since the so called mainstream political parties and their acolytes have chosen to ignore realities the said realities – like it happened to the Norwegian Labour Party – will come to haunt them in the near future.

Banning political parties that represent the feelings of the majority – like German Chancellor Angela Merkel knows – can be extremely difficult and dangerously counter productive. Why is this happening? Angela Merkel might not say it in public but in private she knows that many of those who vote for her and for other established political parties share the views of the political party she is trying to ban but people in general are reluctant to express their views in public for fear of losing their jobs.

The issue of jobs is very much what keeps certain politicians in power and delay the final effect. Having grown up in Eastern Germany under Soviet occupation, Angela Merkel knows this perfectly well. When the economy went wrong, in a few hours the Berlin Wall was breached in many places. East Germans did not have to worry about jobs because most of them had none to worry about. Something similar could happen in Germany. A serious deterioration of the economy could lead to a massive political success of the NPD, the very party that she so desperately tries to ban.

What becomes increasingly evident is that there is coincidence across national boundaries and that European political parties that share similar concerns are coming together with a common cause that is stronger than the pecuniary interests and purely ideological platforms of so called mainstream political parties and politicians. The increasing cooperation is what worries most the so-called political establishments.

An ideology called Islam is a uniting force and I say ideology because Islam – much more than a religion – is a ideology best suited for violence, something Heinrich Himmler, Shutzstaffel Reichführer, knew very well when he praised Muslims that fought for Nazi Germany by referring to their obedience and commitment in war. Having seen quite a few examples in modern times, one dares not doubt that Heinrich Himmler’s judgment in this case was absolutely right and this is why Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician, compared the Quran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. A Turkish Prime Minister, speaking candidly, said that Mosques are Islam’s fortresses and followed the same concept by defining believers as storm troopers and weapons. Looking at the analogies, you know exactly what is coming.

Bradford and Tower Hamlets are the forerunners of politics along religious and ethnic lines. Britain knew the meaning of religious and ethnic politics a long time ago. We are dealing with a newer version of the bloody conflicts between Protestants and Catholics. So, as the Romans said: Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (If you want peace, prepare yourself for war.)

I constantly remind those who are willing to listen about the fundamental question: Wollen Sie eine Politische Partei, eine Politische Bewegung oder eine Soziale Bewegun? Do you want a political party, a political movement or a social movement? Undoubtedly things like Occupy Wall Street are a Soziale Bewegun. The English Defense League or EDL is a Politische Bewegun and the British National Party is a Politische Partei.

In normal circumstances, in a democratic context, there are specific differences that set political parties, political movements and social movements apart. In extraordinary circumstances, the boundaries become less evident.

The British National Party has no links whatsoever with the English Defence League, especially because there are very serious questions regarding the leadership of the English Defence League. However, at the same time, we recognize that the membership of the English Defence League is living expression of fundamental concerns shared across political boundaries from left to right. Like it happened in the past, it is happening right now. Those who share certain political views are coming together across political boundaries and across national boundaries.

Not long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin defined Nationalism in a very straightforward manner: “What belongs to us” and “What belongs to others”. The time of reckoning is fast approaching. There is going to be a kind of 1492 moment, a time defined by Primo de Rivera as ‘By the force of reason or by the reason of force’. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Muslims might get the unintended consequences of what they want

Recent demonstrations and rising tensions in Europe seem to indicate that the idea that Muslims will be the new Jews will come to pass.

While Muslims are saying "America out of our Muslim lands" - something that we share because we reject American intervention in the Muslim World - the equivalent that would read something like 'Muslims out of our American lands" seems to be the logical alternative.

If you were to say 'Britain out of our Muslim lands", the equivalent would be "Muslims out of our British lands" and this would be entirely logical.

The demonstrators by saying "America out of our Muslim lands" implicitly say that Muslims cannot be American and Muslims at the same time.

By differentiating themselves and setting themselves apart from the rest of us, the young Muslims are making themselves a target.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mohammed Movie: Desperate for a Showdown

Mohammed Movie: Desperate for a Showdown

Who made the movie about Mohammed? There is growing consensus regarding the identity of the producer and everything seems to indicate that the producer was an Egyptian willing to use American Jews as scapegoats. Muslim communities were made to believe that the producer was an American Jew and this led to the ongoing climate of confrontation.

Cynicism and lack of trust led also to a whole series of conspiracy theories that blame the American administration for being behind the attacks that happened in September 2001. There are rumours that say that the attacks that happen in July 2005 were also planned not by Muslim operators but by members of the Security Establishment that used Muslims in what was supposed to be a security exercise. It was said that members of the British security services placed the bombs and that the Muslim men syndicated as the material authors – who were not aware of the plot - were executed to cover up the entire operation.

Whoever was behind terrorist activities, all kinds of conspiracy theories can appear simply because there is one fundamental element that has been missing for a long time: trust in the authorities.

Regardless of any conspiracy theories, one thing is certain: there is a growing thirst for confrontation on all sides of the divide. A journalist writing for the Daily Telegraph published an article saying that Muslims should not believe that somebody is out to get them. I reckon there is an undeclared war going on. Rather than being a war between countries, it is a war between ideologies and there is no point in denying that Islam, much more than being a religion, is basically an ideology.

Friday, 14 September 2012

A burning desire to do something stupid

A burning desire to do something stupid
When they burn books… they eventually burn people. This quote has stuck forever in my mind as a reminder to remain alert about events taking place at this very minute. The brief moment of goodwill towards the USA after the attacks of September 2001 was just that. A burning American flag next to the American Embassy in London merely show that there are people out there wanting to burn the United States of America and that even in London of all places American citizens are no longer safe.
The death of four American citizens in Libya – one of them Ambassador Chris Stevens – was followed by riots in countries like Yemen. I don’t think the announcement that the American government is sending Marines to Libya to try and catch those who killed Ambassador Stevens will improve America’s image abroad. Such measure might be popular in the USA as the country of gung-ho diplomacy, but it shows others that the USA believes that other countries are merely colonies and that US forces can go in and out as they please.
Sending Marines to independent countries is also extraordinary because it challenges the official line about not sending ground troops. I say challenges because in reality troops are sent officially and unofficially.
A famous movie now in circulation is said to have been the cause of recent troubles even when the identity of the producer is in doubt. Some say that the producer is Jewish and others say that the producer is an Egyptian outlaw. The movie indicates that a man called Mohammed had sexual intercourse with women and this seems to be extremely offensive to the point that there are riots across the Muslim World and beyond.
The headline ‘Western Embassies under attack in the Arab World’ is not reassuring. All the talk about invading the Ecuadorian Embassy in London should teach a few people a lesson. We can only complain when we don’t engage or talk about engaging in certain acts of pure irrationality.
When it comes to displays of irrationality, North Korea and the USA are basically identical. The ‘mine is bigger than yours’ attitude is still very much an essential element of international relations.
At this very minute there is a huge military deployment in the Persian Gulf used as a show-de-force to tell Iran that America has the military muscle. If anything, such bully tactics can only reinforce Iran’s efforts to get nuclear weapons to deter the USA government from engaging in any kind of military adventure.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Anglo American shuts mines as protests spread in South Africa

Anglo American shuts mines as protests spread in South Africa

The title says everything about the state of affairs in South Africa but still Milliband, Balls and Co. have kept surprisingly quiet about events in South Africa involving miners that are being exploited by foreign companies with the most absolute complicity of the African National Congress (ANC).

The Marikena Massacre in which 34 Black miners were killed by Police acting on behalf of the ANC government, was followed by a wave of arrests involving 270 miners that were accused of murder using legislation created by the Apartheid Regime. The public embarrassment of the ANC was compounded when the government was forced to back down.

What started with naked official aggression on behalf of foreign companies is now spreading across South Africa.

The actions of the ANC remind me of a novel called Il Gattopardo (The Leopard), based on the revolutionary processes of 19th century Italy in which one of the characters – an old aristocrat says: “Something must change for everything to remain the same”. In theory Apartheid came to an end but what replaced Apartheid is a lot worse.

Now, white farmers are killed and black miners are also killed. Shanty towns - where there is widespread crime rooted in extreme poverty - are still growing and impoverished South Africans dwell in derelict buildings that used to house a prosperous commercial sector. Despite its riches, South Africa has the unenviable title as the Number One Aids Country.

American Ambassador in Libya killed by ‘friendly fire’

American Ambassador in Libya killed by ‘friendly fire’

What Chris Stevens and three other Americans would never have dreamt of is that they would end up being killed by so called ‘freedom fighters’ mobs supported by the American State Department.

The assassination of American Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens is yet another example of the irrationality of American foreign policy in the Arab World.

Both the USA and Britain have been arming Arab countries that they see as loyal to carry out a war by proxy against Syria, following the same rationale used against Libya and used before in Afghanistan where the USA supported the Taliban and members of today’s AlQaeda only to have to confront them across the world a few years later.

Afghanistan, one of the main production centres of opium that is one of the fundamental ingredients of heroin, is today the focus of yet another investigation concerning heroin consumption by American troops.

While the American economy is collapsing with rampant unemployment, Obama’s administration, very much like the previous administration, is wasting trillions of dollars to try and maintain an illegal occupation of Afghanistan, inventing false reports about an agreement with Taliban that would allow American bases in Afghanistan and plotting against Syria and Iran as a prospect for future military adventures.

So in the context of a disastrous foreign policy, the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens rather than being a surprise is yet more evidence to confirm the irrationality of the American administration.

By the way, since the USA supports the Argentinean claim to British territory, the Cuban government should demand the return of Guantanamo. Since the then American President James Monroe stated 'America for the Americans', Cuba should be entitled to say Cuba for the Cubans.  

Health and Safety? Kamran Ajaib sold more than 30 tons of dirty meat every week

Health and Safety? Kamran Ajaib sold more than 30 tons of dirty meat every week

Swindon, Cardiff and Swansea Council officers raided premises belonging to Hamza Poultry Limited operated by Kamran Ajaib who sold more than 30 tons of contaminated meat a week to takeaway shops.

Using an unlicensed processing plant located in Bristol, Kamran Ajaib supplied kebab shops and takeaway restaurants in Bristol and also in Swindon, Cardiff and Swansea.

When asked about the source of the meat products, Kamran Ajaib said that it had come from suppliers based in continental Europe but during raids carried out in Bristol it was proven that the meat products were actually processed illegally in the United Kingdom with complete disregard for basic hygiene and total contempt for human health.

Kamran Ajaib pleaded guilty to 16 charges of failure to comply with food hygiene regulations but still denies that chicken meat was processed at the plant in Bristol.

Since consumers of the said meat products are both Muslims and Non-Muslims, it remains to be seen if there is going to be any reaction from Muslim Communities in the United Kingdom given the fact that somebody has been selling products supposed to be produced following Muslims traditions that were in fact low quality and potentially lethal.

Enjoy your food!

Borjomi water sold in UK linked to criminal investigation

Borjomi water sold in UK linked to criminal investigation

London Regional Press Office’s sources indicated that the Russian General Prosecutor’s office in Moscow is preparing to send a legal dossier requesting that several countries, including the United Kingdom, freeze assets belonging to Boris Berezovsky and his associates - among them the Patarkatsishvili family.

Our sources indicated that legal measures are being implemented due to to irregularities detected involving the operations of Borjomi, a company that sells water in the United Kingdom.
Russian investigators are tracking down assets in multiple jurisdictions as part of an unparalleled operation after it was reported that the money invested in Borjomi via several trusts and offshore companies comes from criminal sources.

The same sources have indicated that various international organisations and agencies have been called upon to help with assets recovery and to recoup the money transferred illegally by the Patarkatsishvily Family with the assistance of Boris Berezovsky.

Borjomi water is sold in London in several areas including Fulham and Tooting.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

TUC sells t-shirts celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s death

TUC sells t-shirts celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s death

Looking the acts and behaviour of the Trade Union Congress you can guess that the state of mind of its members is extremely dangerous. We are dealing with deranged individuals that live in Cuckooland and this is shown by their actions. They portray themselves as the champions of peace when in fact they are no more than violent thugs.

They hate Margaret Thather because she confronted them and told them in no uncertain terms that it is not up to the Trade Unions to run the country by replacing democratically elected representatives. Whatever the failures of Democracy, whatever the levels of corruption and incompetence, we have a system that is not perfect but the alternatives are even worse.

Margaret Thatcher did many things that many people don’t like but she did what she did because she was given the democratic powers to do so. People supported her in General Elections. If you don’t want certain politicians, you are perfectly entitled to vote for other politicians but always playing by the rules of Democracy.

Monday, 10 September 2012

What British Mass Media don't talk about

The British Mass Media are always ready and willing to talk about the Russian Maffia in Russia but keep very quiet about criminal operations in the United Kingdom involving Russian criminals based in London. While the UK Borders Authority is so energetic when it comes to repressing people that come to the United Kingdom merely trying to find a better life, there is nothing said about so called High Class Refugees with links with the criminal underworld.

The British society is finally waking up to the fact that amongst the so-called 'Refugees' we harboured Boris Berezovsky and his former partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, the two main heads of the Lernaen Hydra of the criminal underworld which looted Russia in the 1990s.

Suddenly, out of nowhere came the Nouveau Riche while ordinary Russian people lost their life-savings and their jobs and were condemned to lives of misery. 

Everyday we learn new words. Thanks to a recent High Court battle, we learned a new Russian word: krysha. Krysha means roof, but in the language of the Maffia means 'protection'.

While Boris Berezovsky was then involved as political roof, having been a close ally of the Yeltsin Family, his Georgia-born partner Badri Patarkatsishvili provided the criminal krysha (criminal protection) but regardless of the terminology the political side of the operation worked together with the criminal side. It was merely a division of labour.

Recently, a Moscow court ordered UK-based Boris Berezovsky to pay almost one billion roubles in a lawsuit filed by the Samara Region government in connection with Avtovaz car manufacturer. According to the plaintiff, Berezovsky helped by Patarkatsishvili used his LogoVAZ dealership in 1994 to defraud the state-controlled Avtovaz manufacturer - fraud involving several thousand cars. Boris Berezovsky rejected the court's decision and said that 'it was unlikely to be enforced'.

The question is how long Russian criminals that live in the United Kingdom as refugees will be allowed to use the United Kingdom to foment disorder in Russia. In the USA, American journalist Paul Klebinikov, when mentioning the hostile takeover of Russia by olygarchs in the 1990s, wrote that no man has profited more from Russia's slide into the the abyss than Boris Berezovsky.

Badri Patarkasishvili died suddenly in London in 2008 but Boris Berezovski is still based in London living in close quarters surrounded by an army of bodyguards. In a legal battle against Roman Abramovich whom he accused of 'intimidating him' to force him to get rid of assets, Boris Berezovsky talks about the billions of pounds he lost when in fact he lost nothing and one of the British judges publicly stated that Boris Berezovsky is a very unreliable witness. My understanding is that saying that Boris Berezovsky is an unreliable witness is a bit of an understatement.

Russia's Investigative Committee has just announced a wide ranging investigation into Berezovsky's illegitimate operations in Russia (jointly with Patarkatsishvili clan), particularly with the Borjomi brand of fizzy water. The authorities are about to arrest all their assets in Russia.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Boris Berezovsky: Unreliable Witness

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky said that he was surprised after losing his legal battle against Roman Abramovich whom he accused of having taken 3 billion pound from him in the sale of a Russian oil company.

While people like Boris Berezosvky made millions, ordinary Russians lost their livelihoods and went hungry and criminal charges were made in Russia against a man who thinks that what belongs to Russia belongs to him.

Mrs Justice Gloster called Boris Berezovsky ‘unreliable witness’ and saying that a man like Berezovsky is an unreliable witness is a bit of an understatement.

Boris Berezovsky, the man accused of providing weapons and money to Islamic extremists in Chechnya, is being protected by the British Establishment in spite of the fact that he is abusing his status by plotting against a foreign government.

When Alexandr Litvinenko died, Britain accused Russia when in fact the main beneficiary of Litvinenko’s death would have been Boris Berezovsky himself after the Russian government tried to negotiate with Alexandr Livtvinenko to get strong evidence that could make Berezovsky’s position untenable.

The innocence of Andrei Lugovoi, who came to carry out negotiations with Alexandr Litvinenko, was irrefutable proven after British experts carried out tests that indicated that Andrei Lugovoi is completely innocent and had absolutely nothing to do with Alexandr Litvinenko’s death.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pensioners: You get what you vote for

Pensioners: You get what you vote for

The headlines of the Daily Express tell us what we already knew: for decades people have been voting for parties that have ensured that pensioners will be poorer when they reach the age of retirement. To put in other words, pensioners have been voting for their own demise.

When the British National Party talks about managing immigration so that people can have jobs today,  the British National Party wants to ensure that in all stages of their lives, from birth till death, people living in Britain have decent living standards.

The Labour Party and others say that talking about managing immigration is racist and xenophobic. Well, people that today say that managing immigration is racist and xenophobic deserve whatever bad happens to them in term of lack of jobs, lack of educational opportunities, lack of healthcare, lack of housing and lack of provisions for care of the elderly. They are voting to have worse living standards.

This is not so much an ideological issue. It is an issue of common sense. If the price of bananas goes up because you have to share those bananas with more and more people – something that is also talked about in the news – you are going to have less bananas. For example, for many years the politically correct classes have been complaining about housing problems. They didn’t think there were housing problems when they opened the gates to flood immigration. They so much wanted to change the make up of the country that they did not care about the housing problems they were creating.

Every January, travelling fares have been rising by more than ten per cent. They don’t see the link between a 12 per cent population rise and more expensive fares either. So what do they see? Apparently, they see absolutely nothing. They keep accusing the British National Party saying that we are Nazi, Fascist, racist and xenophobic because we are exposing the irrationality of their arguments. One plus one equals two and no amount of ideological debate can change a fundamental mathematical truth.

When they talk about protecting the green belts and about being environmentally friendly, they don’t see the link between increased population and the need to use ever more space that happens to be green land to accommodate more and more people that will produce more pollution.

Our advice for the new generations of pensioners-to-be is that unless they change their voting habits and start supporting the British National Party, our green land is going to disappear and more and more people  will reach the end living in abject poverty.     

British soldiers attacked in London?

British soldiers attacked in London?

The event is said to have taken place in August 6th 2012. It was reported by the Daily Telegraph on September 3rd, 2012. Why? Why the delay? Is it mass media manipulation all over again? The attackers are said to have been of Asian descent and this time the aggression was not merely the kind of verbal abuse we are so much used to. Words were replaced by physical violence and this violence went unreported until today.

Apparently, for British soldiers it is not enough to give their lives in the line of duty even when what is seen as the line of duty is a useless war of aggression that has lasted more than a decade. British soldiers now have to live in fear on the British mainland. When the general public was unaware, British soldiers were told to police the Olympic Games in groups because they could be targeted by people who were born in Britain and hate Britain and everything Britain represents.

We are at a crossroads. Either we, collectively, acting under the rule of law take remedial action to avoid this ignominious act of treason or others who don’t believe that things can be improved by peaceful means will take the lead and act at will in extremely violent ways setting the entire country on fire.

The British National Party, as a political party that acts under the rule of law and within the democratic framework, distanced itself from the atrocities committed in Norway. Having said that, the general public should be reminded that the actions of militant Islam serve as a justification for the atrocities that took place in Norway and that the said actions of militant Islam will be used by interested movements as a reason to target innocent members of religious communities. This is extremely serious and it is serious because it is extremely dangerous.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Politics and Religion are not Race

Politics and Religion are not Race

No matter how much somebody might hate the Norwegian Labour Party and no matter how much somebody might hate Islam, a Political Party is not a Race and Islam is not a Race. Therefore, a person that engages in despicable acts of violence specifically directed against a Political Party and a Religion or a person that justifies the said despicable acts of violence cannot possibly be accused of incitement to racial hatred.

In Britain we are facing a state of paranoia and those in charge of enforcing legislation are completely out of control. What is even more worrying is that those who created the said legislation are allowing Police forces in Britain to behave like the Waffen-Schutzstaffel, engaging in actions that degrade the image of Britain both nationally and internationally.

Laws that were supposed to protect us are being used against ordinary citizens that behave lawfully. Anti-Terror legislation is being used by local authorities to spy on residents. Legislation that penalizes racially motivated acts is being used as a political tool for reasons that have nothing to do with race. If the authorities engage in bully tactics, sooner than later things are going to spiral out of control with unforeseeable consequences.

Today, I watched a documentary about the War of the Roses, referring to a very bloody chapter of British history. Let us remember that Democracy in Britain is relatively new in historical terms. The Tower of London is indeed a stark reminder of how Britain used to be not long ago. If the authorities use legislation in an abusive manner, everybody should remember that whenever there is action there is a reaction.

My biggest concern is that the possibility of the rise of urban guerrillas in Britain is very real as more and more people walk away from Democracy and engage in what we could call Direct Action. I always keep in mind the Charles I/Oliver Cromwell example. Irrational acts of repression are directly linked to lack of freedom.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Germany is talking. Is anybody listening?

Keine weiteren Finanzhilfen für die Pleitestaaten in der Europäischen Union! Keine Haftungs- und Transferknechtschaft Deutschlands für Schuldensünder! Keine Euro-Bonds, die Deutschlands sicheren Ruin bedeuten würden, und kein Zugriff auf die deutschen Goldreserven! Massive Beteiligung der Banken und Fonds an den Kosten der Krise! Wer mit griechischen Staatsanleihen das große Geld verdienen wollte, muß jetzt auch für die großen Verluste geradestehen! In der Euro-Krise darf es keine Sozialisierung der Verluste geben, nachdem vorher die Gewinne privatisiert worden sind. Keine Geiselhaft der Steuerzahler für die Machenschaften der Geldhäuser! Raus aus dem Euro! Die Vernichtung unseres Volksvermögens durch die Schrottwährung Euro muß gestoppt und die Währungshoheit aller EU-Staaten wiederhergestellt werden!

The message is a straight rejection of the plan designed by Eurocrats to squeeze ever more German resources to pay for the indebtedness of other countries. It is a call to make the financial sector pay for its own greed and foolishness. It is also a call to abandon the common currency and make each European state face its own responsibilities.

In 1929, Germany paid a very high price for the losses of American speculators. In desperation, Europe was drained of money to pay for American foolishness. After the Swinging Twenties came the Starving Thirties and we know what happened ten years later.

In 2006, as a direct consequence of speculation in America, the world was sunk into yet another financial crisis and we are now facing the consequences, all over again. American speculators are not paying a penny. The financial sector that benefitted from years of crooked transactions is being bailed out by ordinary taxpayers and German taxpayers are paying more than anybody else in the world and this is bound to have extremely serious social and political consequences.

But this is not the only kind of robbery affecting Germany. Flood immigration brings with it an even more serious danger.

Das von kultureller Immunschwäche und nationaler Selbstverleugnung geprägte Europa duldet die fortschreitende Islamisierung nie islamisch gewesener Länder, während die Türkei die Entchristianisierung vorantreibt... Europas Toleranz ist selb stmörderisch!
The Europe of cultural immune deficiency and national self denial condones the progressive and unprecedented Islamisation of countries that were never Islamic, while Turkey promotes the Dechristianisation... Europe's tolerance is suicidal!
Immer daran denken, was der türkische Ministerpräsident Erdogan in seiner Zeit als Istanbuler Bürgermeister freimütig bekannte: "Die Minarette sind unsere Bajonette, die Kuppeln unsere Helme, die Moscheen unsere Kasernen, die Gläubigen unsere Soldaten."
Always remember what the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan candidly confessed during his time as Istanbul Mayor: "the minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, mosques our barracks, believers our soldiers."

Special Effects that Replace Reality

Special Effects that Replace Reality

The conflict regarding foreign students that find themselves between a rock and a hard place was designed for special effects. In total we are talking about 2,000 individuals when flood immigration has been about millions. The news gets a lot of coverage and the Politically Correct establishment shows itself as ‘hard on immigration’ pretending that they are doing something to manage immigration, when in actual fact expelling 2,000 individuals would change very little.

But there is now another angle to the story. The second stage of ethnic cleansing is underway and members of communities from outside the European Union are waking up. The Establishment used Black people, Asian people and various other communities because they were available in great numbers and they were cheap. It happened at a time when most of the work needed was low-tech. Britain today, unlike the Britain of the 1950 when cheap labour was needed, needs individuals with higher qualifications. The first salvo was Tony Blair’s closing speech of the 1997 General Election: Education, Education, Education…

 In 2012, the latest event was lower GCSC marks and what teachers denounced as “a direct attack against ethnic minorities that do not perform as well as their European counterparts.” This is telling you loudly and clearly where we are heading in terms of immigration. The powers that run Britain are no longer interested in Asians, Blacks and other non-European ethnic groups. A highly automated economy needs even less manpower and being less dependent on manpower means higher returns for investments and less industrial disputes.

The Schengen Agreement that guarantees freedom of movement of European workforces is being used to replace ethnic minorities that will be suffering more and more as they are uprooted. Behind the reduction of Housing Benefits and the recently announced conditions to maintain Welfare Benefits, including benefits for the unemployed, there is a demographic strategy. Another piece of the puzzle is the recent change in legislation regarding squatters. In order to see what is going on you need to combine them.

In terms of what is happening politically, you need to pick up the cues. Bradford and Tower Hamlets tell you that ethnic minorities – who become majorities in their own turf – are organizing themselves politically independently of the so called mainstream political parties. Baroness Warsi’s argument to try and keep her position as Chairwoman in the Conservative Party is basically futile. Women and ethnic communities are no longer inclined to support political parties like the Conservative Party, the Lib Dems or the Labour Party because they have grown up and they feel tempted to support political parties of their own.

Looking at London, in places like Streatham, Peckham Rye, Thornton Heath, Elephant and Castle, white Champagne Labour Candidates are no longer needed. If Black communities got organized they could replace fancy Labour candidates from Oxford and Cambridge with candidates of their own. The Conservatives, the Lib Dems and Labour know that. A recent change of electoral boundaries threatened the position of a Black Labour MP in Streatham. In more than one way, the changes in Welfare policies have a very party political aim. By replacing populations, the political balance changes.

Some years ago, the Conservative Party tried to do an “Obama” in Lambeth. The attempt was premature, but in the process we saw the Lambeth Labour Party being accused of racism when they openly attacked a defecting Black female candidate that stood for the Conservative Party. The guarantee that Black citizens would automatically support the Labour Party no longer exists and the loyalty of community leaders is by no means certain.




True Racism with Ideological foundations

True Racism with Ideological foundations

Every time they accuse us of racism and xenophobia you should look at the actions of the press, the mass media, political parties and other organisations that stand as accusers. Nelson Abbey of The Voice, a Black Community publication, said loud and clear that British Foreign Policy regarding the Arab World was undeniably racist. I published a reference to an on-going situation in South Africa that involved the death of 34 Black miners and the arrest of 270 miners by an African National Congress government that used against the miners legislation created by the Apartheid Regime. The existing coverage or lack of coverage amounts to legitimizing repression that is ignored for ideological reasons.

In South Africa there is no such a thing as a Black Community. In actual fact, Black South Africans are still very much divided according to tribal differences. On top of that, the Marxist ANC went to bed with foreign companies as a matter of convenience in the very same way so called New Labour forgot about its Labour roots to become electable. Only the Daily Telegraph presented a proper account of the on-going South African tragedy while the rest of the mass media have simply ignored it or have offered accounts that legitimize repression.

Nelson Abbey explained the apparent lack of reaction regarding cases of violence of Black against Black by using the example of a family argument, something along the lines of ‘if the attacker is Black and the victim is Black, other Black people might not react’. I think that crime, regardless of the ethnicity of the victims and of the perpetrators, is crime and should always be condemned and the culprits should be punished.