Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Being in Dock: procrastination leading to violence

Being in the Dock: Postponing the answers that ultimately will have to be produced
Tolerance has sometimes an unwanted by-product: a complaisant attitude leading to procrastination that ultimately leads to a major crisis. Enoch Powell was not a racist. Enoch Powell was a realist. In spite of being a champion of the British Empire, he perfectly understood the needs for consistency and that lack of consistency leads to confrontation.
When British control over the Subcontinent came to an end, the British withdrawal was followed by partition and partition was as inevitable as bloody. The birth of India and Pakistan as independent countries is the key to understand the dangers that we face today in Britain. When you see militant Muslims trying to take control on the British mainland, such attempts are no more than what happened in a previous century with tragic consequences.
In more than one way, there is no need to talk about the Quran. Let’s look at the history records. Without going so far in time, the Balkans civil war is yet another example. Today, we have the former Yugoslavia transformed into fragments of fragments of its former self. It wasn’t enough with the creation of several independent countries like Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia. Kosovo, occupied my Muslim Albanians, is now becoming yet another independent country.
This kind of ethnic politics is already taking place in Britain where Bradford and Tower Hamlets have become Muslim republics and Birmingham and Manchester, amongst other towns and regions, are on the way. This is not fantasy. This is political reality. This is not about freedom of speech; this is not about integration; this is about pure and simple occupation in the name of Islam.
When it became known that the official Labour Party had suspicions about Ruftur Rahman’s involvement with Muslim extremists, Ruftur Rahman was expelled by the Labour Party but it was to no avail and now Tower Hamlets is to all intents and purposes a political platform to promote interests that are not British interests. It does not surprise that those who came out to support Ruftur Rahman were Ken Livingstone and George Galloway (one a political maverick of the left and the other a former Labour Party MP, but both supporters of Muslim extremists). When George Galloway needed to run a campaign to re-enter Parliament he went straight to Bradford because he needed to run a campaign based on ethnic politics.
I am sure that the Islamic issue is a fundamental issue of debate within the Conservative Party, despite the public pandering to Muslims carried out by Prime Minister David Cameron. Baroness Warsi, now former Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, was an attempt to show an example of inclusiveness that to all effects became a political embarrassment.
Simon Hughes MP, Deputy Lib Dem leader, has also gone out of his way to try and engage Muslim communities, regardless of his self-confessed homosexuality that puts him at odds with many of the precepts of those he tries to engage with. Not long ago, Muslim activists deployed signs in Tower Hamlets declaring Tower Hamlets a gay-free-area.
In religious terms, we have reached a scandalous dimension by having the BBC appointing a Muslim as Head of Religious Programming and an Archbishop of Canterbury talking about the acceptability of Sharia Law in the United Kingdom.
Despite all the official and unofficial subservient attempts to please Muslim Communities, you have media like Press TV openly accusing Britain of being anti-Muslim and racist and Muslim activists roaming the streets of Britain attacking the British Armed Forces.
People like Abu Hamsa, that just a few months ago was plotting against our freedoms, is now about to be sent to the United States of America, but this didn’t happen before more than 4 million pound were spent in legal cases plus all added extras for the sake of human rights that he blatantly denounced as depravity of the Western World.
Britain as a country has been extremely tolerant and accepting to the point of accepting what is utterly unacceptable and it is still dragging its feet, avoiding what should have been done a long time ago. You either support the laws of Britain or you support the laws of Islam. The Fatwa is one of the clearest examples to show that Islam is not compatible with our religious and political freedoms. The Fatwa is nothing more than a murder contract. If you are Christian, if you are Jewish or a follower of other religions, nobody is going to issue a murder contract against you because you criticize your own faith.
As a Christian I am absolutely free to criticize Christianity without being persecuted. The ones rallying in Manchester who claimed that they were acting to protect freedom of speech were doing nothing of the sort. Fatwa, stoning, rape and other forms of violence linked to religious intolerance have nothing to do with freedom of speech and they are merely abusing the freedoms we have in order to promote their Islamic intolerance.

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