Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pensioners: You get what you vote for

Pensioners: You get what you vote for

The headlines of the Daily Express tell us what we already knew: for decades people have been voting for parties that have ensured that pensioners will be poorer when they reach the age of retirement. To put in other words, pensioners have been voting for their own demise.

When the British National Party talks about managing immigration so that people can have jobs today,  the British National Party wants to ensure that in all stages of their lives, from birth till death, people living in Britain have decent living standards.

The Labour Party and others say that talking about managing immigration is racist and xenophobic. Well, people that today say that managing immigration is racist and xenophobic deserve whatever bad happens to them in term of lack of jobs, lack of educational opportunities, lack of healthcare, lack of housing and lack of provisions for care of the elderly. They are voting to have worse living standards.

This is not so much an ideological issue. It is an issue of common sense. If the price of bananas goes up because you have to share those bananas with more and more people – something that is also talked about in the news – you are going to have less bananas. For example, for many years the politically correct classes have been complaining about housing problems. They didn’t think there were housing problems when they opened the gates to flood immigration. They so much wanted to change the make up of the country that they did not care about the housing problems they were creating.

Every January, travelling fares have been rising by more than ten per cent. They don’t see the link between a 12 per cent population rise and more expensive fares either. So what do they see? Apparently, they see absolutely nothing. They keep accusing the British National Party saying that we are Nazi, Fascist, racist and xenophobic because we are exposing the irrationality of their arguments. One plus one equals two and no amount of ideological debate can change a fundamental mathematical truth.

When they talk about protecting the green belts and about being environmentally friendly, they don’t see the link between increased population and the need to use ever more space that happens to be green land to accommodate more and more people that will produce more pollution.

Our advice for the new generations of pensioners-to-be is that unless they change their voting habits and start supporting the British National Party, our green land is going to disappear and more and more people  will reach the end living in abject poverty.     

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