Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mohammed Movie: Desperate for a Showdown

Mohammed Movie: Desperate for a Showdown

Who made the movie about Mohammed? There is growing consensus regarding the identity of the producer and everything seems to indicate that the producer was an Egyptian willing to use American Jews as scapegoats. Muslim communities were made to believe that the producer was an American Jew and this led to the ongoing climate of confrontation.

Cynicism and lack of trust led also to a whole series of conspiracy theories that blame the American administration for being behind the attacks that happened in September 2001. There are rumours that say that the attacks that happen in July 2005 were also planned not by Muslim operators but by members of the Security Establishment that used Muslims in what was supposed to be a security exercise. It was said that members of the British security services placed the bombs and that the Muslim men syndicated as the material authors – who were not aware of the plot - were executed to cover up the entire operation.

Whoever was behind terrorist activities, all kinds of conspiracy theories can appear simply because there is one fundamental element that has been missing for a long time: trust in the authorities.

Regardless of any conspiracy theories, one thing is certain: there is a growing thirst for confrontation on all sides of the divide. A journalist writing for the Daily Telegraph published an article saying that Muslims should not believe that somebody is out to get them. I reckon there is an undeclared war going on. Rather than being a war between countries, it is a war between ideologies and there is no point in denying that Islam, much more than being a religion, is basically an ideology.

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