Sunday, 23 September 2012

Press TV supports Islamophobia

Press TV supports Islamophobia

Under the headline “Fact: Britain’s dark legacy of Islamophobia”, Press TV enumerates what they see as evidence of Islamophobia, showing that Islam supports murder for religious reasons.

They start by talking about the Fatwa against Salma Rushdie who was sentenced to death by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Iman Khomeini for what they call insults to Islam in Salman Rushdie’s fourth novel “The Satanic Verses” that is a considered to be a literary jewel. So, it is fine for what they call the Glorious Faith to support a murder attempt ordered by a foreign religious leader and the ritual of the stoning of women about which there widespread graphic evidence. Want to talk about Human Rights?

We don’t need to rely on what Press TV calls inaccurate claims and imaginative lies about the “true divine religion of Islam”. No, we have got the evidence. Last night, a Cabinet Minister of Pakistan offered a reward to anybody who would kill the producers of a movie. This is yet another example that shows that “the divine religion of Islam supports murder for religious reasons”. What is more, the Pakistani Minister asked for the cooperation of what he calls his Islamic brothers - Taliban and alQaeda - that have a "glorius record" in the defense of human rights of men, women and children that they have gloriously tortured, raped and murdered in the name of Islam. 

Press TV also refers to Nicholas John Griffin, British National Party leader, who has been fighting against Muslim paedophile gangs that have been sent to prison for sexually abusing boys and girls after loading them with drugs and alcohol. I do assume that Press TV would also like to talk about it.

Press TV also refers to the burning of the Quran as a capital offense and an example of racism and Islmophobia. Islam not only burns books. Islam burns people alive. Let’s remember the 2001 events in the United States of America, the July 2005 events in the United Kingdom, the bombing of the railways in Spain, the blowing up of embassies across the world and the countless assassinations done in the name of Islam across the world.

The funny thing is that they use a website to write an enumeration under the headline “human rights” that rather than defining Islam as the “divine and true faith” describes Islam as a murderous ideology.

They make accusations against the British government accusing the British government of being behind “racist and anti-Islam propaganda” when racist and anti-Islam propaganda is spread by the irrational actions of Islamic leaders that are very much public knowledge.  

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