Tuesday, 11 September 2012

TUC sells t-shirts celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s death

TUC sells t-shirts celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s death

Looking the acts and behaviour of the Trade Union Congress you can guess that the state of mind of its members is extremely dangerous. We are dealing with deranged individuals that live in Cuckooland and this is shown by their actions. They portray themselves as the champions of peace when in fact they are no more than violent thugs.

They hate Margaret Thather because she confronted them and told them in no uncertain terms that it is not up to the Trade Unions to run the country by replacing democratically elected representatives. Whatever the failures of Democracy, whatever the levels of corruption and incompetence, we have a system that is not perfect but the alternatives are even worse.

Margaret Thatcher did many things that many people don’t like but she did what she did because she was given the democratic powers to do so. People supported her in General Elections. If you don’t want certain politicians, you are perfectly entitled to vote for other politicians but always playing by the rules of Democracy.

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