Monday, 3 September 2012

British soldiers attacked in London?

British soldiers attacked in London?

The event is said to have taken place in August 6th 2012. It was reported by the Daily Telegraph on September 3rd, 2012. Why? Why the delay? Is it mass media manipulation all over again? The attackers are said to have been of Asian descent and this time the aggression was not merely the kind of verbal abuse we are so much used to. Words were replaced by physical violence and this violence went unreported until today.

Apparently, for British soldiers it is not enough to give their lives in the line of duty even when what is seen as the line of duty is a useless war of aggression that has lasted more than a decade. British soldiers now have to live in fear on the British mainland. When the general public was unaware, British soldiers were told to police the Olympic Games in groups because they could be targeted by people who were born in Britain and hate Britain and everything Britain represents.

We are at a crossroads. Either we, collectively, acting under the rule of law take remedial action to avoid this ignominious act of treason or others who don’t believe that things can be improved by peaceful means will take the lead and act at will in extremely violent ways setting the entire country on fire.

The British National Party, as a political party that acts under the rule of law and within the democratic framework, distanced itself from the atrocities committed in Norway. Having said that, the general public should be reminded that the actions of militant Islam serve as a justification for the atrocities that took place in Norway and that the said actions of militant Islam will be used by interested movements as a reason to target innocent members of religious communities. This is extremely serious and it is serious because it is extremely dangerous.

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