Thursday, 27 September 2012

Social Responsibility put under the carpet of political correctness

Social Responsibility put under the carpet of political correctness

The events happening in the United Kingdom concerning sexual grooming of children by organized Muslim gangs have reached the international arena and now the World is talking about something that until now had been a very local series of incidents.

A Muslim website comments that some Islamic leaders are saying that the whole series of events are part of an international plot to denigrate Islam. There are some parallels between the attitudes of denial of the Catholic Church regarding the actions of Catholic priests involved in sexual activities with vulnerable children they should have protected and the attitudes of Muslim elders. Muslim elders are in denial and because Muslim elders are in denial entire Muslim communities across the world are going to suffer.

What Muslim leaders in the United Kingdom should be doing is facing their responsibilities in tackling the culprits of sexual activities that degrade entire communities. Muslim leaders should be policing their own communities and ensuring that the grooming of young boys and girls stops and never happens again. If they choose to put their problems under the carpet, they themselves are going to strengthen anti-Muslim sentiments that are raging across the Western World.

Muslims are constantly blaming the so-called Far Right for crimes Muslims have committed. Well, the Far Right does not go around in gangs raping boys and girls because they are not Muslim. Rather than blaming those who denounce the crimes, the Muslim elders should be chasing the Muslim gangs that engage in criminal activities.

As a wider community, regardless of religion or political views, we all have shared responsibilities. It has been on the news the case of a 30-year-old married man who fled the country with one of his pupils, a 15-year-old girl. We react as a society, regardless of religion or political views.

I say it and I say it again. I said it when talking to representatives of the Muslim Community on television: crime is crime, regardless of religion, race, gender or any social condition or background. I said many times that unless every one of us is safe  nobody is safe.    

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