Thursday, 28 December 2017

Michael Heseltine: I side with Lord Tebbit. Michael Heseltine must go.

Michael Heseltine: I side with Lord Tebbit. Michael Heseltine must go.

Those who remember what led to the debacle in the Conservative Party that lost the 1997 General Election must surely remember the role Michael Heseltine played as a member of a team of conspirators that included John Major and Ken Clarke and what followed after they destroyed Margaret Thatcher.

John Major, Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine were the protagonist of a very sad and very tragic saga that could have bankrupted Britain. The ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism, precursor of the EURO) was a complete and utter disaster. No matter how many efforts the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont made to protect the Pound, Britain was forced to sell massive amounts of Gold reserves that incidentally ended up in German hands.

The Trio that could hardly ask for any Oath of Allegiance since they have behaved as traitors went on to lead a Conservative Party that was de-facto four political parties in one. The ERM, like the EURO, is not an economic idea. It is an ideological idea and even the most ardent supporters of the EU like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown stayed well away from the EURO. They knew the potential for disaster.

The latest statement made by Michael Heseltine - now Lord Heseltine - saying that he prefers a government headed by a Marxist is yet another example of Michael Heseltine's Conservatism. But he is not alone. His co-conspirator Ken Clarke should also be given his marching orders. John Major is doing his best to undermine the Conservative government and those who stand for Britain and made it plainly clear at a speech he made as a host of the Church of England. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Internet is not a threat. It is a safety valve

Internet is not a threat. It is a safety valve.

I strongly believe that Internet is a safety valve that allows to diffuse much of the frustrations that could turn into violence. I believe that in a deeply divided society in which despite rising numbers the individual is paradoxically increasingly isolated, we need the means to allow grievances to be vented safely. For this reason, I reckon that attempts to prevent people from expressing their feelings in social media are misguided and dangerous.

Some years ago, I wrote a piece about Thomas Hamilton, a loner that was a member of a gun club in the United Kingdom. Thomas Hamilton was a ticking bomb, loaded with frustrations and resentment made a lot worse by the fact that he couldn't let go of the anguish that was growing and growing inside. Suddenly, one day, he decided to arm himself and walk into a public school where he shot dead teachers, parents and pupils.

Jo Cox's case is cited as a case of politically motivated assassination when in fact it was a case of a mental health patient that on the eve of the attack was asking the National Health Service for support because in his own words he was feeling emotionally troubled. Thomas Mair was also having mental health problems but the case was completely distorted and made to appear as politically motivated. Thomas Mair was described as a Right Wing Terrorist.

In a society in which one in ten teenagers are showing symptoms of mental health problems that go untreated in most cases, social media play a vital role. Those who do not have a rewarding and fulfilling private life can use the Internet and social media to relieve some of the pressure they are under.

I think some British politicians are getting things extremely wrong. Censoring and banning can only make matters a lot worse. I do believe that putting things under the carpet is not the answer. It is better for things to happen in the open so that we know what people are truly feeling and thinking. You might not like some of the comments people make but this is no justification whatsoever to prevent them from expressing what they truly feel and think.

Britain has a particularly serious problem. Why hasn't anybody asked why so many people are choosing to live alone and why so many that would like to have some kind of social interaction are being ostracised? Let's remember that we live in a country in which not less than 15,000 people take their own lives every year (this is about the cases that we know but there will be plenty more that we don't know about). I guess we only notice the problem when our train services are cancelled because somebody jumped onto the rails in front of a passing train.

Behind the drugs problem, there are fundamental social issues related to how we interact with each other. In the Digital Era of Mass Communications millions of people don't have a voice and feel completely abandoned.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Freedom of Speech in danger

Political repression at its worst. When people are not allowed to speak freely, people will kill because violence will be the only way to get back rights that are being destroyed by Political Correctness. It happened before and it will happen again. Liberal and Marxists are making extremely serious mistakes.

Repression is a dam that sooner than later will burst with disastrous consequences.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Deutsche Welle: Muslim threat growing in Germany

Mentally retarded politicians in the United Kingdom that control equally inept Police Services in the United Kingdom go on the attack targeting those who are raising awareness against the dangers of Islam and they call the alert cries Islamophobia.

For exactly the same reasons that they allowed children to be raped by Muslim gangs in the United Kingdom for more than sixteen years, they are failing to protect the British public as it was revealed when Security Services that had all the relevant information to prevent massive number of fatalities and casualties failed to act.

Such attitudes are killing men, women and children in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

Políticos retardados mentales en el Reino Uniodo que controlan servicios policiales igualmente ineptos en el Reino Unido atacan a aquellos que tratan de informar sobre los peligros del Islam y califican los llamados de alerta Islamofobia.

Por exactamente las mismas razones que permitieron que niños fueran violados por pandillas musulmanas en el Reino Unido durante más de dieciseis años, no están protegiendo al público británico tal como fue revelado cuando los Servicios de Seguridad que tenían toda la información relevante para impedir un número masivo de muertos y de heridos no hicieron nada.

Esas actitudes están matando hombres, mujeres y niños en el Reino Unido y por doquier en Europa.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Listening to Britain First you understand that there are quite a few nutters in the House of Commons

Listening to Britain First you understand that there are quite a few nutters in the House of Commons.

Having seen the twits and having heard what the Prime Minister Theresa May said, what Home Secretary Amber Rudd said, what an SNP MP said and what Labour Party MPs including Yvette Cooper said in the House of Commons, I conclude that the House of Commons is inhabited by quite a few nutters who don't have a clue about what they are talking about. Prime Minister Theresa May - once again - made a fool of herself publicly telling what US President Donald Trump can say or cannot say. After a disastrous election called in a rush, Theresa May is still driven to make silly statements for the sake of very misguided Political Correctness. She accused President Donald Trump of showing what is really going on and she completely forgot to condemn the real perpetrators.

About Yvette Cooper MP I don't hold any hopes. She historically supported an illegal invasion that killed thousands of Iraqis and led to a massive exodus that some say was the trigger for the mess the Middle East Region has become. Her good judgement has gone missing more than once. With regards to SNP, I must say that they promised a false independence for Scotland and their sole role has become to create as many problems as possible for the country as a whole as some kind of retaliation when they didn't get their pseudo independence.

I went to listen to Britain First. I was there from beginning to end of a conference during which Paul Golding as Leader and Jayda Fransen as Deputy Leader explained very clearly their political aims. Not a word of Racism. Not a word of Fascism. What they both said had nothing to do with Racism and had nothing to do with Fascism proving that Members of the House of Commons including the British Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd have been lying to the British People by totally misrepresenting and falsely accusing the Leadership of Britain First.

The behaviour of several Members of Parliament and of Members of the British Government has been absolutely shameful and degrading. As if we didn't have enough with expenses fraud and improper sexual behaviour, Members of Parliament regularly misrepresent, falsely accuse and demonise fellow British Citizens. 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Katie Hopkins: In a world for which alternative points of view are anathema

Katie Hopkins: As refreshing as troubling

The more the mass media and certain political operators appear to dislike Katie Hopkins the more I like her. There is something absolutely refreshing about the way she talks and challenges mountains of political correctness erected to stop people from saying what they really feel about the issues of the day.

Her very genuine style has come at a huge cost both financially and from a personal point of view but she keeps forging ahead taking things on the chin and moving forward. When she left LBC, LBC became all the poorer. I must say that I have practically stopped listening to LBC since she is no longer before the microphones of a broadcaster for which political correctness is the raison d'être. One wonders how far will people like Nigel Farage go before they are pushed out.

Her personal life has been fraught with difficulties from a very early age. She has had to struggle with very serious health issues from the very beginning but what would have been insurmountable obstacles have turned her into a formidable fighter. Her approach to life has been 'What do you want? Let's have it. Are you trying to pick up a fight with me? Show me what you have got."

Not even the Sun or the Daily Mail could handle the heat that she brings into everything she does. They cannot cope with the real McCoy. Whether you agree or disagree with what she says, she makes life interesting and worth living.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Jez Turner: Who pulls the strings of some members of the British government

Who pull the strings of some members of the British government and uses British Courts to promote its own agenda?

Jez Turner is being targeted for a case that was dismissed by the Crown Prosecution Service and reinstated by the very same Crown Prosecution Service because of pressure exerted by a lobby on very visible figures of the British government.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

National Action: Over-generalisation leading to gross injustices

National Action: Over-generalisation leading to gross injustices

Whether National Action has been banned or proscribed for whatever reasons that the British government hasn't fully justified with facts, we need to focus on the rights of individuals and on how those rights are being eroded.

We have seen demonstrations carried out by Islamic organisations in the United Kingdom that have publicly and very loudly talked saying that their fundamental aim is the destruction of the British Way of Life. They have not only burnt Poppies or insulted British Soldiers that were returning from the battlefields. They have actually engaged in the promotion of terrorism against Britain.

I don't see National Action doing anything of the sort. They are not going around detonating bombs in Manchester and London. They are not driving vehicles and killing people on the streets. They are not going around chasing girls and boys to rape them or to ply them with alcohol and drugs as some Muslim groups in the United Kingdom have done.

The British Government is using Anti-Terror Legislation to persecute people who are not involved in acts of terrorism and the definition of what constitutes Terrorism and what doesn't constitute Terrorism is open to abuse by British Authorities.

I happen to personally know individuals who are now facing the courts falsely accused of being involved in acts of terrorism. I did know Paul Hickman who took his own life facing the threat of a  court using kangaroo charges that are a total fabrication. I happen to personally know Jack Renshaw and Jack Renshaw is not the kind of person that would possible be what the British Authorities seem to believe that he is.

This issue affects me personally because I strongly believe that these injustices are being committed on the name of Political Correctness going mad.

I have personally written to the Home Office Secretary Amber Rudd MP, as I have written to Helen Hayes MP, Jo Swinson MP, and to the Head of the North East Counter Terrorism Unit, alerting them that extremely serious injustices are being committed and all for the sake of Political Correctness.

Whether any of the aforementioned British Authorities wants to take any notice of what I have said remains to be seen but the point has to be made.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Snap Election in Germany?

German coalition talks in tatters as FDP walked away from negotiations

Angela Merkel who barely got 26% of the vote in the recent German elections was desperately trying to form a coalition with FDP and the Greens. Immigration and Energy Policies were her undoing. With the Social Democracts in no mood to be members of any coalition, Germany would be heading for yet another Federal Election.

Immigration is a contentious issue in Germany linked to National Security and Public Security and Angela Merkel has made a gigantic mess that led to Alternative für Deutschland entering the Bundestag with 90 seats.

But in reality, the Greens are the ones to blame by calling for a reduction in coal-generated power that could lead to job losses in the energy and manufacturing sector and by campaigning to keep the immigration floodgates open.

Will I receive another letter from Peter Tauber? Most probably not. The German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier could soon have to dissolve the current parliament to have new elections.

During the coalition talks the CDU and the CSU talked about immigration restrictions. I hope Austria, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic take note of this and especially when EU under Angela Merkel's command took them to court trying to force them to accept more immigrants.

Adolf Hitler during his last years in Argentina and other relevant facts

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler during his last years in Argentina

The supposed death of Adolf Hitler in a bunker in Berlin has been part of the myths created by propaganda. A receding hairline, no moustache and the appearance of a peaceful retiree are very much in tune with what really happened.

Many Germans went to Latin America in search of a new life before, during and after World War Two.

Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile were some of the chosen destinations - especially countries that had important populations of German expatriates.

The "Official Truth" is somewhat different of what actually occurred. Many biographies of important former members of Das Dritte Reich apparatus were rewritten. Nationalities changed to divert public attention. Some Germans became Italian because it was well known that countries like Uruguay and Argentina had numerous immigrants of Italian descent.

Rolf Mengele meeting his father Josef Mengele in Brazil

It was no secret that Britain and the USA had no interest in chasing Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele. Their presence in Latin America was well known but it was something it was not convenient to talk about.

There were areas in certain Latin America countries were access was strictly controlled. Uruguay was a very safe place. Josef Mengele got married in Colonia, Uruguay, using his real name.

This is the official announcement of Josef Mengele's wedding in Nueva Helvecia, Colonia, Uruguay on July 17 1958. Many Germans kept their real names and others chose to disguise themselves as Italians or people of other nationalities depending on which passports they had when they arrived in Latin America.

A few days ago, I received an email from Peter Tauber, General Secretary of CDU - the party headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel telling me that I could register to vote in German Elections. After being in England for almost 30 years and being a British Citizen and with full knowledge of what happens in Germany to those who dare to challenge the Official Version of History, I must say that I am quite comfortable living in Britain.

If you are young and inquisitive, you are not good news for those who want to maintain the lies and fabrications that have been used to exert mind control making a lot of people feel guilty for something that did not actually happen.

If you are a brilliant scientist that happens to be working at the Max Planck Institute and about to get a PhD at the University of Stuttgart and you find out that the talk about the use of chemical substances in concentration camps is not based on factual data, you are not going to be able to live in Germany, let alone work or study in Germany.

This is the history of Germar Rudolf. Born in Limburg an der Lahn, Hesse. In 1990, he joined the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research at Stuttgart, where he prepare a PhD thesis.

In 1991, Rudolf began work on a paper entitled Report on the Formation and Verifiability of Cyanide Compounds in the Auschwitz "gas chambers" on behalf of the Düsseldorf attorney Hajo Hermann, a former Luftwaffe pilot. When his work was published in 1993, Rudolf was told not to enter the Max Planck Institute, his employment was terminated without notice. In 1996, the University of Stuttgart asked Rudolf to withdraw his application for a final PhD examination.

In 1995, Rudolf was sentenced to 14 months in prison for 'inciting racial hatred' by the disctrict court of Stuttgart because of the "Rudolf Report". In August 2004, a district court of Manheim tried to take over his bank accounts. Rudolf avoided going to jail by fleeing to Spain, England and finally to the United States from where he was extradited back to Germany in 2005 and sent to a prison in Rottenburg and from there to another prison in Stuttgart in Baden-Württenberg. On March 15, 2007, the Manheim Disctrict Court sentenced him to two years and six months in prison and finally released on July 5, 2009. Rudolf left Germany and now lives in the USA.

All this happened because a scientist published his work contradicting the Official Version of events. No, we are not talking about North Korea. We are talking about Germany.

Political Persecution in the United Kingdom

Jayda Franzen
Political Persecution in the United Kingdom

Whether you agree or disagree with somebody on political grounds, you need to be able to discern that the only guarantee for all is the fact that people of different persuasions can express their views freely without fear of persecution. Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, Freedom of Speech is just words. There is no Freedom of Speech.

Police Forces in the United Kingdom are actively engaged in Political Persecution. Things are going in the wrong direction and Political Persecution is already costing human lives. Paul Hickman took his own life when facing an unfair trial after he was was arrested for distributing campaign material. Jack Renshaw is facing the courts and it is due to appear on January 2nd, 2018 to learn about his fate after he was arrested because legislation meant to be used against Terrorism is being used for political purposes.

When I have many reasons to worry about what is happening in Germany it seems that Britain is fast advancing towards becoming a Totalitarian State.

Jayda Franzen was arrested in Bromley, South London, and taken by air to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to face interrogation because she made a speech against Terrorism in Northern Ireland.

The concern is that as Democratic individuals are persecuted this will lead to youngsters joining other organisations that will engage in direct action against the Political Establishment and more cases like the case of Jo Cox MP will follow. When more and more people no longer feel that they live in a Democratic State, the potential for violence is enormous. The direct consequence of Political Persecution and Repression will be Direct Violence targeting specific individuals. To the contrary, the more freedom there is to express views without fear of persecution, the safer we can be.

Monday, 13 November 2017

The irony is that Jews have immortalised Adolf Hitler

The irony of remembering what happened during World War Two is that Jews have immortalised Hitler by constantly going back to World War Two. It has been a doubled edged-sword. More than 70 years after the demise of Adolf Hitler, the name of the German President Chancellor is a household name.

I reckon that 70 years after the conflict, the world itself has not come to terms or being able to internalise the importance of the conflict. For many, the conflict has become a touristic attraction in a way that tragedies and those involved in them became a curiosity.

A museum in Indonesia even built an exhibit of Adolf Hitler with a photograph depicting the entrance of a concentration camp with the famous words 'Arbeit macht Frei' (Work makes you free). The protagonists of World War Two and the symbols of World War Two have been turned into cultural icons. Members of the British Royal Household and Members of Parliament have been shown entertaining themselves wearing National Socialist armbands.

It is a very peculiar turn of events because the more Jewish communities and Jewish organisations keep World War Two in the minds of present generations, the more glamour is added to the experiences of World War Two. The more they talk about it, the more fashionable certain symbols become. Anti-Semitism can be therefore be self-inflicted.

Friday, 10 November 2017

UK Anti-Terror Legislation is being used for Political Persecution

Anthony Mole - Head of North West Counter Terrorism Unit
UK Anti-Terror Legislation is used for Political Persecution

When Anti-Terror Legislation was passed in the House of Commons after being put forward by then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, there were voices of concern talking about the possibility that Anti-Terror Legislation could be used for purposes that had nothing to do with fighting against Terrorism and what was feared has become reality. A para-political organisation called National Action was banned after being wrongly classified as a Terrorist Organisation, innocent people were arrested and are now being taken to court to be jailed because of their political ideas. But there are other aspects of this tragedy that are unfolding when children are taken away from their families and innocent people take their own lives. This was the case of Paul Hickman who was arrested because he was in possession of stickers used for political purposes. Paul Hickman couldn't bear the thought of being put on trial to be crucified on trumped up charges and of having to spend time in jail as yet another victim of political persecution.

Paul Hickman

I wrote to Anthony Mole as Head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit; I wrote to Amber Rudd MP as Home Secretary; I wrote to Helen Hayes MP whom I approached several times to deal with political issues; I wrote to Jo Swimson MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. I write to you as ordinary members of the public and ask you to spread the word because this is a very serious matter. 

I lived under a military dictatorship and I can recognise the signs of a dictatorial regime being imposed on the British people. It happens gradually, so gradually that most people fail to stop such signs. Firstly, basic rights of assembly are taken away. People are not allowed to demonstrate in certain public areas. The justification is 'we are concerned about public safety'. Secondly, measures that are nothing more than political discrimination are implemented. "Sorry, you cannot have the job that you want 'because you are a member or have been a member of certain political parties'." "Sorry, you cannot be invited to a debate because you are a member or have been a member of certain political parties or because we don't like what you say". This goes so far as not just banning ordinary people but also US Presidents like President Donald Trump. No official visits to the United Kingdom and no speaking at the House of Commons. 

Now, families are persecuted, children are taken away from their families, organisations that have committed no crime are banned and individuals are persecuted and imprisoned. Britain is becoming a de-facto dictatorial regime.

When the masses support dictatorial behaviour all that is left to say is what Jesus said on the cross: Forgive them father, for they don't know what they are doing. Millions of people across Britain are voluntarily and willingly walking towards a repressive regime. 

Dear Jo Swinsom MP,

This is the original email I sent to Amber Rudd, to Helen Hayes and to the Head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit. It is a very important matter and in the last 24 hours became a case of life and death leading a 37 year old to take his own life. You can contact me directly. I do include a mobile number and I am ready and willing to meet you at the House of Commons to talk about a very important issue.

Anti-Terror Legislation was introduced under a Labour government. Since then, it has been used for purposes that were not originally intended.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 09 November 2017 14:38
To: '' <>
Cc: 'Helen Hayes' <>; '' <>
Subject: Something very wrong

Dear Amber Rudd,

There is something absolutely wrong concerning the strategy adopted against para-political organizations (not Terrorist organizations). National Action is not a Terrorist organization despite the fact that it has been wrongly classified as a Terrorist organization.

I personally knew Paul Hickman and distributing adhesive campaign propaganda materials is not a terrorist activity. Somebody like Paul Hickman was never involved in any kind of violent activity whatsoever and neither was Jack Renshaw due to appear in court on January 2nd  2018.

When anti-Terror Laws are used for purely political purposes there is the certain danger of a backlash that could lead to others getting involved in activities that otherwise they would not get involved into and this because of the anger that injustices generate.

I know what happened in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile – among other countries - in the 1970s and 1980s. I was a member of the military in those days and of the mass media/intelligence services that led to the arrest, torture and in some cases execution of political detainees and I worry that Britain is walking along a very dangerous path when Anti-Terror Laws are used for purely political purposes.

The present approach can certainly create a danger that didn’t exist before. I sense the resentment and anger that such approach has created, approach that could turn political activists into murderers.

Your approach will not prevent attacks against Members of Parliament. Helen Hayes, that I know personally, is aware of the fact that I do know the subject matter that I am writing about because of my background and my political links.

Common sense and rationality must prevail. The actions in which the North West Counter Terrorism Unit has been involved are not related to Terrorism. They are actions of a political nature and they are totally unjustified.

I hope for Britain’s sake that there is a change of course of action. Anti-Terror Laws should only be used for the purpose they were intended to be used. I hope that Britain stops using Anti-Terror Laws for purely political purposes.

And I take this opportunity to issue a word of caution. It is common knowledge that members of the British Armed Forces have joined or are joining para-political groups. Nothing happens in the military without the knowledge of the higher ranks of the British Armed Forces. It is not the kind of thing that can be kept a secret. If you were to touch a raw nerve, the present approach could be even more catastrophic.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Jack Renshaw: Justice system gone mad

Jack Renshaw: Justice system gone mad

Jack Renshaw used to be a member of the youth branch of the British National Party and made speeches at the age of 15 at party meeting including a National Conference.

Now, he is in detention in Manchester because some time ago during a speech made at the age of 22, years after he left the BNP youth movement, he allegedly made derogatory comments about Jews.

Jack Renshaw was arrested by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole.

Jack Renshaw a target of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit? Jack Renshaw seen as terror threat? It is obviously a joke and a joke that is costing thousands of Pounds of taxpayers money. I wrote to the head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit and also to the Jewish Group because this is utter nonsense that show how inadequate the services that are supposed to protect from terrorism actually are. If they had done real a real background search on Jack Renshaw they would have discovered who Jack Renshaw actually. If we went to send to Court every single person who has something native to say about Jews, half of the country would have to be sent to Court and ultimately jailed.

Mass hysteria is spreading like wildfire. Look at the headlines regarding the Labour Party, for example. Reading such rising amount of rubbish one would be led to believe that suddenly all Labour Party supporters would suddenly become storm troopers of Das Dritte Reich. Some people like Jews and other people don't like Jews. Get on with it. When a crook like Bernard Madoff goes around ripping off both Jews and non Jews and ends up in jail or a movie mogul like Harvey Weinstein stand accused of molestation, harassment and rape, both Jews and non Jews are angry.

Criticism is not a crime. It is a democratic right to criticise what we do not like without being taken to court for exercising our democratic rights. The legal system is crossing red lines and compromising our democratic freedoms.

North West Counter Terrorism Unit - Manchester

Dear Anthony George Mole,

I met Jack Renshaw, the 22 year-old that stands accused of making derogatory comments about Jews. The fact that he is being portrayed as a dangerous individual beggars belief and shows very little understanding about who Jack Renshaw actually is.

When I met him he would be about 15 years of age posing as a British Patriot and making emotive speeches about Britain, with very little life experience and very little or no political experience whatsoever. He was the typical young boy seeking attention and trying to be the centre of attention for the sake of self-importance.

There are many thousands like him that are much more of a danger to themselves than they could possibly be a danger to anybody else. You should also be aware of the mentality of the people you are dealing with. By sending an immature individual to jail, you are going to be making a very serious mistake. You are going to turn him into a hero.

Jewish publications are talking about him. The UAF is talking about him. Suddenly, from being totally anonymous, you are going to turn him into a celebrity, into somebody who was persecuted “for the cause”. This is the worst way of dealing with individuals like Jack Renshaw. You will be promoting his narrative and the narrative of thousands like him. From University drop-out, to “fighter for the cause”. As I refer to the Jewish Group, he is going to be surrounded by people who are the real danger and that will most probably nurture him as British prisons become centres for political indoctrination and terrorism training hotspots.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 06 November 2017 23:38
To: '' <>; '' <>
Subject: Jack Renshaw
Importance: High

Dear Sir/Madam,

Who is Jack Renshaw? An immature 22-year-old looking for attention and saying silly things that ultimately got him into trouble. I met him about 5 years ago. By then he was presented as an enthusiastic and old-fired up British Nationalist with no political experience whatsoever. He read high-school style speeches full of patriotic fervour but with very little substance and waited for the applause of the audience, not understanding that many of those who made up the audience were people of little consequence, limited education and limited brainpower. He went on to join National Action – a group of very disturbed and disturbing individuals, also of little consequence, of limited education and limited brainpower who he defined as a more radical group because he wanted to be ‘a man of action’. Being a man of action meant for him to talk rubbish, the kind of rubbish he couldn’t possibly talk about as a member of a political party – any political party. Jack Renshaw is not a dangerous individual. If anything, he is merely a danger to himself.

He is already in detention and there is the probability that on January 2nd, 2018 he will be sent to jail for a very long time. What would be achieved? There are many Jack Renshaw, teenagers that at one point or another lose their bearings and go around seeking attention, getting involved with the wrong kind of people. Because he will be judged for having made Anti-Jewish comments and he is going to be surrounded by Muslim Extremists who are also Anti-Jewish, he is going to spend time with people who are truly dangerous and have the means to commit atrocities. He is going to be trained, nurtured to become a real extremist, because British Prisons are training centres for Islamic Fundamentalists.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

Monday, 30 October 2017

British National Party - still around but only just

Paul Sturdy - London Region
British National Party still around but only just

For many, including the mass media, the British National Party has practically disappeared. Since Adam Walker took over in 2014 as Leader, with National Treasurer Clive Jefferson as Deputy Leader, not much has been happening in terms of political activities.

Adam Walker has not been the most active of political leaders, usually carrying out interviews without telling interviewees on the streets that he is actually Leader of the British National Party.
Adam Walker

In 2017, at the General Election, the BNP only managed to stand 10 candidates but things are even worse. It is not just about the lack of people willing to stand in elections. It is also about the way that several years monies (i.e. membership fees, donations and legacies) have been used. With barely two employees, apart from the Leader and the Deputy Leader that also get paid), the BNP managed to squander hundreds of thousands of Pound in salaries and "Administration Costs". Not that the local or regional branches - where there are still branches - get any kind of financial support from Central Office. In places like London, for example, branches have to manage to survive with whatever they get from collections and activists usually have to buy leaflets taking monies out of their pockets. They get no support whatsoever from Central Office.

The party is supposed to have four sessions of its National Executive every year and is also supposed to have a National Party Conference every year. It has been reported that the NEC hardly meets and that in 2017 there is not going to be a National Party Conference. For this reason, the London Region is organising a Regional Party Conference and has invited members of other regions.

Pictures of properties reportedly acquired by Adam Walker - at the moment Adam Walker's income is made up mainly of what he gets from the British National Party and from Karate Lessons- have been published. You would say that such income would not be enough to buy properties worth hundreds of thousands of Pound.

A brief look at the BNP Statements of Accounts presented to the Electoral Commission shows quite a few things that do not add up. (This information is readily available because it has been posted by the Electoral Commission on its website).

We have spoken with the Electoral Commission and with Members of Parliament about what is going on and sooner than later the Inland Revenue will have to intervene (and most probably also Police authorities will have to intervene). If as we suspect the present Leadership is taking monies as 'personal income' without declaring that it is 'personal income', this would be a clear case of false accounting and tax evasion and Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson would be liable for it.

In an effort to salvage the British National Party and prevent Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson from using the British National Party as a cash cow for their own private benefit, the London Region will have its own separate Regional Party Conference.

There is more to come and we will be reporting it as it happens.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

CPS forced to consider a case about which the CPS initially said that no offense had been committed

As reported, Jez Turner – organiser of the London Forum – has been charged with “inciting racial hatred” in connection with his speech at the “Anti-Shomrim” rally in Whitehall on 4th July 2015.
The Zionist lobby group “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” had brought a legal action to force the Crown Prosecution Service to bring charges against Mr Turner, even though the CPS had originally decided he committed no offence.
An initial hearing will be held at 1.30 pm on Monday 30th October at Westminster Magistrates Court, Marylebone, Central London.
What did he actually say? We are left none the wiser about what was actually said but what is fairly visible is that the Crown Prosecution Service that "originally decided that he committed no offense" is now forced by a Jewish extremist organisation to consider the case once more. If Justice means surrendering to an organisation that might well be acting against genuine Jewish interests, then Justice becomes persecution.
I would say that the said "Campaign Against Anti-Semitism" is actually Anti-Semitic because is generating ill will against innocent Jewish people who have no links whatsoever with the said organisation. Let us remember that Jewish Communities in the United Kingdom amount to about 269,568 people in a country that has more than 60 million people. How many members does Campaign Against Anti-Semitism have? 
Even the Labour Party that has campaigned against Anti-Semitism stands accused of being Anti-Semitic. Something is going very wrong. The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism lobby is as dangerous as Daesh or Islamic State or whatever you want to call it.
On Saturday (28 October 2017), I saw a demonstration carried out by the Black Lives Matter group. There were about 60 people gathered near Downing Street in Central London. This shows how relevant the said group is. The vast majority of the population of London, of whatever race and of whatever religion couldn't care less about a group like Black Lives Matter.  Why? Because people in Britain don't like extremists whether they are Zionist extremists or Black extremists, White extremists or Religious extremists.  

Friday, 27 October 2017

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made possible Catalunya's Independence.

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made possible Catalunya's Independence. Repression against Catalans pushed even those who were against Independence to support Independence. Time is long overdue for the Spanish Prime Minister to resign.

Stalinist Britain: Political Witch Hunt in the United Kingdom

Political Witch Hunt in the United Kingdom

You might believe that Political Witch Hunt is something that happens under dictatorial regimes but it is very much what happens in the United Kingdom those who enforce see it as something normal and acceptable.

Looking at membership rules of certain political parties called 'mainstream political parties' it immediately becomes apparent that Britain has a lot in common with Stalin's Soviet Union. 

A Labour MP is under attack for something that he wrote 15 years ago, long before he became a Labour MP. UKIP rejects membership applications from individuals who were members of others political parties. People who have been members or were members of certain political parties are banned from public office.

Ostracised, discriminated against, vilified, and persecuted, for many the only option is to walk away from politics and join now proscribed organisations. Even when their views might have changed dramatically, they will be haunted by the fact that at one point or another they were members of certain political parties or expressed certain views.

The probability of Members of Parliament being attacked rises exponentially in a society in which discrimination on political grounds is acceptable. When expressing views freely within a legal framework is no longer a possibility, people will join organisations that have no democratic agenda.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

British Nationalism Round 2

British Nationalism Round 2

What we knew as British Nationalism was very much dominated by ideas and concepts from the 1930s and 1940s. This is why it could easily be labelled as something else that had little to do with genuine British interests.

Labelling has been a tactic used by Marxist organisations keeping the ghosts of World War Two in the minds of ordinary people and a way to misrepresent, distort and victimise those who have raised genuine concerns about the direction of travel of today's Britain. Even those who had little or nothing to do with certain movements or ideologies have been classified as Nazi, Fascist, Xenophobe, Anti-Semite and the like. At one point, members of the Conservative Party and of the United Kingdom Independence Party were shouted at and discriminated against using the same labels.

In the same manner that Vince Cable MP talked about the need for a new political map of Britain to replace the duality Conservative/Labour, it is self-evident that the two-party status quo is no longer a viable alternative. The Liberal Democrats themselves had a rude awakening when they lost practically 4/5 of their representation in the House of Commons. Britain has changed and the so called mainstream political parties are nothing more than a loose association of different ideological trends.

As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, there will be new political definitions and this could lead to the rise of a true British Nationalist political party that will be essentially British, a modern political party, a political party for the Twenty-First Century.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

EU: Deafening Silence concerning Spanish abuses

EU's Deafening Silence

When something happens in Venezuela or Burma (I call it Burma, not the fancy name Myanmar), politicians are all too quick to react and to interfere in internal matters. When the country involved in abuses is an EU country, there is a deafening silence. People beaten on the streets, elected representatives arrested and threat of direct rule doing away with Democracy... just a list of niceties for which the Spanish government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is directly responsible, contradicting the view that "65 per cent of Catalans want to remain as part of the Spain". You could say that Mariano Rajoy himself contradicts such view because he panicked and resorted to violence instead of allowing the Referendum to happen normally to prove his point of view. Spain went several decades backwards. Judging by the number of Latin American people fleeing Spain and trying to settle down in Britain, those who are desperately trying to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union are shooting themselves on the foot because reality goes against their assertions about prosperity. What prosperity? Spain has been in doldrums for quite a while to the point that no political party has been able to gather enough votes to form a majority government and for quite a while Spain was de-facto without a real government.

I wonder what the reaction of the British mass media, the European mass media or the world mass media would have been if Nicola Sturgeon and the leaders of the Scottish Pro-Independence Movement and/or the people of Scotland had been treated in the same manner the people of Catalonia and its elected representatives have been treated. The European Union has just brushed Spanish violations of human rights and of political rights under the carpet.

In the EU, nothing is final. The fact that Austria, Poland and Hungary were taken to court when they asserted their sovereign rights on Immigration will generate heated debates. In Germany, Alternative für Deutschland entered the Bundestag as the third largest party and in Austria the Freiheit Partei is bound to be a member of the ruling coalition. Expect further developments.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Democracy Spanish style with politicians arrested, people beaten on the streets and Catalan Parliament suspended

This is Democracy Spanish style with politicians arrested, people beaten on the streets and Catalan Parliament suspended. Following General Franco's example, Mariano Rajoy is the Prime Minister of a very unpopular Partido Popular.

Repression, sooner than later, will lead to civil war and/or to the return of ETA and then Spanish people will be once again carried in body bags. This is the work of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Unable to deal with Spain's acute financial problems, unable to gather enough political support to form a majority government, Mariano Rajoy will lead Spain into a bloodbath.

The European Union, out of excessive caution that it might come to regret, is allowing repression in Spain - a member country of the European Union - while the Organisation of the United Nations has ordered an investigation.

Esto es democracia al estilo español con políticos arrestados, gente golpeada en las calles y el Parlamento Catalán suspendido. Siguiendo el ejemplo del General Franco, Mariano Rajoy es el Primer Ministro de un muy impopular Partido Popular.

La represión, tarde o temprano, conducirá a una guerra civil y/o al retorno de ETA y entonces el pueblo de España será nuevamente transportado en bolsas para cadáveres. Esta es la obra del Primer Ministro Mariano Rajoy. Incapaz de lidiar con los problemas financieros serios de España, incapaz de concitar el apoyo suficiente para formar un gobierno de mayoría, Mariano Rajoy conducirá a España hacia un baño de sangre.

La Unión Europea, debido a una cautela excesiva que llegaría a lamentar, está permitiendo la represión en España - un país miembro de la Unión Europea - mientras que la Organización de las Naciones Unidas ha ordenado una investigación.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Nigel Farage's contradictions: one thing in UK and another in Germany

Anne Marie Waters - a very clear message from a very concise and crystal clear politician. Whether she is given the reins of UKIP or not, the fact remains that she tells things as she feels.

Listening to LBC, you might believe that when you listen to Nigel Farage you are listening to two different people. Just this week, Nigel Farage complained that the mass media, the political establishment, and some members of the general public had created a climate of fear that led UKIP supports to hide their views for fear of being excluded, discriminated against, fired from jobs, not hired, or even physically attacked. In fact, Nigel Farage himself spoke about being afraid of leaving his family home because there was a constant threat against his life.

When I look at UKIP's website, I find that there is list of people whose only crime has been to have been at some point in time members of other political organisations and are therefore banned from becoming members of UKIP.

Therefore, UKIP is banning people who have committed no crime while at the same time complaining that UKIP supporters live in fear of being excluded, persecuted or even attacked. This is a lamentable contradiction in terms that Nigel Farage has not rationally justified or explained, and especially when a few days ago Nigel Farage gave his support to Alternative für Deutschland and spoke at one of AfD rallies in Berlin, at the Spandau Citadel, days before an election that gave AfD tens of seats in the Bundestag.

Nigel Farage opposes Anne Marie Waters in the United Kingdom and then supports a political party in Germany that says very much what Anne Marie Waters is saying the United Kingdom. You couldn't make it up.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Independent: adding fuel to the flames

Alexander Lebedev

Dear Alexander Lebedev,

I know from statements that you have made that you give editors of your publications a free hand to run their publications. Unfortunately, I have to refer to you one particular publication – The Independent - in London.

More than once, I have had to contact The Independent because they have been publishing dangerous nonsense, including misrepresenting what has been said by high ranking officers of NATO. In one particular occasion I had to contact NATO headquarters in Europe and was told that what was reported by The Independent was absolutely untrue.

With regards to Brexit, day in and day out, The Independent is publishing articles that are not conducive to peaceful coexistence. Whether it is about politics or religion, there is a lot of tension and The Independence seems to have an agenda to fuel already existing tensions. Some of the articles are absolutely hysterical.

I know that you run many business at the same time but you should be aware of what your editors are doing and/or allowing others to do on your behalf.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen

The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

Monday, 25 September 2017

Alternative fur Deutschland: One surprise after another

Alternative fur Deutschland: One surprise after another

Founded about four years ago, Alternative fue Deutschland had a very successful rise entering regional governments and now the Bundestag becoming the third largest political party in Germany. From the point of view of the popular vote, more people have dared to challenge political correctness and mass media propaganda and votes for Alternative fur Deutschland have come from all other political forces. The messages are very straightforward and Immigration Issues have favoured Alternative fur Deutschland that says exactly what many don't have the courage to say in public.

Despite winning a fourth mandate, Angela Merkel might have to struggle to form a coalition with political parties that are at odds with each other and might ultimately have to rule with a minority party. Her Leadership has been eroded after barely managing to attract about 33% of the popular vote.

Alternative fur Deutschland is the third largest party in Germany as a whole but in some areas it is the second largest political party and this could be a run to the top. But some public expressions have shown that there are important differences of opinion within Alternative fur Deutschland. There are no differences regarding the main policy issues including Immigration and Islam but there seem to be disagreements in terms how to handle Germany's past.

Whatever the reasons behind Frauke Petry's decision to leave a party press conference, it is important to remark that there are sensitive issues leading to strong disagreements.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

BNP: The reality BNP members should know about

BNP: The reality BNP members should know about

Statement of Accounts 2016 Electoral Commission

The British National Party was run from a room in an industrial park in Cumbria until head office was moved to a room above a supermarket. Looking at successive Statements of Accounts presented to the Electoral Commission members and those making donations to the British National Party will be shocked when they know exactly what is being done with their membership monies and donations.

 The picture is just a sample of the full Statement of Accounts presented to the Electoral Commission. As it appears, three people - the Leader Adam Walker, the Deputy Leader Clive Jefferson and the PA to the Leader pay themselves 122,691 Pound a year. But this is not all. Given how the party is run, it is very difficult to justify 162,162 Pound spent in what is labelled in the Statement of Accounts as Branch. For a party that barely appears on the news and given the fact that local branches of the organisation - the few that are still around - self-finance themselves - and given the fact that the party was merely able to stand less than 10 candidates in a General Election and took part in a few by-elections, the amount of 27,948 Pound as Campaigning fund is even more difficult to justify. Then comes 45,381 Pound claimed to have been spent in Commercial Activities.

But apart from the issue that after an initial analysis the numbers that appear on the Statement of Accounts 2016 are not credible, the question arises about where the monies actually go and serious doubts arise about what amount of money the Leader and the Deputy Leader are actually taking home and how much income they are actually declaring in their Income Tax Declarations sent to the Inland Revenue, in which case we could be talking about tax evasion.

Looking at past and present Statement of Accounts, the Deputy Leader Clive Jefferson, who at one point asked the party for monies to be used for private purposes, now appears to have become a lender to the party. Here comes the issue of legacies. Are legacies made to the party as an organisation or are legacies that should be made to the organisation being made to Clive Jefferson that then proceeds 'to lend money to the party'?

What is the situation from a legal standpoint? Is this done in accordance with present legislation regarding political parties and taxation for both political parties and individuals?

However, the bigger issue involves the members and those who continue giving money to the British National Party. Be very much aware of what is being done in your name and of who is benefiting from your hard earned money. If you are somebody thinking about becoming a member, about making a donation or writing a legacy to the British National Party or giving you legacy to the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, think very carefully because apart from publishing a website and organising phantom political campaigns with the few people still willing to stand in Elections, the organisation is being run for the sole benefit a few individuals at the top - less than five - who are cashing in monies that are supposed to be used for political purposes, monies that end up being used for private purposes.

We have no doubt that within the organisation and especially at local branch level there are true believers that are not there for private interest but have a legitimate interest. Unfortunately, the one body that was supposed to oversee the actions of the Leadership and what is done on behalf of the organisation - the National Executive Council - is now namely Clive Jefferson himself that also happens to be the Deputy Leader and National Treasurer.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Home Office: UK/EU Citizens

Home Office: A catalogue of errors is being made public regarding status of EU citizens

Mistakes made by Home Office staff concerning the status of EU citizens living and working in the United Kingdom are being publicised to show that some Home Office staff don't have a clue about Immigration Law.

People who are still duly entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom are having to go to court to counter the ignorance of Home Office staff that are sending threatening letters and unduly taking away rights from people that are fully entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom because the United Kingdom as long as so called Brexit is fully implemented in 2019 will still be a member country of the European Union.

How could this be happening? Aren't Home Office staff properly trained? Do they have an understanding of Immigration Laws and of the status of EU citizens in the United Kingdom?

We know about cases that are mentioned by mass media. What about cases that are not even mentioned by mass media? How many people are being wrongly told that they have no rights?

Whenever and wherever irregularities occur, those involved in committing irregularities should be made accountable and those in charge should be made accountable.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Climate: Some tribes still believe that dancing produces rain

Climate: Some tribes still believe that dancing produces rain

Climate phenomena are part of the normal evolution of Planet Earth.

Climate has been constantly changing as land masses change and keep moving and there is little we can do to alter this process of change. At the beginning, it is said that there was only one land mass called Pangaea and that Pangaea broke down into several pieces evolving towards what we have got today as continents. Climate evolved non stop. To say that Climate changes because of Man is an absurdity promoted by individuals that should know better. Earth's position around the Sun has changed. The Solar System's position in what we call the Universe has changed. Change is a constant in the lives of Stellar Systems and therefore we have to expect more changes in the future and some more dramatic than others. Most probably the time will when Earth will be like Planet Mars. Whether Humanity has the technology that will enable it to move to another Planets it remain to be seen but this vastly exceeds our own life time and as Humanity also evolves our descendants might end up being quite different from us.

As Antoine de Lavoisier stated: Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed. Change is a constant and we better accept it. This is the message to the Environmentalists. You are not going to prevent changes by over-charging for services i.e. taxes on air travel. Taxing people with the pretext of doing it to prevent climate change is like the actions of Native Americans jumping around and shouting to make rain fall. It is absolutely nonsensical.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin: A conscientious and responsible leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin: A conscientious and responsible leader not just of the Russian Federation but of the whole World

If if wasn't for the Russian President that excels in patience and moderation, World War Three would have already started. At all times he has reacted calmly and diplomatically to prevent a descent into widespread chaos.

There is a huge difference between Western Leaders and Russian leaders like President Vladimir Putin. While Western leaders rise to power thanks to private investors and mass media, Russian leaders rise to power because of their innate skills and commitment to public duty.

Despite the premeditated attempts of some politicians of the European Union to create an European conflict, the Russian Leadership under the guidance of President Vladimir Putin maintained a wise approach to stop the Ukrainian crisis from becoming a new Sarajevo. When faced with the conflict in Asia, once again, the Russian Leadership under the guidance of President Vladimir Putin has appealed for calm and moderation to prevent a debacle trigger by a confrontation between the USA and North Korea.

For a very long time, a cabal has tried to destroy the Russian Federation and Russia's reputation in the world. The confrontation with Iran, the confrontation in Syria, the chaotic actions in Libya, the crisis in Ukraine have been motivated by premeditated actions that suit a clear agenda. The Russian Federation is a moderating influence in the World and they don't like it. The Russian Federation is building bridges of cooperation across the World and they don't like it. Rabid Capitalism doesn't like a Nation that stands for principles and cooperation with all those who want to work in peace.

National Action: Proscribed but Thriving Organisation

National Action: Organisation banned in the United Kingdom.
The organisation known as National Action might have been proscribed but its numbers are rising steadily. In more than one way, the fact that it has been declared illegal in the United Kingdom has made it even more attractive for anyone who is fed up of what is happening today in British politics.

I speak regularly with many disenchanted members of certain political parties that tell me that "there is no longer a political solution and that they will be joining groups like National Action".

Whether they finally join or don't join National Action, the fact remains that National Action numbers keep growing and now include members of the British Armed Forces, people who have military training, have access to weaponry, and now have an ideological foundation and direction of travel.

The Independent newspaper published an article about the fact that Police authorities are investigated the British Armed Forces because elements of the British Armed Forces have been found to be linked to National Action.

I contacted The Independent to talk about the subject but they haven't come back to me - maybe they will do so in the future. National Action is just one of a myriad of smaller groups that have made the transition from political parties to political movements. Politische Partein/Politische Bewegungen.

There are paramilitary training camps across the United Kingdom where many youngsters are given a cocktail of military training and ideological formation. These are not the usual Sturmabteilungen. They are more like fully-fledged Schutzstaffel.

Lizzie Dearden is a beginner in this area of research. I was active in the 1970s and 1980s in Latin America and very much aware of political strategies used by paramilitary organisations like National Action but the level of sophistication has risen exponentially. There are Blue Collar National Action members and White Collar National Action members and they are very much part of everyday Britain.

White Collar National Action members are members of organisations and institutions that are not publicly associated with the ideals of National Action. When political success is a long way away, infiltration is the most successful strategy. If I were to reveal even a small number of names, the country would be up for a massive emotional shock because many individuals usually associated as active anti-Far Right campaigners are National Action members in disguise.