Saturday, 29 April 2017

War on Terror or War on Islam? This is the question.

The fundamental question is very real. War on Terror or War on Islam? And it is a question asked from all sides of the divide, by both Muslims and non-Muslims. 

There is a struggle not just in terms of countering the threat of terrorism but also in terms of dealing with social and cultural issues that have a political nature and are undermining our way way of life and putting lives in danger.

The fact that we are having to invest a significant amount of resources keeping in British jails many Muslims involved in terrorism and the fact that we have to spend so much money, time and brainpower to keep terrorism at bay, when we don't have enough resources to invest in other areas that constitute the essence of normal life, indicate that we are at War and that the enemies are Muslim.

We are arming ourselves to the teeth for the event of foreign wars and we are fighting a homeland war that is step by step eroding our civil rights and our freedoms. The conflict is very real and political correctness is a deadly disadvantage because it weakens us and makes us vulnerable.

During World War Two there was something called Internment Camps, where presumed enemies of Britain were detained even when they had done nothing YET. The word YET is very important. There is no such a thing as a peaceful enemy. If somebody is a potential threat, he or she is a threat. 

The fact that members of Muslim Communities haven't done anything yet is not a guarantee that they will not get involved in terrorism or support terrorism in the near future. There are areas of high concentration of dangerous elements that have been arrested or are at present being tracked down.

We must put Political Correctness aside and go for the jugular to make sure that no more lives are lost unnecessarily. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

The idea of Islam being a religion of peace is getting more and more difficult to sell

The idea of Islam being a Religion of Peace is getting more and more difficult to sell as Police officers publicly say that they are arresting Muslims involved in terror activities on a daily basis.

As a religion Islam or might not be a Religion of Peace but what becomes clearer and clearer is that quite a few Muslims - other Muslims at birth or Muslims because of having converted to Islam are not peaceful at all and are plotting on 24/7 basis to commit acts of terrorism on British soil. Coming to the definition of British, the mass media, the political classes, et cetera, talk about British Muslims. Are they? Are they truly British? Are they British first or Muslims first? What is in the minds of those involved in terrorism even when they were born in the United Kingdom? Allegiance to Britain and British customs and way of life? It appears that they have no allegiance to Britain at all and that they are ideological enemies of British customs and way of life.

On the day when a man was convicted and received a twelve weeks sentence accused of broadcasting anti-Muslim messages, we also have to deal with people who plot to destroy our way of life by promoting Islamic messages.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel explicitly and very publicly said: Multikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead). We cannot have societies in which people live apart ruled by different rules according to their faiths. Islam is contrary to the very fundamentals of Democracy.

Western societies have division of powers, one Law for all, and the belief that men and women are equals before the Law and before God. Islam is very much against gender equality and very much supports discrimination. Whatever the mass media say, whatever the political classes say, Islam is inherently discriminatory and non democratic. In Western societies, people are free to believe or not to believe, to have a religious faith or to have none and no one is lawfully persecuted because of his or her religious ideas or lack of religious ideas. Islam condemns those who do not adhere to Islam classifying them as non-believers. In Islam, there is no concept of religious freedom.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

SNP = there are two dimensions in every vote

There are two dimensions to every vote for SNP Scottish National Party.

In a desperate effort to get momentum going for a new Referendum on Scottish Independence, Nicola Sturgeon called for a coalition with Labour and Liberal Democrats not realising that such a coalition in a General Election would go against the will of Scottish voters in Scotland that not necessarily support Scottish Independence - for starters - and who profoundly disagree with SNP in Scottish politics.

In Scotland, SNP needs the support of the Green Party and in England the Green Party was looking for a similar coalition arrangement with Labour and Liberal Democrats but regarding Brexit.

In both cases, in kind of 'coalition arrangement' was discarded by both Labour and Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats have been trying to benefit for the Labour Party's internal struggles. So there is love relationship between Labour and Liberal Democrats.

Tony Blair's meddling in British politics have had a detrimental effect on the so called Remain campaign with Remain Conservative Members of Parliament leaving what is called Open Britain because of Open Britain's declared intentions of unseat pro-Brexit Conservative MPs.

This has been a bit like the outcome of Karl Marx's call 'Proletariat of the World unite'. Party political loyalties - like national loyalties proved stronger in World War One - have proven to be stronger than any kind of pretend convenience.

At the end of the day, most people will vote along party political lines and Members of Parliament will not put their own interests aside to promote the illusion of cross-party momentary alliances.

In the Constituency where I live, the electoral success of the incumbent Member of Parliament is guaranteed. Whatever other political parties might or might not do in terms of tactical voting doesn't really matter. When I go and vote on June 8th 2017, I will already know the name of who is going to be Member of Parliament.

Things might be a bit different in other constituencies where the incumbents have smaller majorities - marginal seats - but we are talking about 650 seats and a few changes here and there will not change the final outcome of the Election.

In 2015, SNP got 56 out of 59 seats in the House of Commons. Having reached the top of the mountain, the only way forward is downwards and this is something that Nicola Sturgeon might be very much thinking about. She didn't expect that she would have to deal with a General Election so soon while still having to deal with difficulties in the Scottish Parliament. She knows that losing members in Westminster will also benefit her Scottish opponents in the Scottish Parliament.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

June 8, 2017 - UK General Election

UK General Election - June 8, 2017

Every election is a box of surprises and this election couldn't happen at a more dramatic time in the political life of the United Kingdom.

This is an election that will be played at different levels and undoubtedly the outcome could be life changing for the mass media including the BBC and Sky and also for the printed media who have absolutely against the idea of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. But it also going to have a dramatic effect in the political balance in the country as a whole and in each of the component parts of the United Kingdom.

There are some fundamental questions. Will Caroline Lucas manage to survive a General Election? The only Member of Parliament representing Brighton could be on the way out. What could happen to the SNP majority in Scotland? Will local issues play a crucial role meaning the loss of seats in the House of Commons. Will they repeat the feat of 2015 when they got 56 out of 59 seats? Will SNP be able to keep its momentum in Scotland? What will happen in Northern Ireland where at the moment there is local government?

In England, a divided Labour Party that has effectively several leaders (the Official Leader - Jeremy Corbyn) and several unofficial leaders and plotters wishing to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn).

The Liberal Democrats hope that disaffected Labour voters will turn out to support them and allow them to overcome the dismal results of 2015 that left them with less than 10 Members of Parliament.

UKIP needs to find its way. The Conservative Party de-facto represents many of the views of UKIP and in fact called for the implementation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. What can UKIP offer that is not already on offer by the Conservative Party?

The vote today in the House of Commons was remarkable in many ways. It was remarkable because of an overwhelming number of MPs that supported the government's call for a General Election. It was also remarkable because 13 Labour MPs voted against but it must be said that tens of MPs abstained.

Soon after, there was a series of announcements of present Members of Parliament that said that they would not be standing for re-election and it would be fair to say that they don't want to stand because they feel that they have no chance of being re-elected and they want to avoid the embarrassment of not being re-elected.

In any case, this promises to be a very interesting time in the political life of the United Kingdom. 

Monday, 17 April 2017

The Independent classifies Britain First as an example of British voters going against foreign sounding names

I almost fell off my chair with laughter when I saw an article published by The Independent regarding peoples' rejection of candidates with foreign names.

The picture was taken during a recent rally in Central London and clearly shows Britain First's banners and its leader Paul Golding.

I contacted the news desk of The Independent to ask them about their choice of graphics to illustrate the said article posted on The Independent's main website.

Are we saying that British voters choose candidates who have English sounding names because of some hidden xenophobic connotations? Or do they choose candidates who have English sounding names because they do want to vote for people that they see as their own people?

Whatever was the general idea of using a picture of a Britain First rally to head and article about people's electoral preferences, I can say that the choice of picture is a bit of a joke.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Britain First website and twitter accounts hacked by undesirables

Britain First's website and twitter accounts hacked by undesirables. The matter is being investigated by Police.

The hackers posted threats to human life. I hope that they are caught and punished. What the said hackers couldn't possibly foresee is that their attacks can only increase support for movements like Britain First.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Unwarranted attacks against countries we are not at war with are acts of war

On September 1st, 1939, Adolf Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland. Two days later, Britain and France declared war against Germany.

On December 7, 1942, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and US was at war with Japan.

Now lets look at the rationale. The United States of America has been invading and attacking countries that are not at war with the United States of America and, morever, countries like the United Kingdom have supported such attacks and invasions. We cannot possibly criticise others when we are doing exactly the same. Bombing the Syrian Army is an act of war very much like the invasion of Poland and the attack against Pearl Harbour were acts of war.

Now, Syria has the upper hand and should the Russian Federation start a Nuclear War in retaliation such retaliation will be totally justified. We cannot go on supporting or justifying acts of war like the invasion of Iraq or Libya.

The Organisation of the United Nations created in 1945, by the end of World War Two, was supposed to be the channel to deal with crisis after crisis but the Organisation of the United Nations has not been fit for purpose.

Unilateral actions like the bombing of Syrian military bases are acts of war. Whatever happens in Syria, no country has the right to attack Syria merely because somebody doesn't like what is happening in Syria.

Syria is a sovereign country. Syria is suffering from a civil war aggravated by the actions of Islamic Extremists that have spread across Asia Minor and the Middle East. When the United States via unilateral action destroyed the Iraqi government and generated a state of lawlessness in Iraq, the United States promoted the rise of Islamic Extremists that could act at will since both the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police that kept extremists at bay were no longer around.

It is lamentable that the governments of two supposed democratic countries can possibly engage or justify or promote the kind of attack perpetrated by the United States.

Such action was wrong and will be followed by repercussions. When we talk about Islamic State and about the actions that there carrying out not just in the Middle East and Asia Minor but also in Africa, Europe and the USA, undoubtedly their source of inspiration is not the Quran but US Foreign Policy.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

London: The number of victims of Moderate Islam keeps growing

Aysha Frade is one of the latest victims of Moderate Islam. The mother of two was slaughtered yesterday close to the Houses of Parliament where Libtards and Lefttards Members of Parliament and their acolytes continue to promote the so called Religion of Peace.

"We must be more like they are", they say. So maybe we should all drive cars into crowds and stab Police officers in front of the House of Parliament. What do you think? Or we should detonate bombs inside underground trains and on buses. Or we should stab elderly Catholic priests in French churches. Or we should go around raping women and children across Europe. Or we should go around beheading people in the name of Sharia Law. Would such actions make us be as the ones they seek to protect?

The Politically Correct Society protects the enemies of Western Civilisation talking about Human Rights. What about the Human Rights of the victims of Muslim attacks?

And the you have statesmen like President Erdogan saying: Europeans will not be safe on European streets or Turkish newspapers reminding Netherlands that it only has about 40,000 soldiers while there are more than 400,000 Turks living in Netherlands. Aren't such statements a declaration of war against ordinary law abiding European people?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Arron Banks launches new political party. Same membership limitations?

Arron Banks launches a new political party having left UKIP. In essence, there is talk of attracting floating working class vote and of being a new home for disenchanted Nationalists that find themselves in limbo and without a political home as the political organisations they used to support or were members of have not proven to be reliable or to have any political future.

Since there is only one Electorate with a growing number of disenfranchised voters, the issue of membership limitations is ever present.

UKIP banned former members of the British National Party, Britain First, National Front, English Defence League and of other political parties from joining UK Independence Party. So there is still an awfully big number of people who are basically politically homeless.

Arron Banks
A few months ago, Kevin Layzell, a young political activist that started his political career in the British National Party, went to National Front. The likes of Britain First and British Democrats  and others had their roots in the British National Party although Britain First explicitly rejects - at least in principle - any membership application from former British National Party members and this in spite of the fact that many Britain First members and this includes its leader are former British National Party members.

EDL and Britain First have a very peculiar rapport since they have quite a lot in common, including their activism practices that led them quite often to confrontation with both political detractors and Police.

Within what we could broadly call Nationalism there are all sorts. Despite having some common aims, they have been at odds with each other and hostility has not been the exception but the rule.
Of late there have been news appearances. We have seen British Renaissance and London Forum plus a number of branches like Bristol Forum. They seem to congregate people with very distinct political backgrounds, with both differences and similarities. 

At a recent London Forum meeting in London, British historian David Irving and other well-known personalities were present. At a Bristol Forum meeting, Julie Lake - now former BNP member - introduced Kevin Layzell - former BNP members and now National Front member as a guest speaker.

Kevin Layzell talked about his hopes regarding the rise of a Nationalist Party that could sometimes unite a very fragmented Nationalist scene to be able to win elections and during his speech talked about the rise of the BNP that won two seats in the European Parliament, a seat in the London Assembly, and a multitude of seats across the country - including in Barking and Dagenham where it was the official opposition - before going down all the way with the expulsion of Nick Griffin that was the driving force that led the party to heights many never thought that it was possible to reach.

So, what is going to be the next political chapter? Will Arron Banks seek to unite the Nationalist scene under a new flag, being as inclusive as possible? Arron Banks promised UKIP 2.0. Will it be a completely new version or just another version with a few cosmetic changes?

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen: Breaking barriers

It looks like Nigel Farage has come to his senses and decided to break barriers by making the rational decision to come closer to Marine Le Pen.

At a time when Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry and many others share a platform to challenge the status quo, it would be inconceivable that those who share aims and purposes could be divided or even working against each other.

We should look forward to the day when UKIP itself comes to its senses and stop peddling the lies and misconceptions of the so called mainstream political parties.
We look at membership policies of UKIP that incidentally coincide with discriminatory policies implemented against minority parties. As the main financial supporter of UKIP has his membership suspended and is looking forward to leave UKIP and create what is being called UKIP 2.0, the party should realise that it cannot complain about political exclusion when UKIP itself is implementing political exclusion.

Unless all Nationalists come under the same flag, there is no hope in hell of seeing a Nationalist Party taking the reins of politics in the United Kingdom and especially when some so called Nationalists like SNP and Plaid Cymru are seeking to divide the United Kingdom to become subjects of an increasingly centralised and despotic European Union.

Images of Moderate Islam


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Angela Merkel: What a catastrophic German Chancellor

Angela Merkel: What a catastrophic German Chancellor!

The Guardian as many other media talk about the fury of Angela Merkel as Turkey accuses Germany of implementing 'Nazi-style practices' because Turkish politicians are not being allowed to carry out a campaign in favour of a Turkish constitutional reform in Germany.

The Netherlands and several others countries don't want their territories to be used by Turkish politicians as a political battlefield to extend the powers of President Erdogan.

One should expect then that all EU plans to incorporate Turkey as a member country of the EU would have stalled.

Another aspect of the confrontation is the fact that Turkey is also a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

And there is also yet another issue which is the issue of refugees/economic migrants given that Angela Merkel has been at the forefront of a campaign to persuade Turkey to act as a wall to prevent the passage of millions of migrants on their way to Continental Europe.

Angela Merkel has been an unmitigated disaster. Firstly, she made a very pompous statement saying "All refugees welcome". She didn't even bother to consult with other EU countries that were going to be affected as routes of passage towards Germany. She generated crisis after crisis as other countries were being overrun by a massive influx of migrants and things got ugly not just in the other countries affected but also in Germany.

Germany wasn't prepared to register the huge number of newcomers. Germany didn't have the means to determine who was a genuine refugee and who wasn't a genuine refugee. Germany didn't have the means to support millions of people coming in. No income, no places to stay, not enough services to support such a massive demographic influx.

She tried to force other countries to take refugees. She tried to put in place a deal with Turkey to contain the influx of migrants. She talked about paying people to go back to their countries of origin. She talked about deporting people without even knowing if they were real refugees or merely economic migrants.

Angela Merkel has made the situation of real refugees a lot worse and in the process is turning ordinary people against real refugees. Suddenly, the vocabulary changes and we talk more and more about migrants. In one of her latest interventions, she talks about 'safe countries'. She doesn't have a clue about what is talking about. She could be sending people back to be killed in her desperation to get rid of migrants when the campaign towards Federal Elections in Germany is in full swing already.

A demagogue, an incompetent politician and a very irresponsible German Chancellor who is now been categorised as a Nazi by the very same people she was trying to make a deal to keep migrants out of Germany.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Chain reactions, distortions and cheap propaganda that leads to war

Why is Lebedev promoting fear?

The Independent, British newspaper owned by Evgeny Lebedev almost copy paste an article published by the The Times in the USA falsifying statements made by General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, Deputy Commander of NATO. When we read what the independent has published we immediately contacted NATO headquarters to see if General Sir Adrian Bradshaw had actually said what The Independent said that he said.

A NATO spokesman indicated that it was a case of misreporting and it shows the extent of the campaign of disinformation carried out by Evgeny Lebedev's The Independent that apparently seeks to create a climate of fear.

We also contacted the FSB (Russian Security Services), the Russian Embassy in London and the Polish Embassy in London, apart from getting in touch with the newsdesk of The Independent to let them know that NATO and the Russian government is aware of the campaign of distortion carried out by Evgeny Lebedev (son of Russian oligarch Alexandr Lebedev).

Lebedev's The Independent lies about NATO statement

Series of Emails

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sure that you remember the words of Adolf Hitler when he said that ‘Armies are made for war’. In the Russian psyche, NATO’s military build-up along the Russian borders reminds Russia of June 22, 1941, the beginning of Unternehmen Barbarossa and stirs up memories of a conflict that engulfed Poland.

Stirring up memories of a conflict that engulfed Poland will not make Poland safer and will not make Europe as a whole safer. It will only take one miscalculation, one human error, for millions of lives across Europe to be in mortal danger. Wars always begin with propaganda, diplomatic skirmishes and displays of military might to create enemies in the minds of ordinary people who are soon afterwards led to Hell on Earth.

For family reasons, World War Two is for me a very personal issue and I see animosity against the Russian Federation as the forerunner of yet another major European catastrophe. Driven by hatred, manipulated by the mass media, both politicians and ordinary people reach a point of no return and throw themselves over the edge.

I remember the USA’s reaction when missiles were sighted in Cuba, close to USA but far away from USA borders. We were on the brink of a major Nuclear Holocaust. What do you expect Russia to feel when missiles and military forces are deployed along the borders of the Russian Federation? Do you expect Russia to keep cool and do nothing about it? When Russia deploys missiles in Kaliningrad, Russia does so as preventative measure to send a clear message that Russia will not tolerate yet another Unternehmen Barbarossa.

Should any NATO member make a faux-pas, Poland will be the first country to suffer and this is why in order to prevent any faux pas, any catastrophe triggered by human error, the anti-Russian propaganda and the anti-Russian military stances must come to an end for Poland’s sake, for Russia’s sake and for the sake of Europe as a whole.

Knowing the history of World War One and the history of World War Two, I sense that Sergei Ivanov is wrong. If there is war in Europe, the next war will not be fought with conventional forces. It will be a Nuclear War and the loss of human lives and the degree of destruction will be something we have never experienced before.  

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 06 March 2017 14:13
To: '' <>
Subject: FW: Deeply Troubling NATO Official Response
Importance: High

Dear Sir/Madam,

We must all be extremely vigilant to counter the campaign carried out by some British mass media to create a climate of hatred against the Russian Federation. They go as far as falsifying statements made by NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

As a political researcher, I read with astonishment an article published by The Independent in London that reflects a distortion that was published by an American newspaper. I forward to you the correspondence that I received from NATO indicating that The Times has completely fabricated a story that it also happened to appear on The Independent.

I also sent the said correspondence to FSB in Moscow because it relates to a newspaper owned by the son of a Russian citizen called Alexandr Lebedev, that also happens to own several other mass media in the United Kingdom including other newspapers and a television channel.

All the best

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 03 March 2017 18:36
To: '' <>
Cc: '' <>
Subject: RE: Deeply Troubling NATO Official Response

Dear LTC Dirk Mathes (DEU A),

I see that I was more than justified to contact you regarding what constitutes misreporting of a very important matter, distorting statements made by those speaking on behalf of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and we don’t know exactly the purpose of such appalling misrepresentation.

The Independent, a newspaper published in the United Kingdom and owned by Evgeny Lebedev, son of Alexander Lebedev who used to be the third largest potato grower in the Russian Federation who decided to diversify his financial interests buying newspapers and television channels in the United Kingdom that include The Independent, Evening Standard, Metro and London Live, published the story published by The Times on its main online website.

I read the story and decided to contact you immediately. For purposes unknown to me, I have noted that the said publication publishes articles that are borderline in terms of National Security and of geopolitical paramount importance.

At the end of the day, the buck stops with the owner of the publication  - Evgeny Lebedev – who is ultimately responsible for what is published.

I attach link to the story published by The Independent and a picture of the page and heading publish by The Independent.

I don’t know the intention of those in charge of the publication nor the agenda of its owner Evgeny Lebedev but I do believe that there are far too many distortions for this to be a mere accident or a case of lack of professional competence generated by copying what was printed by an external source without proper verification of the veracity of the report.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: []
Sent: 03 March 2017 17:38
Subject: Re: Deeply Troubling


We have noted The Times story of 3 March, and regard the headline as
inaccurate based on the reporter's interview and not supported by the story
itself. Further, this topic was specifically addressed and rejected by
DSACEUR during the interview. 

On the issue of NATO's response to any Russian interference in European
elections DSACEUR was asked by The Times reporter whether NATO had a role in preventing Russian interference in European elections. DSACEUR stated in his response „The appropriate to political meddling, to propaganda, to the sort of problem that you are alluding to is from the other areas of national power, national capability, but we do have a role in NATO in being aware of what's going on, in tracking hybrid confrontation because that is the signal to us that a hybrid confrontation is developing“ and then stated, „So we have a role in being aware, in helping to track, in seeing where certain effects are being coordinated across the hybrid spectrum, but what we deliver is military capability and the military instrument isn't the instrument that you would choose to use to deal with political interference in an election. I mean blatantly not.“

LTC Dirk Mathes (DEU A)
Desk Officer Media OPS

Sent by the SHAPE PAO Duty Officer

On 3 Mar 2017, at 16:04, K G Hohenstauffen <> wrote:
Dear Sir/Madam,

Either General Sir Adrian Bradshaw didn’t say what he is reported to have said and was misquoted or he actually said it and his mental health should be questioned. Using hearsay and mere speculation to say that NATO could go to war on the basis of political developments rather than real aggression is a complete and utter absurdity.

What is even more absurd is the fact that the mass media echoed an irrational statement reportedly made by a high ranking officer. Moreover, I am extremely critical of what I call Unternehmen Barbarossa II (a repeat of the events of June 22 1941).

In the 1960s, the USA and USSR almost went to Nuclear War because of missiles places in Cuba. President John F Kennedy issued an ultimatum to Nikita Khrushchev asking for the withdrawal of the said missiles. Such was the American reaction when missiles were placed close to the USA but not along US borders.

Today, very much like the Wehrmacht of 1941, NATO has deployed forces with even greater firepower than the fire power of the Wehrmacht along the borders of the Russian Federation and expects the Russian Federation to accept it quietly and without any complaint.

As if this wasn’t enough, a hatred campaign, a war of words is being waged against the Russian Federation at several levels and General Sir Adrian Bradshaw has made himself an accomplice of such absurdity.

A few years ago, Sergei Ivanov stated that if there was war in Europe it would be a conventional war. Let me assure you that if there is conflict with the Russian Federation it will be a Nuclear War and that as a consequence of it there will be no Europe left. Therefore nonsensical statements like the one General Sir Adrian Bradshaw is reported to have made are acts of madness and General sir Adrian Bradshaw should be fully aware of the consequences of making such kind of statements.

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Britain: Is it right to ban or persecute individuals because of their political beliefs?

In the 1930s and 1940s, Jews were banned from many professions and declared undesirable.

The Second World War came and went and we find ourselves seeing things that we were made to think were part of a long gone past.

Having said that, in Britain, members of certain political parties are very much banned like Jews were banned in the 1930s and 1940s. Moreover, to complete the picture, Jews are still banned in many countries across the world.

People can still be banned because of their political beliefs, their race and their religion and therefore we should open our eyes wide open to realities that have not gone away and are still very much part of everyday life.

When Jo Cox MP was killed, the attention was focused on the fact that a Member of Parliament had been killed by somebody that believed or fantasised about certain ideas or symbols. What was not said is that Jo Cox MP was campaigning in what could be described as an extension of bans and blacklisting of followers of perfectly legal political organisations simply because she did not agree with the said political organisations.

Her campaign seems to be continued by Helen Goodman MP, also along the same lines, with the aim of isolating, persecuting and blacklisting individuals who have committed no crime. What can be classified as a campaign to isolate, persecute or blacklist is supported also by political parties like UKIP that explicitly forbids any former members of certain political organisations from trying to join UKIP.

Today, we refer to the United Kingdom, but in Germany there have been attempts to ban political parties. Chancellor Angela Merkel and others have had the intent to ban NPD Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutshlands and are constantly harassing other political organisations like Alternative für Deutschland - all legal parties.

In one recent event, the highest court in Germany those seeking to ban NPD that it would be illegal to ban NPD merely on the grounds that those seeking to ban NPD don't agree with NPD.

The European Parliament is  being used as a tool to try and ban or damage Front National led by Marine Le Pen and the European Parliament has just taken away Marine Le Pen's right to immunity based on the fact that she is a Member of the European Parliament and has done so openly prejudicing the outcome of French Presidential Elections due to take place in May 2017.

There is an underlying current of people who believe that they are entitled to ban individuals or political parties because they don't agree with their ideas.

Monday, 6 March 2017

CNN lies, distorting and fabricating

CNN lied, distorted and fabricated reports without even bothering to wait for the truth to come up. They talked about Jewish cemetery vandalised, Muslims come to repair damaged tombstones and now says that there was no vandalism whatsoever and that it was a case of environmental damage and lack of repairs.

This is what CNN broadcast trying to blame Donald Trump for a 'sudden rise of anti-Semitic attacks'. They also talk about Muslims come to help to repair the damaged tombstones.

Now, a few days later, CNN says that cemeteries were damaged by climate and lack of maintenance and there were no such acts of vandalism.

To conclude, Clinton News Network jumped on the bandwagon for the sake of cheap propaganda to create animosity against President Trump. 

This kind of sick treatment of information provided openly to the public is what creates hatred and division and CNN is very much part of such mediocre, inflammatory and divisive kind of reporting that I doubt very much that it could be classified as journalism.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Senator Shumer showing his Russian connections

Democrat Senator Shumer and Russian President Vladimir Putin
Democrat Senator Shumer is accusing President Trump administration of having 'Russian ties'.

Well, guess who is on the picture.

The hypocrisy of Senator Shumer seems to know no limits and there many like him amongst the followers of Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps and without perhaps Senator Shumer should come clean and stop his hate campaign against President Trump.

The Democrats should be used to the fact that they lost the election despite all the machinations of CNN, Newsweek, the Washington Post and others who actively campaigned against President Donald Trump and among the culprits we must include core of the Hollywood, the ones who didn't know which picture actual won the Oscar Nomination as the best movie. Perhaps the Hollywood establishment should make a movie about its own failures and about its own political interests that have transformed the movie industry into a propaganda machine with echoes of McCarthism when actors who disagree with the official line are blacklisted.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Jews kept the memories of Adolf Hitler alive

For more than 70 years Jews have kept the memories of Adolf Hitler alive. In their quest for revenge, they didn't realise that constantly talking about Adolf Hitler they have made Adolf Hitler equally famous or more famous than Jesus Christ.

The madness that took over the mass media and the political classes now affects society in more ways than one. Every time somebody uses the words Nazi, Fascist and the like, they are perpetuating the memories of Adolf Hitler and making Adolf Hitler more popular that he was when he was alive.
The memories of Adolf Hitler are so strong that anybody wanting to make a point publishes pictures of today's politicians with Adolf Hitler's celebrated moustache and people walk around making Roman salutes and shouting Sieg Heil. The mortal remains of Adolf Hitler might have never been found but his ideas are very much alive and well thanks to a community sometimes defined as a religion, sometimes defined as a race, sometimes defined as both a religion and a race.

When Anders Behring Breivik stood in a Norwegian courtroom he made a Roman salute. Thomas Mair, the man that killed Labour MP Jo Cox was said to have had a collection of items remembering the Dritte Reich. All this has been possible thanks to Jews that perpetuate Adolf Hitler's memories.

Even organisations like UAF and Hope Not Hate are de-facto helping to maintain the memories of Adolf Hitler. Associating today's politics with words like Nazi, Fascist and the like they are simply helping to maintain a historical continuity.

Political movements across the world that bear no resemblance and have no links whatsoever with the ideologies of the 1930 and 1940 are usually described linking them to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Nash Higgins of The Independent doesn't have a clue about military operations

Nash Higgins of The Independent doesn't have a club about military operations. An article published by Evgeny Lebedev's newspaper shows that Mr Higgins seems to believe that in military operations there cannot be casualties, perhaps unaware of the fact that even in the most successful military operations there can be casualties.

Having said that, Mr Higgins follows Mr Lebedev's guidelines in terms of writing rubbish about President Donald Trump because such writings are popular with the Clinton News Networks and other rags passing as Free Press.

This brilliant strategist of The Independent, self-declared military strategist, writes a shambles pretending to be writing a serious journalistic article.

This is a kind of journalism aimed at feeding mass hysteria based on ignorance because the company and its editors obviously know that it is the kind of trash that many equally ignorant individuals in the United Kingdom seem to love.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

BBC banned from White House briefings

It was just a matter of time for the BBC to be banned from briefings at the White House. BBC has for months on end been biased against President Donald Trump and campaigned very much against the now President of the United States, being totally biased in favour of Hillary Clinton.

The likes of Sky News with Kate Burley could hardly hide her disappointment when Donald Trump was elected President.

Newsweek, CNN, and others bombard viewers on a daily basis with emails against President Donald Trump and did so before he was elected, misrepresenting his views and openly lying and fabricating stories based on distortion.

The BBC believed that because it is able to lie and distort in the United Kingdom it could continue lying and distorting in the United States of America.

Hollywood has now become a political organisation that uses celebrities to promote political messages against President Donald Trump. I have to say that to continue watching Hollywood trash people would do better playing cards and practising sports. The so called Oscars is a system in which a closed group of individuals vote for each other and then portray themselves as great achievers.

It is a bit like British television in which one day A interviews B and C, the next day B interviews A and C and the following day C interviews A and B. They congratulate each other for having achieved absolutely nothing and if that wasn't enough, when it happens via the BBC or Channel Four, people are forced to pay for such trash.

Real news reporting doesn't take sides. Real news reporting is telling things as they are instead of distorting what is been said.

The talking about Muslim Ban because an immigration ban was proposed regarding seven countries. Well, how many Muslim countries are there in the world? How many hundreds of millions of Muslims are there in the world? Were they all affected. The answer is no. The ban affected a very small minority of people living in merely seven countries.

Then they said that President Donald Trump was against immigrants. Another gigantic lie. President Trump talked about dealing with Illegal Immigrants and just Illegal Immigrants.

People have been marching on the streets on the basis of lies and fabrications created by mass media like the BBC, CNN, SKY and others that have distorted instead of giving a true account of what has been happening.

Idiots like Angela Merkel that took fundamental decisions concerning immigration without consulting any of the other 27 EU countries have opposed President Trump. Well, because of Angela Merkel German people are being raped and killed and she has spread the mess across EU countries that have been flooded with immigrants that very few people want. When it became self-evident that she had made a criminal mess, she tried to force EU countries to cope with the problems she created. When that didn't work, she engaged in negotiations with Turkey to stop the flood. When that didn't work she started talking about deportations and about paying people to leave Germany.

And what has done the man riding a moped wearing a helmet for anonymity to engage in illicit sexual adventures do? Well, Mr. Hollande will be out soon and until the day he leaves he will continue to create havoc. Now, French Police are seeing on the streets been chased by Islamic mobs and tourism to France has taken a hit because of the mess François Hollande created.

Well, BBC, time to stop being the Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation, with millions paid to executives and pseudo stars at the expense of old ladies sent to jail for not paying the TV Licence.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Stoke on Trent: According to Party Leader Adam Walker, 124 votes is a huge sucess

Stoke on Trent by-Election: according to Party Leader Adam Walker, the BNP had a huge success in a  by-Election in which the BNP polled merely 124 votes.

If you don't believe in alternative realities, then the statement made by the present BNP Leader is real evidence that alternative realities do exist. As the by-election results show, the BNP got less votes than the Incredible Flying Brick, Official Monster Raving Loony Party. This is a new record in British politics.

On its main website, the article containing statements made by Adam Walker is about an important step of what Adam Walker calls long term strategy.

We are running out of words to describe what the Party Leader calls 'his long term strategy', although one might be tempted to speculate about what his 'long term strategy' actually is and possibly the said long term strategy has little to do with winning any elections.

BNP still losing and losing big with reclusive leader

BNP still losing and losing big with reclusive leader

Jo Cox MP might have been killed for researching about the so called Far Right but when it comes to fighting elections the Far Right has become practically invisible.

Once again, Dave Furness, a Londoner, stood in yet another by-election for the British National Party. This time it was Stoke on Trent, but the party didn't even bother to stand a candidate in Copeland. Before, in another set of by elections, the BNP stood in only one seat because it didn't have candidates to stand in David Cameron's seat.

In 2014, in what amounted to a coup within the ranks of the British National Party, Nick Griffin was unseated as Party Leader. During the ensuing Leadership campaign in which Adam Walker and Paul Hilliard stood for the post, Adam Walker was confirmed as new BNP Leader and promised a new leadership style.

Almost three years later, the British National Party is going nowhere and has continued to shed not only members but also member of the BNP team including its BNP TV team.

At another level, after the demise via expulsion of Steve Squire as London Regional Organiser, Mike Jokes stepped in to fill the gap but hasn't been seen or heard in what has become the most important region for the British National Party. Formerly populous and active branches of the British National Party in London are now shadows of their former selves with less than ten people attending monthly meetings.

A very expensive website was launched but when it comes to content the BNP is trailing the mass media and other political organisations. The BNP used to be a force to be reckoned with, a trend setter that was never far away from the main headlines. Now, it could only be defined as a wreck very much like the National Front - the organisation the founding members of the British National Party came from. Still mentioned from time to time on the websites of organisations like Hope Not Hate that are very much a one-man band but totally irrelevant in political terms.

Also from time to time, the BNP is on the news as Helen Goodman MP, walking on the footsteps of Jo Cox MP, continues her campaign of harassment of political opponents, wasting Parliamentary time in lost causes because in its present form the British National Party is no longer alive.

Adam Walker and other present and former BNP members used to talk about the importance of the brand but the brand is now like the signs of Woolworths - the brand is still around but the chain of shops that made it is no more. Far too many activists sacrificed their lives - including their family lives - for an organisation that led them to frustration and despair.

But the damage done by the British National Party doesn't stop with its political misfortunes that are very much the direct consequence of the way the organisation has been run. Present and former members face blacklisting which in short means widespread discrimination that can destroy individuals and families.

Banning individuals from certain jobs and occupations on the basis of their political background is a very dangerous strategy and it creates a myriad of new problems constituting an infringement of civil and political rights.

In Germany, CDU and other political parties tried to ban Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands on political grounds. The highest court in Germany disallowed such a ban indicating that it would be illegal to proscribe a political organisation merely on political grounds. Such ban would create an extremely serious precedent taking Germany back to the 1930s.

Blacklisting individuals who have committed no crime whatsoever, not allowing them access to jobs and professions is creating also a very dangerous precedent. If you remember, in the 1930s members of the Jewish Community were banned from certain professions. Even if you profoundly disagree with individuals on political grounds, the said individuals should have access to jobs and professions as long as they are not committing a crime.

A careful analysis of present legislation in the United Kingdom leads me to conclude that the United Kingdom has enacted legislation that is very similar to legislation enacted by National Socialist Germany, banning individuals merely on political grounds. From this point of view, Parliament has scored an own goal.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Freed from Guantanamo went on to blow up himself to kill others

Islam is not a religion of peace. How come so many converts end up becoming terrorists? What is going wrong?

Freed from the detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Manchester born Ronald Fiddler was the British jihadi - called by a militant group as Abu Zakariya al-Britani, he drove an car packed with explosives in an attack against a army base near Mosul on Sunday.

Ronald Fiddler had been captured in Pakistan and taken to Guanatamo Bay by US forces. Ronald Fiddler said that he was innocent and was set free in 2004 after Britain campaigned for him to be released. Britain paid him one million Pound in compensation after he said that British agents had been complicit in his mistreatment.

Ten years later, he travelled to Syria to join Islamic State. He was born in a Christian Jamaican family and had converted to Islam in the 1990s and travelled to Sudan in 1992 to meet Osama bin Laden.

Britain paid him one million Pound as compensation for what he called cruel, inhumane treatment that he had been subjected to. People involved in terrorism are laughing at Britain and at those who believing that they are doing the right thing are simply being taken for a ride by people like Ronald Fiddler whose aim in life was to go around killing innocent people.

Those who beheaded a British soldier in South London were also Muslim converts. They slaughtered Lee Rigby without a care in the world. They not even tried to flee after committing the atrocity. They were standing on the middle of the streets shouting and being proud of having killed an unarmed British soldier.

What is most astonishing is that the Security Services in the United Kingdom who do know about the actions, tendencies and intentions of individuals like Ronald Fiddler can allow such individuals to go on to commit the most horrendous criminal acts.

Those involved in killing more than 50 people in July 2005 like the ones involved in killing Lee Rigby were known by the Security Services. What is more, the Security Services had tried to persuade them to work for the Security Services. The levels of naivety of those in charge of protecting Britain from acts of terrorism is appalling. The British Security Services are not fit for purpose and it is not only the fault of the Security Services themselves but also of the political class running the United Kingdom who desperately try to portray Islam as the Religion of Peace.

For more than 16 years, Muslim gangs have been raping children across the United Kingdom. In 2001, a British politician told the BBC that somebody very wrong was happening in Rotherham and in other British cities. The BBC accused the said politician of being racist. Later on it was discovered that politicians and Police authorities had colluded with Muslim rape gangs by looking the other way and pretending that nothing was happening and they did so because they themselves were afraid of being called racists.

The name of the Rotherham MP was Denis MacShane who was member of Parliament from 1994 until 2012 when he was suspended from the Labour Party and was forced to resign after it was found that he had submitted 19 false invoices 'plainly intended to deceive the parliamentary expenses authority'. The corrupt and convicted criminal Denis MacShane now again given credence by certain mass media. He and others looked the other way while Muslim rape gangs were going on the rampage attacking vulnerable children that they used to ply with alcohol and drugs.

The attitude of the political establishment is to go against those who denounce crimes. Even the former Prime Minister David Cameron was involved in supporting para-political and extremely aggressive organisations like UAF and Hope Not Hate that have had a degree of involvement with Muslim extremists.

When President Trump announced that he was going to impose temporary measures to limit immigration coming from seven Muslim countries, the Political Establishment turned against President Trump.

When you look at the state of EU countries and see the streets of European capitals turned into battlefields you would say that the time to take radical measures against a criminal ideology is long overdue and that getting rid of the said criminal ideology and of those who promote is an absolute necessity as Geert Wilders is absolutely right in his appreciation of what Islam actually means.

People are being raped and killed on the streets. There are violent riots. A Catholic priest had his throat cut during mass. Mayhem and fear spreading everywhere. In countries like Germany they are talking about using the Armed Forces to try and bring the situation under control.

A recent study carried out by Chatham House in ten European countries revealed that high percentages of European peoples don't want any more immigrants coming from Muslim countries. Countries like Hungary and Poland are saying loud and clear that enough is enough. Anti-Muslim feelings run as high as 71% in Poland and were never lower than 32% in the countries surveyed.

The time is long overdue for the political establishment to change the course of action and to start taking into account that we are not dealing with immigration but with an invasion of hostile elements that have turned the European Continent into a hell-hole. We are dealing with individuals who pose as victims only to go on to commit horrendous crimes, who are using the naivety of many to get the resources that they need to carry out their murderous attacks and to destabilise Western Societies.


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Liam Byrne: Constantly fuelling hatred will lead to mass killings in Britain

Liam Byrne MP
What Liam Byrne MP and others do not seem to realise is that their campaign of hatred against US President Donald Trump constitutes incitement that could certainly lead to mass killings in Britain.

Some people like and some people don't like the elected President of the USA as people like or don't like elected politicians in the United Kingdom. This is no excuse to incite the masses in what has become a hate campaign.

The Labour MP should be aware of the tension that he and others are creating and of the consequences of such tensions. We had riots in the United Kingdon, including the Brixton riots and the Tottenham riots that spread across the country. Is the Labour MP aware of the potential of pack mentality taking over the streets of Britain? If tempers flare and people get killed, he and others involved in such hate campaign will have blood in their hands.

We don't need any more incitement. We don't need any more propaganda. Hasn't the political establishment learnt any lessons after the attack against Jo Cox? Even the more peaceful of demonstrations can lead to murder. 

This is a time to cool down. This is a time to prevent violence because violence will occur when people led to the streets engage in pack behaviour fuelled by politicians like Liam Byrne.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

55% in the EU want immigration ban from Muslim majority countries Chatham House

A poll published by Chatham House indicates that a majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim majority countries.

An average of 55 per cent of people across 10 European countries surveyed want to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

The study carried out by Chatham House, before President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries, found majorities in all but two of ten states opposed immigration from mainly Muslim countries (Source The Independent newspaper citing a study done by Chatham House)

Poland heads opposition to Muslim immigration with 71%. Austria is opposed by 65%, Germany is against immigration with 53% and Italy with 51% and in UK the percentage was 47%. It must be said that opposition to Muslim immigration is above 35% in all countries surveyed.

It seems that President Donald Trump is more in tune with the strength of anti-Immigration feelings across Europe than many so called mainstream politicians actually are.

Percentages speak volumes about how detached from public opinion many so called mainstream political parties are.

Britain: Is it the only country in which members of political parties are banned from jobs and persecuted?

In Britain, this is not true. Not everyone one that has a voice is heard or allowed to be heard. Moreover, members of certain political parties that take part in elections are banned from jobs in the public administration and even silenced by the mass media.

As if this wasn't enough, there is a very intentional approach implemented to prevent the general public from hearing the views of certain political parties and to all intents such behaviour is blatantly anti-Democratic and violates fundamental rights that should be protected in a Democratic society.

As if this wasn't enough, private organisations are financed to organise rallies that very often lead to violence against members of the said political parties and there is a deliberate attempt to demonise, libel and define political organisations and members of the said organisations. The so called blacklist do exist which means that belonging to certain political parties or having been a member of certain political organisations that legally take part in British elections have no access to jobs. This is no Democracy whatsoever.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Helen Goodman MP wants to ban people from work because of political beliefs

On an article published by The Guardian, Helen Goodman MP is reported as wanting to ban people from working because of their political beliefs.

Helen Catherine Goodman has been Member of Parliament for Bishop Auckland since 2005 representing the Labour Party.

When you engage in persecution, preventing people from having honest jobs that allow them to have a legal source of income, you are looking for trouble and I am starting to think that this is one of the reasons that got Jo Cox MP killed.

As long as they do not engage in criminal activities, regardless of political beliefs, people must be allowed to pursue any lawful interests. The fact that he could no longer work as a public school teacher, Adam Walker had to find an alternative source of income working as Karate Instructor, discipline that he perfected while living in Japan and being married to a Japanese citizen which, incidentally, puts into question statements made by the Labour Party MP about racism since the man accused of being a white supremacist is married to an Asian lady. This is not news. Many members of the so called Far Right have multiracial families so the title 'racist' doesn't apply but individuals like Helen Goodman MP that judging from her credentials has had an opulent background doesn't seem to pay attention to facts that are in the public domain.

From The Guardian:

The leader of the BNP is working as a children’s sports coach despite having been banned for life from teaching.
Adam Walker was given the ban three years ago by the former education secretary Michael Gove after he received a suspended jail sentence for verbally abusing three schoolboys, chasing them in his car and slashing the tyres on their bikes.
The incident happened following a BNP march in 2011. Walker, who replaced Nick Griffin as the leader of the far-right party in July 2014, subsequently lost a legal challenge against Gove after claiming that the decision to impose a lifetime ban was “prejudiced” because of his BNP membership.
It has now emerged that Walker, 48, continues to teach karate to about 30 children at Kyokushin Karate in Spennymoor, County Durham, where he is described as the “chief instructor”.
The local Labour MP, Helen Goodman, who has been campaigning for the club to be shut down for four years, says she has written numerous letters and has met a government minister in an effort to force the authorities to take action against Walker.
According to Sport England, when an individual is self-employed and his work is not governed by a national body, as is the case with Walker, the responsibility lies with parents to ask to see the coach’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
“I have been trying to get the government to take action on this for four years but they have failed to do anything,” Goodman said. “They have created a loophole in the law which allows people with criminal convictions to continue teaching, and my concern is that there are other people running sports clubs who are similarly unsuitable.”
Goodman believes that Walker, who posts anti-immigration videos on his Facebook page, may be using the club as a platform for his extreme views and to groom the children.
The MP says she first wrote to the Department for Education about Walker in February 2013 and has followed up with letters to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the DBS and Sport England. “My worry, of course, is that these children are being exposed to extreme views and he is grooming them to become racists,” she added.
Walker has denied using the club to recruit BNP members and points out that he is not doing anything illegal.
“Does Helen Goodman not believe in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act? She has a personal hatred for me which supersedes anything,” he said. “She needs to wind her neck in and concentrate on the real problems in her constituency rather than trying to close down my club, which makes a real contribution to the local community.”