Thursday, 28 December 2017

Michael Heseltine: I side with Lord Tebbit. Michael Heseltine must go.

Michael Heseltine: I side with Lord Tebbit. Michael Heseltine must go.

Those who remember what led to the debacle in the Conservative Party that lost the 1997 General Election must surely remember the role Michael Heseltine played as a member of a team of conspirators that included John Major and Ken Clarke and what followed after they destroyed Margaret Thatcher.

John Major, Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine were the protagonist of a very sad and very tragic saga that could have bankrupted Britain. The ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism, precursor of the EURO) was a complete and utter disaster. No matter how many efforts the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont made to protect the Pound, Britain was forced to sell massive amounts of Gold reserves that incidentally ended up in German hands.

The Trio that could hardly ask for any Oath of Allegiance since they have behaved as traitors went on to lead a Conservative Party that was de-facto four political parties in one. The ERM, like the EURO, is not an economic idea. It is an ideological idea and even the most ardent supporters of the EU like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown stayed well away from the EURO. They knew the potential for disaster.

The latest statement made by Michael Heseltine - now Lord Heseltine - saying that he prefers a government headed by a Marxist is yet another example of Michael Heseltine's Conservatism. But he is not alone. His co-conspirator Ken Clarke should also be given his marching orders. John Major is doing his best to undermine the Conservative government and those who stand for Britain and made it plainly clear at a speech he made as a host of the Church of England. 

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