Sunday, 3 December 2017

Listening to Britain First you understand that there are quite a few nutters in the House of Commons

Listening to Britain First you understand that there are quite a few nutters in the House of Commons.

Having seen the twits and having heard what the Prime Minister Theresa May said, what Home Secretary Amber Rudd said, what an SNP MP said and what Labour Party MPs including Yvette Cooper said in the House of Commons, I conclude that the House of Commons is inhabited by quite a few nutters who don't have a clue about what they are talking about. Prime Minister Theresa May - once again - made a fool of herself publicly telling what US President Donald Trump can say or cannot say. After a disastrous election called in a rush, Theresa May is still driven to make silly statements for the sake of very misguided Political Correctness. She accused President Donald Trump of showing what is really going on and she completely forgot to condemn the real perpetrators.

About Yvette Cooper MP I don't hold any hopes. She historically supported an illegal invasion that killed thousands of Iraqis and led to a massive exodus that some say was the trigger for the mess the Middle East Region has become. Her good judgement has gone missing more than once. With regards to SNP, I must say that they promised a false independence for Scotland and their sole role has become to create as many problems as possible for the country as a whole as some kind of retaliation when they didn't get their pseudo independence.

I went to listen to Britain First. I was there from beginning to end of a conference during which Paul Golding as Leader and Jayda Fransen as Deputy Leader explained very clearly their political aims. Not a word of Racism. Not a word of Fascism. What they both said had nothing to do with Racism and had nothing to do with Fascism proving that Members of the House of Commons including the British Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd have been lying to the British People by totally misrepresenting and falsely accusing the Leadership of Britain First.

The behaviour of several Members of Parliament and of Members of the British Government has been absolutely shameful and degrading. As if we didn't have enough with expenses fraud and improper sexual behaviour, Members of Parliament regularly misrepresent, falsely accuse and demonise fellow British Citizens. 

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