Monday, 2 June 2014

Internet: A safety valve, Breivik, Dumblane

I reckon that thanks to the Internet and the possibility of using it as a safety valve in an increasingly dictatorial social environment, we don't see more violent explosions.

Internet keeps people talking and talking can be a very good thing to defuse a time-bomb that could be generated by a deadly combination of frustration and isolation.

When censorship arises those who are behind want to believe that stopping people from writing articles they will avoid the unavoidable and in fact quite the opposite happens. The more repression there is, the more isolated people become, unable to to express their views, they start storing anger and when anger reaches unstoppable energy it explodes.

I wrote several articles and one of them has to do with what happened in a location called Dumblane. A loner called Thomas Hamilton, leaves his home and armed to the teeth enters the premises of a primary school and kills both teachers and pupils.

Not long ago, Anders Behring Breivik carried out a massage at a camp in Norway and many young people lost their lives without even knowing why they were killed.

As long as people focus their minds writing and interacting with others, as long as they are not left in complete isolation to brew a dangerous mix of frustration and anger, society as a whole will be safer. This is why I am totally against levels of censorship that deprive society of a safety valve.

Just a few weeks ago, troubles started in Turkey. The authorities blocked access to Internet thinking that by blocking access to Internet they could control an potentially explosive situation. It was absolutely counterproductive. People unable to vent their anger and their frustrations in Internet, flocked into the streets and real violence was widespread.

What most people want is to be heard. To feel that they are not alone. This is the fundamental role of Internet as a safety valve.

The 50 million Dollar Question: Was Barak Obama born in the US?

Was Barak Obama born in the US? Not according to Barak Obama who even published a book defining himself as Kenyan.

Donald Trump challenged Barak Obama proposing that he was going to give 5 million US Dollars to charity if Barak Obama came clean about his real birthplace.

When the 5 million US Dollars offer didn't seem to be enough, Donald Trump raised to the offer to 50 million US Dollars and Barak Obama still didn't offer any evidence about his birthplace. So we can actually concluded that Barak Obama is not US born and that therefore, according the the US Constitution, he was not entitled to stand for President of the United States of America.

The indictment against Barak Obama goes even further. In a very public statement, Donald Trump practically said that those running the US are basically incompetent and stupid starting at the very top of the US Administration because while the US is losing trillions of US Dollars in military adventures, China is reaping the benefits both in Iraq and in Afghanistan.