Sunday, 29 April 2012

Reaction: Jet engine technology applied to politics

Following the same principle applied to jet engine technology, when there is action there is bound to be a reaction and this is exactly what we are seeing right now both in politics and in religion that is becoming increasingly politicized and taking sides.

The Breivik and the Meerah factors are just the tip of the iceberg of something that is even more sinister. The changes we are now seeing in societies across Europe point directly towards massive polarization. A discredited political class and a non-viable economic reality are just pieces of the puzzle.

In France, the traditional centre is being squeezed between two poles that paradoxically seem to have quite a few areas of agreement. In Holland, a government fell because it failed to get the support of a political party seen as right-wing (although I must say that the labels right-wing and left-wing have lost much of their relevance and appeal).

One area where changes are plainly visible is sexuality. Traditional Christianity, Islam and some branches of Judaism seem to share quite a few of the views seen as extreme when compared with liberal attitudes regarding sexuality. Why is this happening? Why suddenly there is such an aggressive attitude towards sexuality when a few years ago the trend was towards a more tolerant approach regarding sexual interactions?

While developments were happening outside organized religions, not many people thought that sexuality was a subject worth talking about. Provided the issue did not affect organized religions internally, there was a sort of status quo, a sort of no-man’s-land. Liberal society could do whatever liberal society wanted to do but without interfering with organized religions.

But then, thanks to political correctness and all the talk about human rights and equality, organized religions became a valid target and pressure was applied to change what is the core message of organized religions that is not compatible with liberal attitudes towards sexuality. Suddenly, the political world that had been a traditional ally of organized religions turned against organized religions that saw themselves increasingly under attack.

When you look at the precedents of the Spanish Civil War that began in 1936, you see how the Catholic Church felt threatened by Marxist ideas and liberal attitudes and a traditionally conservative organization like the Army sided with the Catholic Church and had a common cause. This is how General Franco became the reaction to counter the action of Marxism and Liberalism.

The Catholic Church in Rome, from the beginning, felt more inclined to support Conservatism or even forces that we call today Extreme Right. In 1933, the German Army – traditionally aristocratic – told Oskar von Hindenburg that they were in no position to maintain internal order in Germany and defend German borders at the same time. The choices were stark but extremely rational.

German aristocrat Oskar von Hindenburg was more inclined to side the Junkers (the landowner Aristocracy) and the Army rather than side with Marxist forces that wanted to create a Soviet Germany very much like the Soviet Union of 1917. Add to this traditionalist Churches – including the Catholic Church - linked to the ruling classes and detested by Marxists.

So for everything there is some sort of rationality. When you look at the Vatican’s message and you see the reaction of some organized churches in Britain regarding sexuality, there is a lot more than sexuality being discussed. In times of instability, in their search for security, people tend to become polarized. Erich Fromm wrote a book about ‘the fear of freedom’. Increasingly people align themselves with two opposite schools of thought to experience a sense of belonging and suddenly the middle ground is squeezed between two conflicting poles.

In 1930s and 1940s Germany both National Socialists and Communists exploited ‘people’s need to belong’ and similar examples are found across Europe today. Human nature is still very much the same despite technological advances.

The timing today might differ from the timing of 1929-1939 but the consequences could be even more catastrophic.

Nationalists without candidates? Ooops!

I do assume that being a political party or a political movement means standing in elections and giving people choices but some so called Nationalists have little to do with standing in elections or giving people choices because they have no candidates and their entire political programme seems to be attacking the British National Party and attacking me personally.

One such pseudo Nationalist group is the so called British Resistance that does not have a Mayoral Candidate, does not have a London-wide List Candidate and does not have a Constituency Candidate but merely has a hatred orientated website that is the perfect example of racism, xenophobia, homophobia and chauvinism.

You could be led to believe that British Resistance is another version of Searchlight, Hope Not Hate and the UAF because what they publish seems to have the same source of inspiration. No sooner these individuals publish something the same thing appears across websites that are bent on attacking the British National Party.

British Resistance is actually being used by the enemies of real Nationalism because they are the perfect example of the clowns most people reject when they think about who is best suited to represent Nationalist interests and they give Nationalism a bad name.

What is more the so called British Resistance calls me a liar and a coward and challenges me to sue them. The poor souls do not understand that the British National Party and I have better things to do than going after individuals that do not take part in elections and do not represent anybody else but themselves.

Having written these words, I must say that being involved in politics and taking part in elections we have little time to waste paying attention to individuals that are politically irrelevant apart from the labour of destruction that they systematically carry out showing hatred rather than intellectual skills or political skills.

But today is Sunday and being a kind individual, I thought about giving British Resistance something that would allow them not to feel so isolated and meaningless.  

Friday, 27 April 2012

Numbers and percentages are human beings

One of the most important lessons, if not the most important lesson about economics, is that numbers, percentages and equations are real human beings. Almost thirty years ago, at the School of Economics, one of my teachers told me something that has been with me since then and I became acquainted with Rerum Novarum, the ENCYCLICAL OF POPE LEO XIII ON CAPITAL AND LABOR.

Work is not only an obligation but also a fundamental right and capital and workers' interests should go hand in hand. The Encyclical was delivered at St. Peter's in Rome, the fifteenth day of May, 1891, during the fourteenth year of the office of Pope Leo XIII.

Rabid capitalism or rabid Marxism will not offer the solutions we need for a peaceful and prosperous coexistence of capital and workers because all they propose is a class war, a permanent state of confrontation that destroys lives.

Those who try to classify me as right wing or left wing don't know how wrong they are. They don't know how far away, how detached I am, from the ideas and ideologies that they criticize.

Both Capitalism and Socialism create slaves and what I propose is about the freedoms we should have to have a better life without rotten ideologies that divide us and enslave us. I take from this Encyclical the one principle that unites us to work and live together for the common good.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lib Lab Con - the brutality of welfare dependency

What we are seeing in Newham and we are bound to see in many other places is that the British National Party has been absolutely correct all the way.

Living on benefits is not what we should call part of a normal economy. Living on benefits is and should be part of exceptional circumstances. Unfortunately, the combined policies of Conservatives, Labour and LibDems have reduced millions of peoples to begging.

This is the reality of the kind of Britain that the combined forces of Lib Lab Con have produced.

For hundreds or even thousands of families that depend on housing benefits to survive this is the worst tragedy and, for us as a country, it is also a huge tragedy to see people, that should have the opportunities that we know this country can provide, forced to live in such horrible circumstances.

One day, a family had a home, friends, a local school and a community. The next day, they are thrown out and sent to Newham and when Newham cannot support them they are told that they could be forced to move across the country all the way to Stoke on Trent leaving behind home, friends, school mates and the place where they grew up. Suddenly, Stoke on Trent does not want them either and they are in limbo.

The damage done to this country by the policies of Lib Lab Con is not merely financial. The uncertainties will create irreparable emotional damage to entire families. This is nothing more than the consequence of ideological stupidity. They created situations of dependency and now ordinary people are made to suffer.

We are not allowed to debate but we can ask questions

The reason why Police officers are about to be replaced with Community volunteers is purely and simply the lack of money that the GLA is facing when government grants are falling both in nominal terms and in real terms, not taking into account inflation rates.

The lack of funding is so evident that Boris Johnson was accused of taking money from the Fire Services to prop up other areas of the budget. We know that tension among local authorities is rising, especially after the reduction of housing benefits more affluent local authorities are getting rid of hundreds of families that are now heading for places like Newham that itself, unable to cope, asked Stoke on Trent for help and was refused any help.

I wonder how the GLA will be able to deliver the number of homes that the Labour government itself, since 1997, was unable to deliver. If you remember, Tony Blair promised 30,000 new homes per year. Boris Johnson is talking about 50,000 new homes per year. I would like to believe that Boris Johnson is right but I have reasonable doubts taking into account that Tony Blair was the head of the entire country while Boris Johnson is the head of the Greater London Authority.

We cannot take part in debates because they do not allow us to take part in debates but we are even more dangerous because we are then free to ask questions.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Newham: Forced migration to Stoke on Trent?

People in Newham could end up living faraway from Newham because the local authority cannot provide housing due to the reduction of housing benefits and this provided that a housing association in Stoke on Trent accepts to take them in.

If the housing association located faraway from Newham does not accept them, will they go and live in sheds with beds? Why are people unable to understand that the more people come into the country the more difficult life will be for those who already live in precarious conditions?

Continue voting for the so called mainstream political parties and you will end up living under a tree or in affordable accommodation like the one shown here.

Marine Le Pen - Point de Vue de Carlos Cortiglia

Les résultats de la première ronde des élections en France indiquent que Marine Le Pen du Front National aurait le pouvoir de décider qui sera le nouveau Président. Ceci pose des questions importantes en ce qui concerne les plans économiques pour l’Union Européenne.

The results of the first round of elections in France indicate that Marine Le Pen of the Front National would have the power to decide who will be the new President. This poses important questions regarding economic plans for the European Union.

Angela Merkel, an appuyant la candidature de Nicholas Sarkozy, sait que son future comme tête du gouvernement Allemand est en doute. Les forces qui veulent protéger les intérêts nationales des pays de l’Union Européenne deviendront ainsi plus fortes, plus puissantes, et pourront ainsi changer la direction politique de l’Europe.

Angela Merkel, by supporting the candidacy of Nicholas Sarkozi, knows that her future as head of the German Government is in doubt. The forces that want to protect national interests of the countries that make up the European Union will become stronger, more powerful, and will therefore be able to change the political direction of Europe.

La question de l’emploi et de l’immigration est un sujet politique de la plus grande importance et le peuple Français, comme le peuple Britannique, souffre les conséquences de la Globalisation.

The issue of jobs and immigration is a political subject of the greatest importance and the French people, like the British people, suffers the consequences of Globalisation.

Hier, le gouvernement des Pays Bas a tombé sous le poids de la crise économique qui existe presque partout et il y a des limites en ce qui concerne l’aide que l’Allemagne peut offrir aux autres pays de l’Union Européenne sans souffrir elle-même. Donc, on parle non seulement d’une crise économique mais aussi des changements politiques que les bureaucrates de l’Union Européenne ne pourront pas arrêter.

Yesterday, the government of Holland fell under the weight of the economic crisis that exists almost everywhere and there are limits regarding aid that Germany can offer to other countries of the European Union without suffering as a country. Therefore, we speak no only about an economic crisis but also about political changes that the bureaucrats of the European Union will not be able to stop.       

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Political exclusion leads to violence

Given the kind of Democracy that we have that allows political exclusion we are bound to see more people like Breivik committing atrocities of all kinds, more Islamic extremists, more riots, more strikes and more criminal gangs.

Britain is walking along a very dangerous path in which Democracy is becoming more and more unrepresentative. National identity and trust in Democratic institutions are vanishing and people are fending for themselves.

In many parts of London life is cheap and is becoming expendable. The rising number of armed gangs from 250 to 400 in just a few years with 60 of them extremely being extremely dangerous, a corrupt Police force that is a reflection of a corrupt political system, endemic unemployment and welfare dependency, and people that not even bother to take part in elections manipulated by the mass media used and abused by a few political parties are a recipe for disaster.

Many years ago a Spanish politician said that change would come by the Force of Reason or by the Reason of Force. This is already happening across Europe where fear is replacing dialogue and politicians choose posturing rather than substance and speculation and false promises rather than facts.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Stephen Pollard: Put Abu Qatada on a plane and quit the ECHR (Express)

Put Abu Qatada on a plane and quit the ECHR (Express)

This is the title of an article published by Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, writing about the legal shambles surrounding the legal case of a terrorist Britain cannot get rid of because of European nonsense. Stephen Pollard says unequivocally that it should be up to the British authorities to decide what to do or not to do with Abu Qatada without external interference.

What is more, pro-Islamic Extremist Hugh Muir of The Guardian also targets the Jewish Chronicle saying that Carlos Cortiglia and Stephen Pollard are “Islamophobes”. This does not surprise me because after all Ken Livingstone defends the killing of Jewish men, women and children perpetrated by Hamas guerrillas, supports a man that is a member of Islam for Europe and is supported by George Galloway that is a personal ‘acquaintance’ of the main leader of Hamas and even worked for Iranian State Television.

BBC Mayoral Debate in Romford

Dear Brendan Miller,

I see that the BBC is going to have a Mayoral Debate during Question Time next Thursday in Romford.

You sent me a message telling me that The BBC has decided to no longer do a mayoral special next Thursday and instead just do a normal Question Time. The thinking is that the mayoral debates have been dominated by local issues and Question Time is a national programme.

So perhaps you could clarify this matter because the announcement is still online and the Mayoral Debate is going ahead. The BBC invited me only to send contradictory messages afterwards.

London Press Officer – Лондон Пресс Атташе

From: Brendan Miller
Sent: 19 April 2012 16:09
Cc: Simon Darby
Subject: Question Time

Dear Carlos

The BBC has decided to no longer do a mayoral special next Thursday and instead just do a normal Question Time. The thinking is that the mayoral debates have been dominated by local issues and Question Time is a national programme.

I’m really sorry about the inconvenience.

Best wishes,


Brendan Miller
BBC Question Time
227 Ingram StreetGlasgow G1 1DA


From: atvlondon []
Sent: 19 April 2012 07:44
To: Brendan Miller
Cc: Simon Darby
Subject: Question Time
Importance: High

Dear Brendan Miller,

I was told by Simon Derby that you were planning to invite us to participate in Question Time together with other mayoral candidates, presumably next week in East London. I tried to contact you using your mobile number but it does not seem to be the right number.

Could you send me contact details to get in touch?

All the best

Carlos Cortiglia

Europe criticizes Argentina's confiscation of YPF and calls for sanctions

The European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Argentina’s nationalization of YPF and called for a partial suspension of tariffs that benefit exports from the South American country to the EU.

After Argentina blocked Uruguayan exports because Uruguay resisted Argentinean attempts to force Spanish fishing ships out of the River Plata region, Argentinean anger now turns against Spanish interests including Repsol that owned 53% of YPF (formerly the Argentine state oil company) whose assets were confiscated by Argentina in a move aimed at attacking anybody who has any kind of economic relationship with Britain.

In a desperate attempt to save Uruguayan companies that now cannot export goods to Argentina, Uruguayan President José Mujica contacted the Brazilian government looking for support.

Financial institutions that deal with the Falkland Islands and provide assistance to oil exploration companies have also been targeted by the government headed by President Cristina Fernández Wilhelm.

has indicated that Spanish ships operating between Uruguayan harbors and the Falkland Islands have a legitimate right to do so and ships navigating under the British flag were, are and will be allowed to enter Uruguayan territory whenever they choose to do so.

The pressure exerted by Argentina on foreign countries and Mercosur countries is backfiring, leaving the government of President Fernández ever more isolated. Just weeks ago, tensions between Argentina and Chile, once again, rose but this does not seem to influence or lead to a change of direction of a very aggressive Argentinean foreign policy.

Speaking with Latin American journalists based in Uruguay, in Spain and in Germany that follow the situation in the River Plate, I could confirm that my fears about an unexpected irrational Argentinean reaction are totally justified.

For a long time I have been thinking about the possibility of a new military aggression once President Cristina Fernández Wilhelm feels confident enough that she can carry the will of the country with her.
Efforts to restore British naval military capabilities should be made a priority. Economic sanctions imposed by Europe could push an already desperate Argentina over the edge.

Comments please? Was this before the Peace Agreement?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Walking away from debates is not Democratic

I will talk to the Jewish Community. I will talk to the Christian Community. I will talk to the Muslim Community. I will talk to the Black Community. I will talk to the Gay Community. I will talk to different organizations that might have ideas or concerns they wish to talk about. I have the moral obligation of talking to everybody who has the right to be represented.

As Mayoral Candidate of the British National Party I have said from the very beginning that I will talk to whoever wants to talk to us because I believe in Democracy and Democracy is about debate.

Today, speaking with Andrew Neil of the BBC, I said that every person who is legally entitled to be in the United Kingdom has the right to be represented. I said exactly the same when speaking with Sky Television and I will say the same thing at every opportunity because I am a Democrat.

If somebody says that debating with me would be an attack on Democracy, I will urge the person or persons who said that to review their own concept of what Democracy means.

I seem to remember a French philosopher called Rousseau and what he said about deffending everybody's right to speak their truth.

The fact that certain politicians in Britain don't seem to agree with Rousseau shows very clearly the state of British Democracy, a Democracy that has been devalued through lack of dialogue.

I seem to remember an expression that goes like this: With freedom, I don't offend and I don't fear.

The world at war and British Nationalism

Some years ago, Thames Television produced a very good series of programmes called “The world at war” presented by Laurence Olivier who played the role of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding in the movie “The Battle of Britain”.

For those in the Nationalist movement who seem to have forgotten what it means to be British, the said documentaries and movie will be recommended viewing. They might learn a few things about the values Nationalists in Britain should stand for and it is no wonder why Dame Vera Lynn does not want to be associated with certain brands of Nationalism.

I have said it over and over again that I want a British Britain.

It was Winston Churchill who said when Britain was fighting for its own existence: “Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us now. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, 'This was their finest hour.”

British Interests have nothing to do with 1930s talk

I promised myself not to attack fellow nationalists and I will stick to this principle by not replying in kind to the nonsense they constantly spread about the British National Party. In actual fact, some Nationalist websites have become an extension of sites that are constantly attacking Nationalism in Britain to the point that I have been made to believe that they are actively involved in working against Nationalism.

One writer in particular, visibly affected by the guilt he feels because of the death of his wife, has purely and simply lost the plot and seems completely detached from the political realities of Britain. All I can say is ‘good luck to him and to others who are apparently intellectually incapable of understanding what it takes to fight for Nationalism in Britain.’

The 1930s style of writing and talking brings them closer to the Third Reich and this has little to do with defending true British interests. Blinded by the sheer stupidity of their arguments they will be forever left in the fringes of British society and they will forever be a minute minority because the vast majority of the people in Britain are mentally normal and cannot accept their Adolf Hitler style delusions that led to the death of 60 million people across the world.

The true defense of British Nationalism can only be about defending British language, British culture and British identity. I don't think anybody rational could possibly support ideas that seem to have been taken from the pages of Mein Kampf.

Spent Force is second with 31% of the Vote

Goresbrook – April 2012 By-Election

Lib Dem2%

Tonight, the British National Party was second with 31% of the vote. The message is that we have never left. We did not pack our suitcases. The message to those who thought that we had left is: you are not alone, we are here to stay.


Spent Force obtains 31% in Goresbrook - Barking and Dagenham

The Spent Force is, despite all odds, the real opposition in Goresbook Ward.

The message to all other political parties is: "You are not alone. We are here to day."

In fact, as the numbers seem to prove, we never left. We are very much the only one party that can be genuinely called the Official Opposition in Barking and Dagenham.

The British National Party was there to listen. Much work needs to be done and especially taking into account that only 25.57% of those registered to vote actually voted. In Feltham, not long ago, in a Parliamentary By-Election, only about 30% of the Electorate voted.

Trust in the political system is almost absent and about 7 out of 10 people have lost their appetite for elections.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

I am a BBC man: World Service Beheaded

A very short-sighted approach has been historically adopted when dealing with the BBC World Service and it has been no different from the approach adopted regarding the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As a BBC man, I Carlos Cortiglia, Mayoral Candidate of the British National Party say that the foreign language radio and television services of the BBC World Service and the Central Office of Information are vitally important. These services are essential to maintain a British presence across the world and are a key element of British foreign policy.

Having worked as presenter, producer, translator and reporter of the BBC World Service, working also for the Central Office of Information both directly and indirectly via London Radio Service and British Satellite News, I say that such short-sighted approach regarding our radio and television services makes me extremely angry because I was hugely proud of my profession, promoting the best of Britain abroad.

Carlos Cortiglia
British National Party London Press Officer and London Mayoral Candidate

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Budget Planning anyone?

As inflation goes up, the Bank of England decided not to push any more quantitative easing into the system. As this happens, further announcements are made regarding new taxes (that are not called taxes) to try and extract new monies from people who are struggling to survive. Food prices and clothing prices seem to be, according to some media, the main reasons why inflation is going up. No mention of fuel prices and other factors that create a vicious cycle of inflation that produces more inflation.

I listen to the political debate and rest assured that my main concern is ‘how can we trust budget predictions?’ This is precisely why I purposefully decided to avoid getting into a muddle of numbers, figures and percentages and when asked about numbers I explicitly said that we can only indicate aspirations and direction of travel.

The Greater London Authority does not exist in some sort of extra-terrestrial environment. Every item on the GLA agenda is very much linked to the national economy.  Some people tend to think that 14 billion Pound is a lot of money but even 14 billion Pound is a relative amount of money when rising inflation is certainly eroding budgets, creating gaps between nominal value and real value.
In 1997, I could do an awful amount of supermarket shopping with just 25 Pound. What kind of supermarket shopping you do today with 25 Pound? For a long time, we had more or less stable prices but now such kind of price stability is no more and it is difficult to predict what would be the real value of 14 billion Pound in three or four-years-time. What is more, even the nominal figures are in doubt due to changes in grants, Council Tax and other sources of revenue. On top of that, costs are naturally rising and suddenly reserves put aside for exceptional circumstances have to be spent to maintain essential services.

During an electoral campaign, it is not uncommon to see political parties putting caution aside to try and widen their electoral appeal.  I, instead, prefer to talk about aspirations, about things what we very much want to implement, but always state the fundamentals, the obstacles, the hurdles we must overcome before we are able to deliver.
When somebody tells me that he or she is going to create 200,000 new jobs or build 50,000 new homes every year, I must admit that in times of scarcity it sounds like a Panacea, like a perfect world. Reality is quite different. I look at the number of those out of work, of those waiting for subsidized accommodation and of those who are desperate to buy their own homes and, suddenly, even if the number of jobs or houses to be built were to become a reality, even the most auspicious announcements are nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

When it comes to budgets, I am pragmatic rather than ideological. One plus one equals two. Pragmatism combined with a sense of social fairness will put you on the right track. Some decisions are financial decisions and other decisions are political decisions. We will take financial decisions but at the same time we will keep our political commitment to deliver as soon as it is physically possible.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Breivik: Chronicles of a Mass Murderer

Today, in Norway, the trial began to decide if Breivik is either sane or mentally ill. When I learnt about what this man has done, my instinct told me that Breivik was mentally insane because only somebody who is mentally insane can carry out the atrocities that Breivik perpetrated in Norway.

I would like to believe that only people who are mentally insane can do what Breivik did. I would like to believe that there are no more Breiviks roaming around and waiting to commit mass murder. After what happened in Toulouse, France, when an Islamic extremist of Algerian descent killed adults and children at a Jewish school, I realised that in Europe we live in dangerous times and that some people have lost their humanity and are ready and able to commit this kind of atrocities.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Britain creates Uruguay in 1828

Many people in Britain ask why a Uruguayan is standing as London Mayoral Candidate and they deserve an answer. I feel that the country where I was born has an enormous debt of gratitude. In fact, Uruguay owes its own existence to Britain. Without Britain, Uruguay would not be today an independent country. It goes without saying that I have been British since long before I was awarded British citizenship.

In 1828, what is today Argentina and what is today Brazil were fighting to control a territory that they considered to be theirs, despite the fact that the inhabitants of the said territory had their own traditions and had fought for many years to be an independent nation.

In 1828, Britain sent Lord John Ponsonby to arrange a settlement and the fundamental requirement for a settlement was that both Argentina and Brazil would recognize the right of those we call today Uruguayans to have their own independent country. With the Treaty of Montevideo negotiated by Britain, Uruguay became a free independent nation.

Today, I stand as a Candidate for the British National Party and I have said repeatedly that I want a British Britain, the Britain that created the country where I was born and the Britain that must be protected. British culture, British language and British institutions and traditions are very dear to me as they were to the Uruguayans who, thanks to Britain, after so many sufferings, got the right to call themselves Uruguayans.

So now you know why a British Citizen born in Uruguay is ready and willing to stand up for Britain.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Britain Vs Argentina: Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Argentina was poised on Thursday night to launch the forced takeover of assets from the Spanish energy group Repsol, risking a diplomatic showdown with Spain and scaring investors needed to unlock the country's vast shale gas reserves.

As we have detailed recently, everything is set for a showdown in a not so distant future. YPF was originally a state oil company but today is 53% owned by Repsol.

There is nothing wrong with trying to nationalize oil resources in Argentina, but this is not an isolated trend in terms of relationships between countries. Just a few weeks ago, Argentina tried to intercept, inside Uruguayan territorial waters, Spanish vessels travelling to the Falkland Islands.

In Argentina, the anti-British campaign is gathering pace in the context of a ruinous financial situation as a consequence of which the Argentinean state is having troubles when trying to obtain foreign currencies. Also in this context, it is easy to understand why the Argentinean government has implemented regulations to control parity exchanges to try and keep in Argentina as many US Dollars as possible.

Lending institutions - including British banks - were threatened because they are providing financial support to oil exploration companies in the South Atlantic.

Reports were issued indicating that Hilary Clinton, the American Secretary of State, asked for classified information regarding the state of mind of Argentinean President Cristina Fernández Wilhelm and this happened before Hilary Clinton visited Argentina. This is an additional reason to be worried. We all assume that a Democratic Argentina would not dare to become engaged in an illegal invasion. Unfortunately, the unpredictable behavior of the Argentinean government is telling us that we must be on our guard.

In 1982, a desperate Argentinean Military Junta launched the invasion of the Falkland Islands. In 2012, a mentally unstable Argentinean President might try to do exactly the same. There are certainly parallels between General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri and Cristina Fernández Wilhelm. The present Argentinean President is using the populist card to divert attention from the internal financial chaos

One London for all Londoners

If we want to eliminate waste that leads to poverty, we must completely rethink the way London is run as a capital city. I believe that the remains of a feudal system with 33 different local authorities and added levels of bureaucracy translated into different planning process and different urban development realities is hampering the efforts made to create a better London.

Without a Master Plan for London to gather the strengths of thirty-three local authorities, we are going to continue seeing a growing gap that divides Londoners from each other and leads to lack of trust, confrontation and deprivation.

All London boroughs have the same right to better provision of services including transport, housing, policing, health and education. More and more people complain about the growing gap between rich and poor. The feudal ways in which London is run are very much one of the root causes of growing disparity between rich and poor.

One London for all Londoners.  

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Democratic Deficit: Only 4 out of 7allowed to participate

The fact that for too many people the exclusion of candidates appears as normal is very much an issue of concern about the state of British Democracy. Just a few days ago the British mass media and the British political establishment were lambasting Russian Presidential and Parliamentary Elections because they said that Russian Presidential Elections and Parliamentary Elections were not representative.

Lets look at the figures.

The running party in Britain, the Conservative Party, got elected with 33 per cent of popular support while the political party that is now in power got more than 45 per cent of the vote for Parliament and more than 60 per cent popular support for President Vladimir Putin.

British politicians and the British mass media went on and criticized Russian mass media regarding the political campaign in Russia talking about restricted access for several candidates and political parties. Lets look at the facts. Practically, in every debate of the campaign for the Greater London Authority only four candidates have been given full access by the mass media and those behind the organization of debates.

In all counts, standards in Russian elections are much higher than in Britain. Non only that. In America, there are reports that indicate that all candidates, regardless of the electoral performance of their political parties or themselves in past elections, are given equal opportunity during debates. In conclusion, standards in Britain are behind both the standards of American and Russian elections.

I took part in an interview made with Russian State Television and there are further interviews planned to talk about hypocrisy in British elections and about how elections in Britain are being manipulated. What is more, this is not new. This is something that has been happening in election after election for more than twenty years.

This is not about broken promises and lies regarding the implementation of Referenda on Europe. This affects the core of British Democracy and comes on top of open ballot boxes, printing of false ballots, registration of dead people as voters and the list goes on and on.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

John Bolton: Do you want to be an independent nation?

John Bolton, the American ambassador to the UN under George Bush, said: Britain should renounce the jurisdiction of the European Court of Law. It’s a question of what do British people want to do. Do you want to be an independent nation, or do you want to be a county in Europe?

I have to say that John Bolton is spot on when saying that it is a question of what do British people want to do. I have to say that the British people have never been consulted about what they want to do because all the so called major political parties in Britain have refused to give the British people the opportunity to decide what the British people want to do.

This is not only about the European Court of Law. It is about the right of the British people to decide if they want to be in the European Union or out of the European Union. It is no surprise at all that even in the Mayoral Election in London only the candidates of political parties that want Britain to stay in Europe have been allowed to take part in most debates and have been made the centre of attention of the mass media.

I would like to tell John Bolton, former American ambassador to the United Nations that, the British people have been made hostages and at the moment have no say. Britain is being overrun by European bureaucrats.

But here comes the catch: we don't want to be run by Europe and we don't want to be run by America.

We don't want extradition treaties that are biased in favour of the USA and violate basic rights of British citizens.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rowan Williams: Arising from the dead?

The Archbishop of Canterbury stated today that the fundamental message of Christianity this Easter was that Jesus arose from the dead.
As somebody who grew up in the Catholic tradition and most importantly as somebody who grew up in the Christian tradition, I say that the most important message of Christianity is not that Jesus arose from the dead.
The most important message of Christianity is that Jesus was ready and willing to give his life for the common good. The meaning of Resurrection is that all of us can have the hope of starting afresh thanks to somebody like Jesus that gave his life for us.

When asked to tell to whom a Roman coin belonged to, Jesus states: Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and Give God what belongs to God. This is a message that organized churches across the world seem to have completely forgotten in their quest to please political correctness.

But there is another message Jesus sends to whoever wants to listen to him. When asked why he was preaching outside the temple, Jesus replied that he preached everywhere because God is everywhere. Jesus was not talking about organized and politicized churches but about the essence of Christianity that is to spread the word of God everywhere and transmit the word of God to whoever is ready and willing to listen to it.
And there is yet another message Jesus sends to whoever is listening to him: you can choose. So the word of God is not be imposed or forced upon other people. It is up to us to choose or not to choose. This is why Christianity is so fundamental for us. We have a choice and having choices is the foundation of tolerance in society.

Modern Democracy is very much based on this fundamental principle that states that we must have choices and when organized churches become an obstacle that limits democratic choices they are basically attacking Christianity and eroding Democracy.

Education: a country at war

The latest news in the show of force between government officials and the National Union of Teachers is that the regulator OFSTED could be locked out of classrooms and denied key data on pupils. Why? It might happen as part of a major protest over the “destructive” inspection system.

The report indicates that the National Union of Teachers backed plans that may lead to a campaign of “non-cooperation” with the regulator amid claims inspections have a major impact on staff workload, damage morale and promote a culture of exam cramming.
After all the debacle related to pensions and increased contributions, we hear that relationships become ever more confrontational.

Now let’s see how we got here. Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems and their acolytes are fully supportive of flood immigration. As a consequence of flood immigration, teachers had to try and obtain better results with classrooms in which only a minority of pupils spoke English as their first language.  Suddenly, the subject of league tables appear and teachers were put under huge pressure to deliver results with more red tape, more paperwork, bigger classrooms and standards it would have been impossible to reach even in ideal conditions.
The political establishment blames the teachers. The teachers blame the political establishment and the policies that the teachers themselves have supported. The NUT complains about being under pressure in conditions created by flood immigration that the teachers help to maintain.

Not long ago a Labour representative said that in September there was going to be a shortage of not less than 100,000 school places and this at a time when most schools are overly subscribed.  Not long ago I went to a local schools meeting. The issue was that local schools could not cope with demand for new school places and they were talking about getting rid of playgrounds.
Teachers are being forced to work longer and pay more for their pension contributions, forced to teach in almost impossible conditions with supernumerary groups many of which don’t have English as their main language and told to achieve even higher standards.

We have seen what is happening in Britain. Any rational person should have seen this coming. What did they do? They attacked the British National Party that has been telling them again and again that this was going to happen.
When the situation in schools gets out of hand, who will suffer? Everybody will suffer but the useless angry exchanges between the authorities and the National Union of Teachers will continue.

Coalition: Value for money translation for Police and the Courts?

Many people have lived in Britain since birth and are still very much incapable of using the English language properly.

But there is another issue and this involves the use of foreign languages in Britain. Those who tell you that you can learn a foreign language studying a few hours each week are obviously lying to you and you end up spending a huge amount of money buying hot air.

The Coalition Government is desperately trying to save money and its efforts seem to have backfired when it contracted the services of a company called Applied Language Solutions (ALS) to provide translation and interpreting services to both the Police and the Courts.

Applied Language Solutions has reportedly been unable to deliver what was promised at a cost of hundred of millions of pounds of taxpayers money and this is the same company that was awarded a translation contract for the Olympic Games.

There are cases of translators and interpreters that could not be provided and of those who were effectively provided there is a number that has not been paid the arranged fees. We must take also into account translators and interpreters that have proven to be unable to work due to personal incompetence.

The saving exercise has ended up being an absolute shambles and there are also reports indicating that, even when ALS has cut down fees offered to translators and interpreters, a hole in the official budget of the Ministry of Justice is growing on a daily basis.

Change for change sake can be a recipe for disaster and this is yet another example of 'value for money' turned into 'value for rubbish'.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Equal access to mass media and public debates

If people are not allowed to know what a political party stands for, how can we have a democracy? This was the question the British National Party put across to the Returning Officer in charge of Elections for London Mayor and for the London Assembly, on behalf of those who are being denied access to the media and public debates.

The British National Party is representing everybody standing in these elections by stating that in a Democracy all those standing for election must be treated on an equal footing and be allowed to be heard by the Electorate.

During a meeting at the GLA headquarters in Central London, members of ethnic minorities stated that they are also being ignored by the mass media and organizers of public debates.

As well as supporting the right of all candidates to be heard, Clive Jefferson acting as Election Agent asked the Returning Officer to organize a debate due to take place at the headquarters of the Greater London Authority with the participation of all seven Mayoral Candidates to be covered by all mass media.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Three Forgotten Mayoral Candidates

Talking about Democracy and Integration

From left to right, Lawrence Webb, Carlos Cortiglia and Siobhan Benita, the three forgotten London Mayoral Candidates. During a recent interview at LBC Radio we treated each cordially and with absolute respect when talking about what we would offer to Londoners.

The BBC and organizers of hustings and debates prefer to give more time to the other four candidates including two that added to their celebrity status a spat that they had while accusing each other of tax evasion.

Still asking yourselves why Democracy is falling apart? Those in charge of the mass media are very much responsible for the present debacle in British politics.

We might be concerned about what George Galloway stands for but my Goodness... I truly loved the fact that the so called mainstream political parties felt the impact of Labour's defeat in Bradford.

Looking at the history of elections in London we can see a trend. In 2000, a record number of 11 candidates fought for the right of being Mayor of London. In 2004 and 2008, there were 10 candidates and in 2012 there are only 7 candidates standing and interest in London elections is evaporating. Some mass media like the BBC have made sure that only four have a real chance of being heard by the Electorate.

They prefer to allocate more time to television promos and adverts, notwithstanding the fact that the Election of London Mayor and of the London Assembly is supposed to be an important event in the life of London and that it happens every four years.

You might have to swallow several editions of Eastenders during a single week - the number of repeats is growing given budget cuts at the BBC that affect programming - but rest assured that, apart from the so called mainstream political parties, the Electorate will never be given a real chance to know all those standing for election, if a 20 or so seconds piece at the end of a television programme can be considered political fair-play.

I am sure that Lawrence Webb, Siobhan Benita and I had plenty to say and were not given the opportunity to say it but rest assured that a spat between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone that took place inside a lift because they were accusing each other of tax evasion was well publicised.

Another reason to be concerned about BBC's editorial policies that give ammunition to those who want to abolish the tax that keeps the BBC alive.

Zealots of the Left criticize inclusiveness of the British National Party

British National Party sets London politics alight
While the mass media and private organizations like organized churches are extinguishing the fires of British politics, the British National Party has been busy setting alight the political scene in London. I want to set London alight bringing new life into politics. People are walking away from politics and elections. If anything, the election in Bradford makes us remember the good old days when politics was in everybody’s mouths.

I am the first British National Party candidate to have ever taken part in a live debate on LBC Radio in London. I was the only one of today’s Mayoral Candidates who took part in a live debate with members of the Black Community and the Asian Community in Tottenham during a BBC programme conducted by Victoria Derbyshire right after the August 2011 riots.

Check the records - you Left-Wing Zealots and politically correct individuals that spend most of your time talking about Multiculturalism and Integration and then criticize the British National Party for having a foreign born candidate. The duplicity and hypocrisy of our critics knows no limits. Trevor Philips wanted the British National Party to be more inclusive and now you criticize the British National Party for being inclusive? Guess what? I have been a member of the British National Party since 2001. I stood in elections representing the British National Party in 2004.

The British National Party has established new landmarks in British politics and shown what real integration means.  


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Translation Troubles - Carlos Cortiglia's Report

The government's idea of cutting down the amount of resources used to provide translators and interpreters to both the Police and the Judiciary has produced one of the biggest shambles in British history when the one company in charge of providing translators and interpreters has failed to deliver both in terms of linguistic competence and of enough staff to meet the needs of the legal system.

The direct effect of this shambolic situation is that now competent translators and interpreters are out of work and legal cases are not properly processed leading to various injustices. By cutting corners, the Coalition government has transformed so called Value for Money into a synonym of Lack of Adequate Services.

Despite numerous efforts the situation has not been resolved and chaos continues as detailed in the following letter that I, British National Party London Regional Press Officer, got hold of. Looking at London in particular, it must be said that Police budgets are also being cut both in nominal terms and in real terms with the London Mayor having to use monies assigned to cope with exceptional circumstances that are now going to be invested to counter a reduction of central government grants. There is also the added uncertainty that, since Police budgets are also financed with monies coming from subsidized Council Tax, any reduction of the said subsidies will directly affect the resources available for policing in London.

Going back to the issues regarding the Police and the Legal System, read the letter and judge by yourselves the way this country is being run.

Interpreters For Justice
Association of Police & Court Interpreters (APCI) 16 Pepper Street, Glengall Bridge, London, E14 9RP
Society for Public Service Interpreting (SPSI) Wellington House East Road Cambridge CB1 1BH

                                                                                                27th  March 2012
The Rt Hon the Lord Chancellor
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Dear Lord Chancellor,
Interpreting within the Criminal Justice System
Further to your letter of 10th January 2012 to the Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo MP, we would like to respond to various points made within this.
Firstly, you state that a competitive dialogue to explore how language services might be provided more efficiently was conducted amongst officials. We strongly dispute this claim and do not believe that any such competitive dialogue took place. This was a ‘nonsultation’ which was in fact flawed in a number of ways:
  • the Cambridgeshire and Wales models for the provision of public service interpreting (where year on year savings of 40% have been made) were not considered;
  • the Ministry did not publish any considerations on the alternative systems put forward in writing to MoJ officials, by a number of professional interpreters’ associations; from mid 2010
  • in fact, no consultation paper was published at all.
The Framework Agreement (FWA) may not constitute a monopoly within the UK market for language services as a whole but it is a clear attempt to create a monopoly within the Justice sector. Applied Language Solutions’ (ALS) own website states that if interpreters want to continue working within the Justice sector, they ‘must’ join them.
The abysmal administration of the FWA has already resulted in lower quality standards which we firmly believe to be contrary to the spirit of the European Union Directive on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings, as well as a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.
We have evidence of defendants undergoing sentencing without any knowledge of the charge as well as numerous defendants being remanded in custody for charges that they would have otherwise received bail for, at great cost to the taxpayer. The inability of the Contractor to provide properly qualified interpreters has also been evidenced on over 150 occasions at Magistrates’ and Crown Courts nationwide. We have reports of ALS interpreters themselves admitting that they have not undergone the required assessment or vetting and have no experience of the legal system whatsoever. The system is so shambolic that a rabbit, a cat and several goldfish have been able to register with ALS. The rabbit “Jajo” has also received several emails from ALS offering assignments.
Contrary to your claims, the FWA will not increase the overall supply of interpreters to the Justice sector but will continue to have the opposite effect – 90% of the 1,206 professional interpreters who completed our survey, conducted by independent consultancy Involvis, stated that they have not registered with ALS and do not intend to. It should be noted that 1,206 amounts to 51% of interpreters listed on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters, NRPSI.
Furthermore, the FWA may well be clear about the quality standards expected (including qualifications, experience and vetting) but the Contractor is simply not abiding by these standards. Again, we have documented evidence of persons being sent to interpret in courts without having undergone the required assessment, without having the required level of assessment (Tier 3 being sent to Tier 1 assignments), without having any relevant qualifications and without having anywhere near the 100 hours of prior legal work experience required. A recent BBC London report (21.03.12) has highlighted the fact that ALS have taken the details of freelance interpreters and added them to their ‘register’ without their consent and with no regard for the fact that all interpreters must have undergone the required assessment.
We are also aware of a systematic failure by the Contractor to vet its linguists or verify the existence of Criminal Records Bureau checks. Even more concerning is the evidence that we have acquired regarding the attempted recruitment (by ALS) of language students from both Birmingham University and South Thames College, who have been offered assignments by the Contractor without undergoing any of the above.
In our survey, 93.5% of respondents who underwent the ALS assessment reported wholly negative experiences and stated that the assessment itself was ‘flawed’, ‘unprofessional’, ‘humiliating’ and did not reflect real life court scenarios. The majority will not continue working with ALS.
We would also call into question your claims that interpreting in this sector is costing in the region of £60 million per year; where is your evidence of this expenditure? Interpreter organisations submitted a written request for this information in September, 2010. No reply was ever received. As far as the desired £18 million savings are concerned, we estimate that this inherently flawed Framework Agreement is currently costing approximately £3 million a week in Magistrates’ Courts alone.
How long is the Ministry of Justice willing to accept these escalating costs? The current situation will only get worse as professional interpreters refuse to compromise their commitment to Justice, resulting in many more no-shows or potential miscarriages of justice – the only ‘improvement’ that your Contractor appears able to provide is to send students and other wholly unqualified persons to ‘interpret’ in court.
We are appealing to the Ministry of Justice to terminate the contract with ALS with immediate effect and set aside the FWA in order for a genuine consultation to take place with stakeholders and an effective system to be put in place. In Cambridgeshire Constabulary and in constabularies in Wales, through dialogue and collaboration, year on year savings of 40% have been secured. This is what we promise to help the MoJ attain.
Both the Association of Police and Court Interpreters (APCI) and the Society for Public Service Interpreting (SPSI), along with all other interpreters’ associations, are willing and waiting to commence talks.
We look forward to receiving a response to this letter by 17.00hrs on Friday 30th March, when we shall alert the media to our communications with the Ministry.

Yours Sincerely,

Geoffrey Buckingham                                                                      Guillermo A. MakinChairman, APCI                                                                                 Chairman, SPSI
E:                                                            E:

Cc. Crispin Blunt MP
Cc. Lord McNally