Friday, 6 April 2012

Equal access to mass media and public debates

If people are not allowed to know what a political party stands for, how can we have a democracy? This was the question the British National Party put across to the Returning Officer in charge of Elections for London Mayor and for the London Assembly, on behalf of those who are being denied access to the media and public debates.

The British National Party is representing everybody standing in these elections by stating that in a Democracy all those standing for election must be treated on an equal footing and be allowed to be heard by the Electorate.

During a meeting at the GLA headquarters in Central London, members of ethnic minorities stated that they are also being ignored by the mass media and organizers of public debates.

As well as supporting the right of all candidates to be heard, Clive Jefferson acting as Election Agent asked the Returning Officer to organize a debate due to take place at the headquarters of the Greater London Authority with the participation of all seven Mayoral Candidates to be covered by all mass media.

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