Saturday, 21 April 2012

Political exclusion leads to violence

Given the kind of Democracy that we have that allows political exclusion we are bound to see more people like Breivik committing atrocities of all kinds, more Islamic extremists, more riots, more strikes and more criminal gangs.

Britain is walking along a very dangerous path in which Democracy is becoming more and more unrepresentative. National identity and trust in Democratic institutions are vanishing and people are fending for themselves.

In many parts of London life is cheap and is becoming expendable. The rising number of armed gangs from 250 to 400 in just a few years with 60 of them extremely being extremely dangerous, a corrupt Police force that is a reflection of a corrupt political system, endemic unemployment and welfare dependency, and people that not even bother to take part in elections manipulated by the mass media used and abused by a few political parties are a recipe for disaster.

Many years ago a Spanish politician said that change would come by the Force of Reason or by the Reason of Force. This is already happening across Europe where fear is replacing dialogue and politicians choose posturing rather than substance and speculation and false promises rather than facts.

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