Wednesday, 25 April 2012

We are not allowed to debate but we can ask questions

The reason why Police officers are about to be replaced with Community volunteers is purely and simply the lack of money that the GLA is facing when government grants are falling both in nominal terms and in real terms, not taking into account inflation rates.

The lack of funding is so evident that Boris Johnson was accused of taking money from the Fire Services to prop up other areas of the budget. We know that tension among local authorities is rising, especially after the reduction of housing benefits more affluent local authorities are getting rid of hundreds of families that are now heading for places like Newham that itself, unable to cope, asked Stoke on Trent for help and was refused any help.

I wonder how the GLA will be able to deliver the number of homes that the Labour government itself, since 1997, was unable to deliver. If you remember, Tony Blair promised 30,000 new homes per year. Boris Johnson is talking about 50,000 new homes per year. I would like to believe that Boris Johnson is right but I have reasonable doubts taking into account that Tony Blair was the head of the entire country while Boris Johnson is the head of the Greater London Authority.

We cannot take part in debates because they do not allow us to take part in debates but we are even more dangerous because we are then free to ask questions.

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