Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lib Lab Con - the brutality of welfare dependency

What we are seeing in Newham and we are bound to see in many other places is that the British National Party has been absolutely correct all the way.

Living on benefits is not what we should call part of a normal economy. Living on benefits is and should be part of exceptional circumstances. Unfortunately, the combined policies of Conservatives, Labour and LibDems have reduced millions of peoples to begging.

This is the reality of the kind of Britain that the combined forces of Lib Lab Con have produced.

For hundreds or even thousands of families that depend on housing benefits to survive this is the worst tragedy and, for us as a country, it is also a huge tragedy to see people, that should have the opportunities that we know this country can provide, forced to live in such horrible circumstances.

One day, a family had a home, friends, a local school and a community. The next day, they are thrown out and sent to Newham and when Newham cannot support them they are told that they could be forced to move across the country all the way to Stoke on Trent leaving behind home, friends, school mates and the place where they grew up. Suddenly, Stoke on Trent does not want them either and they are in limbo.

The damage done to this country by the policies of Lib Lab Con is not merely financial. The uncertainties will create irreparable emotional damage to entire families. This is nothing more than the consequence of ideological stupidity. They created situations of dependency and now ordinary people are made to suffer.

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