Monday, 16 April 2012

Breivik: Chronicles of a Mass Murderer

Today, in Norway, the trial began to decide if Breivik is either sane or mentally ill. When I learnt about what this man has done, my instinct told me that Breivik was mentally insane because only somebody who is mentally insane can carry out the atrocities that Breivik perpetrated in Norway.

I would like to believe that only people who are mentally insane can do what Breivik did. I would like to believe that there are no more Breiviks roaming around and waiting to commit mass murder. After what happened in Toulouse, France, when an Islamic extremist of Algerian descent killed adults and children at a Jewish school, I realised that in Europe we live in dangerous times and that some people have lost their humanity and are ready and able to commit this kind of atrocities.


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