Thursday, 12 April 2012

Democratic Deficit: Only 4 out of 7allowed to participate

The fact that for too many people the exclusion of candidates appears as normal is very much an issue of concern about the state of British Democracy. Just a few days ago the British mass media and the British political establishment were lambasting Russian Presidential and Parliamentary Elections because they said that Russian Presidential Elections and Parliamentary Elections were not representative.

Lets look at the figures.

The running party in Britain, the Conservative Party, got elected with 33 per cent of popular support while the political party that is now in power got more than 45 per cent of the vote for Parliament and more than 60 per cent popular support for President Vladimir Putin.

British politicians and the British mass media went on and criticized Russian mass media regarding the political campaign in Russia talking about restricted access for several candidates and political parties. Lets look at the facts. Practically, in every debate of the campaign for the Greater London Authority only four candidates have been given full access by the mass media and those behind the organization of debates.

In all counts, standards in Russian elections are much higher than in Britain. Non only that. In America, there are reports that indicate that all candidates, regardless of the electoral performance of their political parties or themselves in past elections, are given equal opportunity during debates. In conclusion, standards in Britain are behind both the standards of American and Russian elections.

I took part in an interview made with Russian State Television and there are further interviews planned to talk about hypocrisy in British elections and about how elections in Britain are being manipulated. What is more, this is not new. This is something that has been happening in election after election for more than twenty years.

This is not about broken promises and lies regarding the implementation of Referenda on Europe. This affects the core of British Democracy and comes on top of open ballot boxes, printing of false ballots, registration of dead people as voters and the list goes on and on.

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